Is a 6-game winning streak enough to get the Reds going out West?  The club has struggled alot lately on these West Coast road trips.  If the Reds want to make it 7 straight, they’ll have to take down Brad Penny and the Dodgers.  Bronson Arroyo will oppose Penny on the mound.  Arroyo has been outstanding in his last two starts after struggling earlier in the season.

Can the Reds make it 7 in a row?  Stay up late, call-in sick tomorrow, and watch (or listen to) the Redlegs!  Discuss it here…

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Brett

    Here’s a dumb question I was wandering about- If Dunn and Jr are not back next season, who are the “leaders in the clubhouse” next season? And would they be preferable to our laid back corner outfielders?

  2. Andy G

    I think the main clubhouse leaders would be Brandon Phillips and Ryan Freel. Freel is more of a “lead by example” type player but I think Phillips would be the vocal leader assuming Griffey and Dunn aren’t back next year. Hatteberg is a great presence is in the clubhouse but I doubt he’ll be back next year…he might even get traded this year for somebody who needs a steady first baseman

  3. GregD

    Hopefully this West Coast swing is against the right teams at the right time, helps the Reds continue their winning ways, and this doesn’t give the opponents a jump start to their struggles.

    Brad Penny has struggled his last couple of starts, and the Dodgers opening season SS (Furcal) and 3B (Garciaparra) are on the DL. Jones and Kent have been struggling in the early going. They still have some good bats in the lineup, including their rookie 3B, C- Martin, 1B – Loney, and OF Ethier.

    Let’s stretch it to 7…Play BALL!

  4. Chris

    Ah, Corey Patterson batting 2nd. No good reason for that, of course, but there you go.

    At least his crappy ass was able to run out the grounder. My goodness he’s bad.

  5. Chris

    Patterson has his head up his rear end, Freel-style. He’s stealing, Griffey hits a single to RF…and Patterson slides into second. Seriously, WTF?

  6. BenL

    Vin Scully said the shortstop faked him out.

  7. Jared

    It’s amazing how fast a pitcher can fall completely off the radar.

  8. Chris

    Good for Vin Scully for giving us actual information, unlike the Reds jokers.

    If Patterson decides he doesn’t want to look back at Griffey (and can’t hear the crack of the bat somehow), he should at least be picking up his coach). Rinky-dink.

  9. Brett

    Who’s at ss? (That’s probably not funny to anyone else)

  10. Jared

    This LA guy broadcasting calls just about the most boring game I’ve ever heard. He might benefit from having a second guy in the box, but then again he sounds like he might be incapable of holding a conversation.

  11. Chris

    Jared, are you talking about Vin Scully? Jesus.

  12. Brett

    No I was alluding to Hu, the dodger’s ss

  13. BenL

    Yeah, I can’t stand Scully either. Every second that isn’t used to describe the game is filled with random trivia. There isn’t any silence. It’s exhausting to listen to…

  14. Chris W.

    Jared could be the first person I have ever heard that does not like Scully. Wow! 😯

    Oh Hu! Gotcha! haha

  15. Jared

    With anyone else calling a game, you don’t have to pay a whole lot of attention to know what’s going on. Scully just keeps talking and talking and doesn’t say anything.

  16. Chris

    First time I’ve heard someone ask for more dead air. Must’ve loved Nuxhall’s innings. 😀

  17. Chris W.

    I never had trouble finding Reds games when I was younger. If I couldn’t pick up WLw while driving I would just dig through the radio and listen for crowd noise. I knew that if I found crowd noise and no play by play, I had found Nuxy and the Reds!

  18. crypticphrasing

    I don’t like Scully either. Give me Marty, except on days the grandkids are in the booth.

  19. BenL

    Well, you can have too much of a good thing!

  20. Chad

    Vin Scully is the greatest broadcaster in the history of baseball, in my opinion. And I don’t even think anyone else is close.

