Matt Belisle takes on Chad Billingsley. Let’s hope Belisle can get the Reds back on track with a good start tonight.

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Belisle has a good start.

  2. hey, a game thread! :mrgreen:

  3. Patterson leads off with a K. What a surprise.

  4. Jr gets a hit. He is back, I think.

  5. Game is supposed to be in HD, but I’m not seeing it on DirecTV. The channel is active, but I’m just seeing the DTV logo. ❗

  6. This CF-SS combo at the top of the lineup is getting fucking ridiculous.

  7. Same here, renbutler. I’m watching the Dodgers HD broadcast. Vin Scully’s better than George Grande anyway.

  8. Patterson almost misplayed that one, but he recovered well and made the grab.

  9. Great diving catch by Patterson, probably the only guy on the team that could have made the play.

  10. Two hard hit balls, but somehow Belisle has managed to retire the first two hitters.

  11. Adam Dunn, for what it is worth, is on pace for 42 homers and 110 RBI. And we’ve all been complaining about him.

  12. The CF at 1 and SS at 2 in the order is beyond ridiculous, and quite frankly, a bit disturbing, but it could be worse…

    Castro could still be on the team batting second as the starting shortstop! πŸ˜€

  13. Reds are making Billingsley look like Don Drysdale reincarnated.

  14. Good point, Chicago, but it couldn;t be MUCH worse. It’s absurd.

  15. Anybody else feel like we are just going to get blasted tonight?

  16. I really hate the way Belisle gets scared of the strikezone after giving up a hit, its almost a given he gets behind in the count after every hit

  17. Reds are making Billingsley look like Don Drysdale reincarnated.

    And the Dodgers are making Belisle look like….well, Belisle.

  18. Yes, Jack. Unfortunately.

  19. Dave you are cut

  20. Wow, Ross, the ball goes in your glove, buddy.

  21. Nice catch Dave

  22. Ross should be on the bench.

  23. Ross is terrible at fielding throws at the plate. I can’t remember how many balls he has dropped.

  24. That’s terrible, Ross. Kent should have been out at the plate.

    Now Janish makes another error!!! I thought he was supposed to be able to field?

  25. Explain to me the point of a no hit, all field catcher when he can’t field

  26. I guess the good news is I won’t have to stay up late to watch this trainwreck of a game.

  27. They gave that guy a hit? How was that not an error on Janish?

  28. Here we go again … behind 2-0 to the #8 hitter

  29. Belisle gives up a hit to the pitcher. Unreal. He was a hair away from getting out of this inning nearly unscathed.

  30. How is Vin Scully calling it a missed double play when he didn’t even tag the guy

  31. 2-nothing, thanks to the pitcher.

  32. Matt you are cut too

  33. Belisle is a human hitting tee…he throws his 90-92 mph fastball down the middle of the plate expecting major league hitters not to hit it…I mean come on, get some control

  34. You and Ross can go back and dominate AAA

  35. Ok, Belisle has had his starting op. Who is next? Throwing a BP fastball to the pitcher with the bases loaded is a one way ticket to AAA in my book …

  36. Scully really giving it to the Reds. Saying they can’t possible compete at any level if they can’t field. It’s sad how true that is.

  37. The Reds HD channel is up and running now

  38. Yep. Scully hit the nail on the head. The last two nights, the Reds have looked like a Little League team.

  39. HE gets the earned run from an rbi from the pitcher. Ridiculous!

  40. Well, that inning could have been a lot worse.

  41. It’s amazing that LA scored only two runs that inning.

  42. There you go Reds.

    Scully: “The Dodgers have gotten about 5 outs so far this inning.”

  43. Another great job of execution …

  44. The Reds have to be leading the free world in doing that

  45. Another sacrifice attempt and another “free” out without moving the runner over.

  46. Patterson and his .220 average can go back to AAA and stay there. (He might as well take Belisle and Ross with him, save fare with the taxi.)

  47. as much as i want the reds to win
    i hope beslile gets destroyed so bad
    that we release him and call up bailey.

  48. I am so sick of Corey Patterson.

  49. Im all for trading Ross, Bailey, Belisle, & another prospect for another established starting pitcher … if only we could con some team into taking that deal

  50. I don’t think any team wants Bailey anymore? If they do, we should ship him out… He reminds me of a Mr. Todd Van Poppel wayyyyyyyy to much.

  51. I wonder if our outfielders can play any infield?

  52. Credit where credit is due: Nice play Griffey.

  53. Good half inning, fast……..great play by Jr

  54. Bailey is only 21 still. Try to keep that in mind before giving up on him.

  55. Good news: Cubs lost. πŸ™‚

  56. Griffey is starting to see the ball well, i bet he breaks is home-run drought really soon.

  57. “Strike three” to Philips missed by about half a foot. Gameday confirmed it.

