Six wins in a row, and two straight sweeps against two of the hottest teams in baseball. Now, what happens on the upcoming road trip? What are your thoughts?

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds” is now available in bookstores and online, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold. You can also find Chad’s musings about the Cincinnati Reds in the pages of Cincinnati Magazine.

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  1. 6 straight 10pm games! I live on the east coast. I can’t stay up that late on 6 straight nights… or can I?

  2. I’ll be excited if they can win no less than four on this six game road trip. Even more so if Bellisle pitches decently,

  3. I am cautiously optimistic because the team is performing as I thought it would before the season. I am cautious because of the Reds history on the left coast. However, I am very optimistic because of performances of players like Volquez that have become the norm rather than the exception. I just want the Reds to come out with a winning trip and then continue building when they come back to face the bucco’s.

  4. THis is proof positive that winning cures all. Seriously we could sit here and make so many critical statements about the last 6 games and how they were played and managerial decisions and lineups.. yet a win is a win. But when they lose we go insane and rip everyone and everything. I get tired of that so it is nice to go on a win streak and reign in my criticisms.

    THis team needs one of two things to happen to really become a contender IMO. Griffey needs to go on a major tear. Everybody in the clubhouse loves him and they will feed off of him if he can get it going somehow. Otherwise we need Bruce up here and his youthful presence should be a nice burst of energy even if he has some early struggles. Maybe we need both of those things to happen.

    The other thing that would be nice would be to have a #5 pitcher that we can feel good about. I think its no coincidence we skipped Belisle’s turn during this win streak. If he can’t start providing quality starts with regularity we need to look at other options. Someone is bound to get hot. Got to start auditioning guys until someone grabs the job.

  5. I agree with a lot of what Aaron said. However, who can use in the #5 spot besides Belisle? We tried Fogg, and no thanks. Bailey has been getting lit up like a Christmas Tree in AAA, so he doesn’t count. I just don’t see a good option for a #5 with this team right now. I still think Belisle has the stuff to be decent…he just needs to get it together.

  6. that kid Lehr is doing good in AAA, maybe he deserves a look. And you know I think Fogg might be better than Belisle, he might deserve another chance. Last year he was pretty decent for a Rockies team that went to the playoffs. If he can just give us 5 quality innings that’s all we really need from him or whomever else in that spot. If they can do that 75$% of the time we are good to go. I don’t think Belisle has shown he can do it. My impression of him last time I watched is that he has become more concerned with location than just dealing and letting his stuff work for him. When he was good he had better velocity and more movement and maybe less control. Now he is serving up batting practice by trying to hit spots.

  7. I think if we can play .500 ball on this road trip … the team will come home with a lot of confidence. Jr HAS to get it going … Dunner has to stay hot, the rest of the team needs to keep it going, and last but not least the starting pitching must keep it up. Finding someone to fill that #5 spot in the rotation is going to be critical from here on out.

  8. I’m very cautiously optimistic. This team was never as bad as it was showing, and it was bound to return to the middle sooner or later. Given this team’s history out West, if they can win 4 or 5 of 7 on this trip, I’ll really be excited that this could actually be a pretty good team. I agree with a lot of the above, though. Jr. needs to get it together, and fingers crossed that the ss position keeps producing in the absence of Kepp, although that doesn’t seem very likely to me.

  9. Very excited, but the West Coast tour will kick our asses. Can’t we just play in the Midwest or something 🙁

  10. If the Reds go 4-2 over their 6 games vs. LAD & SDP, they’ll be back to .500 for the season!

    Lehr’s not exactly a “kid” at 30 years old, never made a major league start, and had bad short stints in the Atheltics and Brewers bullpen. Always a chance he’s learned a new pitch or improved some other aspect of his game, but I’d rather take my chances with Belisle or Fogg at this point.