  21. Chris W.

    Update: Klinker went 7 shutout innings tonight, allowing just 3 hits and struck 6. Picked up the win!!

  22. Chris

    Scully calling a perfect game by Koufax. If you can find the audio, there’s a lot of dead air on there. When something happens, Scully lets it happen.

    But he also does (or has done) an enormous amount of research. I guarantee that if you listened to all three games, you’d learn something interesting about a Reds player that you didn’t know.

    No jabber about golf, haircuts, or off-air conversations with buddies or grandkids in the booth, though.

    Nice work by Patterson. Credit where it’s due.

  23. Chris

    Good for Klinker. Maybe a pre-game blog post is the trick.

    Nice infield D by the Dodgers this inning.

  24. BenL

    I agree that Scully’s knowledge is impressive. I do always stuff about the Reds I didn’t already know when we play LA… It’s just not worth the pain of listening to him for three hours, if you ask me.

  25. Jared

    Maybe I’m just not in the mood for that much talking tonight. It’s late and I have to do some work from home.

    I’m hoping to get to see Klinker pitch when the Dragons come to Cedar Rapids in uh.. July I think. Seems like a good kid.

  26. Chris

    A very entertaining NBA season is about to end, as far as I’m concerned. There were about 15 interesting teams, but I’ll be damned if I watch the Spurs flop around again.

  27. Chris

    That Cavs/Celts series was the sports equivalent of a root canal.

  28. Jared

    Did Penny get hurt at some point, or is he just having a rough start this year? I thought it was a lot of fun seeing him throw something like 40 straight FAST fastballs to start the All Star game a couple years ago.

  29. Chris W.

    Hornets just down 10 w/ 5:44 left.

    The Lakers were down 9 with less than 3 agains the Jazz last week and forced OT

  30. Chris

    I recommend heading to Dodger Stadium if you ever get the chance. In fact, make it a Redleg Nation road trip and follow the Reds to LA and SD sometime.

    Last time I left Dodger Stadium, Scott Schoenweis and Matt Belisle were getting their brains beat in.

  31. Chris

    Penny doesn’t look bad tonight. The Reds are just dinking him around.

  32. Chris W.

    That trip would take me from one side of the nation to the other.

    I’ll go if you pay Chad? 😆

  33. Chris

    NO cuts it to 9. Tim Duncan goons Pargo for his 5th.

    It’s stunning how unlikeable that team is – and on paper, they’re very admirable.

  34. Chris

    Oh my God. What a horsecrap call that was. Ginobli is flopping all over the place and they give those dipshits the gall.

  35. Chad

    I’m a big fan of Tim Duncan and Ginobli, but I agree they can be painful to watch.

  36. Chris


    Pargobama with the 3.

    NO is going to win this.

  37. crypticphrasing

    Damn, it’s good that Arroyo is again pitching better than he sings….

  38. Chris

    Parker is the real deal, too. They’re just not entertaining. 4 pt game. 3:00 to go.

  39. Chad

    Why cheer for NO, though. Paul is the only player they have worth watching. Wish they could both lose.

  40. Chad

    Ugh. Lakers are the worst, but at least Kobe is amazing to watch.

  41. Jared

    Getting dinked for 2 runs on 4 hits in 2 innings, while throwing 50 pitches, after 2 terrible starts and losing as many games in the first quarter of a season as he’s lost in the previous 2 makes a pitcher look like he ain’t the guy he used to be to me.

  42. Chris

    That may be true, but CP3 is the most entertaining/compelling player in the game.

    (I struggled for 5 min to come up with a good analogy).


  43. Chris

    I do like Iggly-Diggly. And Agent Zero is the most interesting player.

    The question I have is why Pargo is taking all the big shots. this is a circus.

  44. Chad

    New Orleans looks like they want it more than SA right now.

  45. Chris

    Geeperz. 3 pt lead after NO gets 5 consecutive offensive rebounds.