  58. It’s going to be another one of those nights where a 2-0 lead in the 2nd is insurmountable. Let’s hope the final score is 13-0 instead of 2-0 so Belisle gets put on a bus to Louisville tomorrow.

  59. I havent given up on Bailey, I’ve given up on his attitude … if only one person squawked about it .. I would blow it off, but when every media guy, scout, or personnel guy who runs across him all say the same things, it tends to lend credence to his lable. Can he change? Yes. Does he want to? Doesnt seem to so far … remains to be seen. Until we see it … Im not buying into it.

  60. “Let’s hope the final score is 13-0 instead of 2-0 so Belisle gets put on a bus to Louisville tomorrow.”

    You know, Belisle isn’t actually pitching all that badly tonight. The second inning was at least partially due to cheap hits and bad fielding, and otherwise he’s been fine. Maybe we should hope that Belisle’s finally coming around to be the #5 starter we hoped he would be.

  61. Everything I’ve heard this year from anyone not named Hal McCoy is that Bailey went down to AAA and began working enthusiastically to address the issues the Reds wanted him to work on. The whole attitude thing is completely overblown, in my opinion. None of Bailey’s managers have ever said anything like that; they’ve only praised him.

    And I think he’s made pretty good strides so far this year as far as working on his shortcomings. I just can’t figure out why everyone wants to give up on him. He’s only 21, and he’s getting better all the time.

  62. Once again we see why BP should not bat cleanup.

  63. Great play by BP there to save a run almost makes up for grounding into a double play last inning.

  64. We can agree to disagree on Bailey … Hal mentioned two sources in his story … a scout and a front office man, both said the same thing. Reading magazines during a game he was suppose to to be charting, and looking over all disinterested when he has pitched the last 3 times out. What some may view as over blown, others see it as an example of what they view him doing in between starts, when he is pitching, and how acts during interviews. He did well in his first few starts but he has regressed to his old output. Poor control, & lack of concentration. Is he bored? Maybe … but so what, you dont see Bruce out there sloughing off. He is dominating and Bailey needs to follow his example.

  65. Interesting to look at Bailey and Philip Hughes, who have gone from being the next two great pitchers to widely disavowed by their own fans. Actually, Steve Philips thinks we can get Hughes for Jared Burton and Matt Belisle.

  66. Yeah, Steve Phillips is an idiot. I’d make that trade in a heartbeat. Actually, I thought he said Burton and Affeldt.

    As for Bailey, I saw that report about reading magazines. The report was that he was reading a magazine between innings. There are no pitches to chart between innings. And “looking disinterested”? What’s that? That’s the same crap that people have always said about Adam Dunn and Andruw Jones and any number of other players. It’s garbage, in my opinion.

    I guarantee there are 29 other teams that would like to have Bailey.

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I just can’t understand why everyone is so down on a 21 year old kid who is improving.

  67. Hal McCoy is a hack. He hasn’t been right about anything in ten years, at least. Time for him to retire.

  68. Bill Bray has the best sideburns in the organization.

  69. Gotta give Belisle credit. Nice start.

    Too bad the offense had to disappear tonight.

  70. That’s all for me. I’ll listen to the rest on the radio if I can stay awake.

    Good night.

  71. You must not watch him pitch .. I have MiLB extra innings and have caught most of his starts. At the start of the year, I was very impressed with his demeanor on the mound. He attacked hitters and the strikezone. Over the last few starts, you see him not get a call from an ump, or give up a hit, and he loses concentration … starts nibbling at corners, and shows no competitiveness. THAT is what is meant by “looking disinterested.” And that is not improving to me. Its regression to old habits that got him sent down in favor of Fogg in the first place.

    Like I said, I havent given up on his talent … its his attitude that has worn on me. If and until he returns to the form he showed early on, that stigma is going to stick with him like glue. Right now he is more valuable to us as trade bait for an establish ML arm than as a prospect. Only he can make himself invaluable to us like Bruce is doing.

  72. 2 outs in the 9th, but the Reds finally get on the board.

  73. Farney strikes out. End of game. Goodbye 6 game winning streak, hello 2 game losing streak. Why did I even bother to stay up?

  74. At least the shutout was avoided…..

  75. Ross is just horrible on defense. He has dropped about 25 throws to the plate the last two years. They did miss an opportunity for a double play as Votto SHOULD have stepped on first before throwing to Ross, except Ross probably wouldn’t have tried to tag him anyway.

    As for Bailey, I kind of agree with Ron in that his attitude is a bit disconcerting. This isn’t just a Hal McCoy thing. Definitely don’t want to trade him though, but would like for him to show more maturity. Bruce needs to be up NOW.

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