  11. The kid Lehr is 30-years-old. He is not an answer. He is simply an old pitcher outsmarting AAA hitters.

  12. The kid Bruce was 2 for 4 with a HR today.

  13. Why not Affeldt as the #5? Also, it looks like Tom Shearn has been solid in AAA.

  14. Marty and Hal were talking about Bailey during the game yesterday and their comments about the kid really bother me. They basically said he was too big for his britches, ego-wise.
    Does anyone know anything about his personality problems? Maybe Bailey is just upset he isn’t with the big club?

    About Griffey, I think once he gets to 600 homeruns he will settle down and start hitting like the Griff of old.

    About Dunn, did someone tell him he was in a contract year? He’s starting to look pretty good again.

    I Love the REDS and hope they can put the Westcoast bad mojo behind them!

  15. Maybe Marty and Hal are the ones too big for their britches.

  16. Ben-Best thing to do is DVR the game and watch it in the morning before you go to work. You can zip through a game in 30 minutes if you can’t stay up.

    I would be satisfied with a .500 road trip.

    I think what Marty and Hal are referring too is that he has been told on some things he needs to work on, but he hasn’t been real receptive. The bottom line is his performance in AAA doesn’t warrant a call-up. I still think Belisle can do it.

  17. How about this stat. The Reds are 14-9 against teams that are either in first or second place in their respective divisions and 7-14 against the rest of the teams.

  18. Even better, the Reds are 16-14 against teams above .500 and 5-9 against teams below .500. If they could only just reverse that 5-9 mark to 9-5 the Reds would be tied for second, two games out. They have to start beating the bad teams.

  19. I’m cautiously optimistic. They’ve got to get some quality starts out of the 4th and 5th starters and the timely hits have got to keep coming.

  20. If Janish and Hairston can just give quality at bats, we’ll be fine there. There is still a giant sucking sound coming from center and right field, although Freel is fighting the good fight. My suspicion is that Griffey is gone as soon as he cracks his 600th. As for the rest of them, let’s just keep playing .500 or better ball for a while (so many tough interleague matchups) and see what the other teams do. Houston and St. Louis are gonna linger for a couple more months until their pitching collapses, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh should play sub-.500, but not be horrible. If the Cubs run away with the division there’s nothing we can do about it, so we should focus for now on being the best of the rest.

  21. What about fifth spot by committee? Use Fogg, Belisle, and Affeldt and put them once through the lineup each and see what happens. I’d put Affeldt last just for the simple fact that if either Fogg or Belizzle pitches adequately (it could happen) then we can use Jeremy in the bullpen, where he has been very valuable. Just have the three of those guys suck it up those days and save our pen for our ‘real’ starters.

  22. I don’t want to take Affeldt out of the pen after the job he’s been doing (yesterday is an exception, but everyone has a bad performance once in awhile.) What about Shearn? (Here’s why.) Not as a long term solution, of course, but I honestly believe Homer will be in that spot sooner rather than later.

    Hey, this is fun. I hadn’t been to a Reds game with that many people staying that late and being that excited about the Reds in a long time.

  23. I’m still apprehensive about the team. Or, ‘wary’ might be a better word. All of the six consecutive victories – all at home – were wins by 1 or 2 runs. Three were only won in the final at-bat. And it’s already been mentioned many times that the 5th-starter had to be rained out in order to preserve the streak for certain.

    I guess what I’m saying is that they weren’t as bad as their record before, and they’re not as good as their record in the past week.

    Anyhoo, combined with the fact that this road trip is on the dreaded west coast, and I’ll be more than satisfied with a 3-4 outcome. Even considering that 4 of the games are with the collapsing Padres.

  24. “[Penny]’s allowed 15 earned runs in his last 10 2/3 innings pitched, including the 10 earned runs he allowed May 7 in a 12-1 loss to the Mets.”
    Holy cow. At what point is it finally ok to pull the guy?

  25. Matt Maloney (the kid we got for Losche last year) has been lights out his last couple of starts here in Louisville. If things have started to click for him, he could give us that Southpaw in the rotation.

  26. “Never f**k with a streak.”
    – Crash Davis

  27. They should get Jukich up to AAA to see what he can do. Thompson as well. You need the middle of the order to produce consistently, which is not news. It is going well today for them.

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