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Game Thread: Reds at Dodgers – 2008.05.19

Is a 6-game winning streak enough to get the Reds going out West?  The club has struggled alot lately on these West Coast road trips.  If the Reds want to make it 7 straight, they’ll have to take down Brad Penny and the Dodgers.  Bronson Arroyo will oppose Penny on the mound.  Arroyo has been outstanding in his last two starts after struggling earlier in the season.

Can the Reds make it 7 in a row?  Stay up late, call-in sick tomorrow, and watch (or listen to) the Redlegs!  Discuss it here…

220 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Dodgers – 2008.05.19

  1. Though we have a better K-rate than the Dodgers.

    Oh great, Tommy has stumbled into the booth. I think he’s sober.

  2. Tommy is 80. Which means that when he was managing, he was only 60 when Kirk Gibson hit that HR.

  3. I don’t mind these special guests in the booth, but not when the game is on the line. I’m still mad about that Ohio Lottery guy being in the booth when Cueto’s no-hitter got broken up the other night.

  4. Thom reports the league is batting .310 against Weathers, and Janish with a throwing error allows Martin to begin the inning on second.

  5. Kent advances Martin, and two IBB, hopefully bot to be followed by a third, unintentional one

  6. BP stood and admired that one a while before deciding to run. At least he ran hard.

    This is the kind of thing that annoys me. The fast guy can make a mistake, still make it to 3rd, and the announcer says that he still got there because of his “hustle.” ERRRRRR Wrong-O. He had no hustle. He was slacking. He got there because he’s fast.

    Also, wtf did Hairston start last night? Why isn’t the natural SS coming off a 3-3 day and 4 straight hits getting the start? Reds win that game last night if Janish starts, IMO.

  7. They played lousy all night. The hitting was okay, but everything else stunk (fielding, baserunning, and a good chunk of the pitching). They didn’t deserve to win anything.

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