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David Weathers is terrible

That is all.

Update: As I noted in the comments below, Weathers has given up at least one run or one hit in every appearance since March 31. Yep, that was his first appearance of the year.

He is not good, and he shouldn’t be on the mound in close games ever.

30 thoughts on “David Weathers is terrible

  1. He’s the last guy to blame for that loss. If Hairston doesn’t rush his throw (w/ the catcher running), if Votto blocks that bad throw, if Arroyo stops trying to sneak 87mph fastballs inside on hitters when he’s ahead in the count, if Janish doesn’t throw it away…..you get the point. This should’ve been a ho hum 5-2 win. We played dumb baseball and paid for it.

  2. Weathers has given up at least one run or one hit in every appearance since March 31. Yep, his first appearance of the year.

    He is not good, and he shouldn’t be on the mound in close games ever.

  3. None of that changes the fact that David Weathers is terrible. This just gives great reason to say it.

  4. Yeah, I have to agree … the errors & bad base running by Jr & Arroyo cost us. If Arroyo doesnt try to advance to 3rd on the fly out, he scores on Jr’s single … add another run there 6-2 … and if Jr doesnt try to advance to 2nd … he scores on Phillips triple … add another run 7-2. In my opinion … that should have been the final score. And we probably wouldnt have seen Weathers in the game period.

  5. I third the idea that Weathers wasn’t to blame. If Janish had gotten that out, Stormy wouldn’t have had to load the bases.

    The real blame should be on Toothpick, who put Weathers into the game in a strikeout situation despite the fact Cordero was already warmed up.

  6. And Weathers does stink.

    Got to give Dusty some blame there too. When Arroyo started to go south he had no one warming up. You can see how he got the reputation of burning out the young pitchers in Chicago if he left them in when they were obviously done.

    Hairston is playing out of position a second baseman/outfielder playing shortstop. How many teams make a defensive switch by moving there starting shortstop to left field. Dusty again.

    When is the last time Fogg pitched. If we don’t need the extra pitcher why not bring up another position player. Maybe a right handed hitter for the bench. A

    Dusty thought: maybe Sammy Sosa, that’s another washed up ex-Cub.

  7. I never claimed that Weathers was to blame for last night’s loss. I only claim that he is a rotten pitcher and shouldn’t be trusted in close games.

  8. The lack of a shortstop hurt yesterday, but I agree that Weathers has been spectacularly bad. I think the Reds brass should take one of us off this board and let us manage…I’m pretty sure that ANY of us would do better than Dusty (or Narron).

  9. There’s nothing appreciably different about Stormy this year as opposed to last year. His stuff is the same, like a reverse version of Arroyo. Unless we’re going to ride Burton like a rented mule, we’ll need his innings. Unless of course, we want to add Adkins or Roenicke to the conversation.

  10. I’ll admit that Weathers got the short end of the stick last night with the Janish error, but we all knew there was NO WAY he was going to prevent that run from scoring. A good pitcher is able to get out of that inning. The game essentially ended after the error.

    In Sunday’s game, Volquez had a runner on 2nd with no outs in each of the first 2 innings. In both cases, the runner failed to advance even to 3rd base.

  11. Weathers’ fault or not, he’s the wrong guy to have on the mound in a close game. I agree. He’s been Josh Fogg bad out there. Why not Affeldt or Burton in that situation? Why not Cordero?

    They got into the mindset that Weathers would be the setup guy for Cordero and now they can’t get out of it. If there’s one thing about baseball that infuriates me is how long it takes managers and GMs to realize something and make changes accordingly. Reds baseball is particularly bad about this. Chance after chance after chance.

  12. Weathers got off to a rough start, but since coming off the DL he has been the same pitcher he always was, and was last year. Last year, he did a decent job as the closer. He’s not different, but perhaps the perception is different.

  13. Why can’t Dusty just say:

    “Hey, Walt, I can’t use Josh Fogg in any situation, and I don’t need a third string catcher/1B. What I need is a right-handed hitting first baseman and a center fielder and maybe one more middle reliever. All of those things are sitting at AAA. Get out of your hammock and make a phone call.”

  14. Sultan — Weathers gave up the go-ahead run. You can blame all of the other guys for the tie, but I think this is a pretty clear cut case of why losses are scored the way they are.

  15. Oh, and John reminds me. I’m really glad Bako isn’t gone now that Ross is back. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that when a catcher is sent down/released/whatever it isn’t him. He’s the best of them.

  16. Shawn wrote:
    Weathers got off to a rough start, but since coming off the DL he has been the same pitcher he always was, and was last year. Last year, he did a decent job as the closer. Heโ€™s not different, but perhaps the perception is different.

    I have to disagree there. Weathers, since coming off the DL on May 5:

    8 games, 7 IP, 11 H, 3 BB (2 IBB), 9 K, 2 HR, 3 2b. 5.14 ERA, 2.00 WHIP.

    Opponents’ line: .355 .412 .645 1.057

    That’s a lot worse than last year. (3.54, 1.29 WHIP, 4 HR in 77.7 IP, Opp line: .233 .307 .362 .669)

  17. BTW, anyone else scream at the TV whenever Thom Brennaman talks about how the staff strikeout totals are meaningless ‘because we’re not even a .500 team’? And yet, at different points in a broadcast he rails against certain Reds batters striking out and praises Volquez for possessing the ability to get out of jams with the K. That guy is the worst—smarmy and unfunny. He’s the guy at the sports bar you want to beat senseless.

  18. I don’t put blame on Weathers for last night but it certainly doesn’t change my stance that I still feel he needs to be DFA’d.
    As for the announcing, I don’t really like George (most annoying laugh ever) or Thom either one…I wish Chris and Jeff Brantley could just call the games together.

  19. The loss can’t be blamed entirely on weathers he was put into a pretty terrible situation which was brought on by 2 errors one by hairston that ended up bringing in two runs if the defense wasn’t so bad weathers wouldn’t have even been in the losing situation

  20. I blame Krivsky, not Weathers. Weathers’s trade value was sky high last year at the dealine, or this offseason. Krivsky thought he could squeeze one more year out of the guy………wrong.

  21. We didn’t have a bullpen last year. Weathers was our only decent guy during the course of the entire season.

    I would’ve liked for Weathers to be traded but I think it would have been pretty dumb before the Cordero and other relief pitcher signings. Once everyone was signed, I don’t know if Krivsky had enough time to do much with Weathers or not.

  22. Stormy Weathers shouldn’t be allowed in even moderately close games…his off speed stuff is average while his fastball is below average and gets smoked by opposing teams. Why put him in Dusty, why???

  23. “Thatโ€™s a lot worse than last year.”

    Your right, Chris, I was going by the improved K/W ratio. It’s worse than I thought. At 38, the never shutdown reliever may have finally hit the wall.

  24. It IS odd. Maybe the K/BB ratio means he’s due for improvement.

    I will say this: Weathers’ rapid fade makes the Cordero signing look pretty smart. Again, it’s very unlikely to be worth the money, but for this team, in these circumstances, it’s not nearly as bad a signing as it might be for another team.

  25. Anyone remember Eddie Guardado? 2008 numbers:

    13 games, 11.3 IP, 8 H, 4 BB (1 IBB), 5 K, 1 HR, 3.97 ERA, 1.059 WHIP

    Of the 13 appearanes, 6 have been no hits, no runs. In fact all 5 earned runs he has given up this year were in only 2 games. Guardado will be 38 in October, maybe we let the wrong “old man” walk away…

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