  46. Chris W.

    Parker with a big shot. My previous button is getting a workout on the remote.

  47. Chad

    4-0 lead for CIN. Things are looking good if Arroyo can hold them.

  48. Chris

    Did you guys hear about that guy who named his kid “Parker Ginobli Duncan Smith” (or whatever his last name is)?

  49. Jimmy James

    My son’s name is Patterson Neifi Hairston James. We call him “Dusty” though.

  50. Chris

    Trying to trick my wife with that one. Working about as well as when a “Yes” song was on the radio yesterday.

  51. Chris

    I’m thinking about going with “Milton Anderson Haynes Garber”

  52. Chris

    Griffey played that really well. BP too, mostly.

  53. Chris

    And that, my friends, is why you don’t screw around with the shortstop position.

  54. Jimmy James

    E6. That is why we need a real SS.

  55. Chris

    He threw that like a girl. A left-handed girl. With a broken arm.

  56. CeeKeR

    Janish, get your glove on and get in there. #$^! Two free runs for the Dodgers.

  57. Jared

    Dusty just looked like maybe he realized he had a bad CF at SS..

  58. Chris

    Chris Welsh is simply talking nonsense. Joey Votto was not “trying to scoop” that ball.

  59. DevilsAdvocate

    …With a broken arm.

    Rowr! Stay up late and the claws come out!

  60. Chris

    “Great shortstop play” says Grande.

    Chris (me) says that 2 errors does not necessarily equal “great shortstop play.” It means a lot of strikeout pitchers and two guys with no range.

  61. Chris

    Maybe, DA.

    It sure didn’t look like any throw I’ve ever seen in the major leagues before. 🙂

  62. Chris

    Bronson needs to calm himself down. Jayyyyyyteeeeeeeeeeee emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsssssssss

    Or maybe here comes dick pole.

  63. Chris

    Our comment count is already at 100. I don’t think we’re going to make it through this whole game without going to the relief commenters.

  64. CeeKeR

    Finally Arroyo gets out of it. I think that was 32 pitches for the inning… The bullpen better get ready for a workout tonight.

  65. DevilsAdvocate

    Man, that inning lasted forever. And after the first 2 were retired, too.

  66. Chad

    What, are you on a post count? Back in my day, commenters were expected to finish the game thread themself.

  67. Ron

    Same reason Freel doesnt start over Patterson, Hairston will get most of the reps over Janish

  68. Jimmy James

    4-0 lead was more comforting than 4-2.

  69. Scott

    Penny’s stuff isn’t bad, but his control sucks

  70. Chad

    Couldn’t we get a cooler celebrity fan than Nick Lachey? Or Charlie Sheen?

    Where does George Clooney stand on this issue?

  71. Scott

    Why is Freel getting higgh fives for that

  72. Chris

    Isn’t there some rule about the 3rd out at 3rd base? Good stuff with that sac bunt, though. That always works.

  73. Chris

    That headfirst slide might be the dumbest thing I’ve seen since . . . the last time Ryan Freel did something dumb.

  74. Jimmy James

    It’s only the fourth inning???

  75. Brett

    Thom Brennamen doesn’t realize how difficult it is to swing a boat oar

  76. nick in va

    Wow, can’t believe I got caught up in work enough to forget about the game. At least the good guys are up. Dunn is on fire.

  77. Chris

    And yet they’re sacrifice bunting with the leadoff man. Ironic.

  78. CeeKeR

    Arroyo back to not fooling anyone… Though I suppose it’s hard to pitch when you have to make sure the hitters keep it away from the shortstop…

  79. CeeKeR

    Arroyo picks ’em off. That’s one way to keep the errors from hurting you.

  80. nick in va

    Regarding the wristbands – maybe Dusty wants to be like Guy Fieri. Or maybe Guy wants to be like Dusty. Too much Food Network…..

    And what’s up with the toothpicks?

  81. CeeKeR

    Jr, Phillips, Dunn. Time for the Reds to tack some insurance runs.

  82. Chad

    Never had Sammy’s, Chris, but it sounds good. We can get CPK on this coast. I’m not a Cali boy like you.

  83. Chris

    ESPN has just announced a special week-long retrospective on Jon Lester’s no hitter.

  84. Chris

    I have HAD IT with Griffey’s dogging it on the bases. I gave him the benefit of the doubt about 700 times.

  85. Chad

    JR is swinging better but dumb move to try for two there.

  86. Chris

    Dusty’s team has played with some pretty crap fundamentals all year long.

  87. Chris

    BP stood and admired that one a while before deciding to run. At least he ran hard.

  88. Chad

    BP is swinging better too, and JR’s nonsense cost us a run after the triple. Would’ve taken a triple to score JR anyway.

  89. Chris

    Griffey IS looking better at the plate. I was going to say that before his dicking around on the bases.

    Matt Kemp auditioning for the role of Bert Clemente.

  90. Nathan of Muncie

    Griffey is done, he is single handedly one of the worst corner OF in baseball

  91. Chris

    Did Welsh say that “if you’re Loney, you don’t want Dunn to hit it too hard at Hu?”

  92. CeeKeR

    Speaking of Clemente, I live in PA so I get FSN Pittsburgh and all they show is specials on Clemente. I actually feel bad for the Pirates because they really haven’t had anyone worth mentioning since then. (And don’t even say Bonds…because, well, he’s Bonds.)

  93. DevilsAdvocate

    Boo-yah. Dunn cannot be stopped.

  94. TylerS

    I think the planets are aligned properly for a Dunn SB here.

  95. CeeKeR

    144+ posts before the 5th inning. This place is a lot more interesting when the Reds are winning. 😆

  96. Chris

    No Jay Bell specials? Nothing on Jeff King, Kevin Young, or Pat Meares?

    No “Operation Shutdown, Ten Years Later.”

  97. CeeKeR

    Or Bonilla? Though that McClouth guy might make some noise if he keeps hitting like he has this year. Sheesh.

  98. CeeKeR

    You guys should send your marketing ideas to FSN Pittsburgh. Seriously, I don’t think I can handle another show about Clemente.

    Maybe that Crosby kid can hit a fastball?

  99. Chris

    He’s doing really well.

    What happened to Gonzaga’s Jason Bay last year?

  100. Chad

    our tee-ball season finally ended tonight. my daughter moves on to girls’ softball next year.

  101. Jimmy James

    How has Arroyo turned around his season so dramatically?

  102. Chris

    No more t-ball? Maybe Freel will run directly from home (across the mound) to second, to make you feel at home.

  103. Chad

    My son did almost exactly that in his first AB of the season. We are gonna start calling him Freel.

  104. CeeKeR

    It must be really frustrating to bat against Arroyo. It looks like I could go up there and hit his stuff….but I bet he’d make me look pretty foolish in a hurry with that breaking stuff too.

  105. Chris


    Is there anything less reliable than a George Grande verb? “dinked”, “looped,” “popped,” or “laced” — any of those could actually be anywhere from the infield dirt to a HR.

    Nice work by Dunn to cut that off.

  106. Nathan of Muncie

    What is the record number of posts for a game?

    We should go after it.

  107. Chris

    That’s the first high fastball I’ve seen him throw in a long time.

  108. Chris

    I don’t like this. Kemp is one guy who could blast one.

  109. Ron

    Arroyo with meat ball after meat ball in the middle of the plate

  110. Chris

    I disagree with Grande – these are some ropes. They know what they’re doing with Bronson right now. He needs to mix it up.

  111. Matt B.

    How does a game versus the Nationals have the most comments?

  112. CeeKeR

    What a trainwreck of an inning. 5-5 game now, looks like it’s a battle of the ‘pens.

  113. Ron

    After a couple of stellar starts, Bronson is back to normal

  114. CeeKeR

    It was extra innings… I just read through that thread after finding (I wondered the same thing). It’s scary how LITTLE has changed since then.

    For example:
    * Double switches involving Dunn, and then offense needed later in the game.
    * Freel being an idiot.
    * Managerial blunders.

    Thread link.

  115. Chris


    Why is it ALWAYS AUTOMATICALLY A BUNT with this team?

    Nice work, Freel.

  116. CeeKeR

    Poor Hatteburg. Doesn’t even get to pinch hit here.

    Nothing like sacrificing an out to get to Patterson… And as I type Arroyo doesn’t even get the job done.

  117. Ron

    Bad execution there … we are all but handing the momentum of this game to LA

  118. Mike

    It’s getting harder and harder to listen to the constant gripe sessions on WLW. Sometimes its hard to believe that Marty and Thom are paid by the Reds

  119. Ron

    Now that we have begun to see a lot more of Votto … perhaps we are starting to see why he had a rap on him as a below average fielder

  120. Mike

    I doubt that Votto is any worse than the failed Dunn at first experience a few years back

  121. Jared

    I wonder if Hatteberg could have come up with Hairson’s throw earlier.

  122. Mike

    Patterson has no shame.

    No Patterson has no game

  123. Relient k Car

    About Votto at first
    at least he isnt at third
    thats what he was in dayton
    he isn’t a great fielder… period

  124. Chris

    BP’s lobbying efforts paying great dividends.

  125. Chris

    I’m about to.

    Effing Freel. Get rid of the ball, man.

  126. Chris

    I mostly retract my rip on Freel. Kemp is just fast. Freel should know that, being a major league baseball player and knowing several coaches and scouts, but he didn’t fool around that much with it.

    No harm done.

  127. Chris

    Reds bullpen ERA is last in baseball?

  128. Chris

    Though we have a better K-rate than the Dodgers.

    Oh great, Tommy has stumbled into the booth. I think he’s sober.

  129. Brett

    How do they manage that “when leading after 7” stat with that ERA?

  130. Chris

    Tommy is 80. Which means that when he was managing, he was only 60 when Kirk Gibson hit that HR.

  131. Chris

    I don’t mind these special guests in the booth, but not when the game is on the line. I’m still mad about that Ohio Lottery guy being in the booth when Cueto’s no-hitter got broken up the other night.

  132. Brett

    Ugh, hate being the road team in these close, late games

  133. Brett

    Thom reports the league is batting .310 against Weathers, and Janish with a throwing error allows Martin to begin the inning on second.

  134. Brett

    Kent advances Martin, and two IBB, hopefully bot to be followed by a third, unintentional one

  135. Brett

    Game over, a rookie 3B batting .346 with risp gets it done

  136. Anthony

    Thanks Janish. We nedded that one.

  137. GregD

    BP stood and admired that one a while before deciding to run. At least he ran hard.

    This is the kind of thing that annoys me. The fast guy can make a mistake, still make it to 3rd, and the announcer says that he still got there because of his “hustle.” ERRRRRR Wrong-O. He had no hustle. He was slacking. He got there because he’s fast.

    Also, wtf did Hairston start last night? Why isn’t the natural SS coming off a 3-3 day and 4 straight hits getting the start? Reds win that game last night if Janish starts, IMO.

  138. Chris

    They played lousy all night. The hitting was okay, but everything else stunk (fielding, baserunning, and a good chunk of the pitching). They didn’t deserve to win anything.

  139. Brett

    Bray, for those who didn’t see him, pitched pretty decent, as did Lincoln

  140. nick in va

    What about Weathers? How did he pitch? (couldn’t resist)

  141. AnnapolisRed

    Can’t blame this one on Weathers. Janish error set everything up.

  142. Brandon

    Doesn’t make Weathers any less horrible.