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Reds Trivia 5/9/08

July 4, 1998: The Reds deal pitcher Jeff Shaw to the Dodgers for Dennys Reyes and Paul Konerko.

Shaw, who had been selected as the Reds only representative to the All-Star game, appeared in teh game on July 7 at Coors Field in a Dodgers uniform. This was was the first time that a player had made his first appearance for a team at an All-Star game. The Reds wound up with a player in the game when Bret Boone was named to replace an injured Sammy Sosa.

All “Reds trivia” posts come from Greg Rhodes and John Snyder’s fabulous book, “Redleg Journal” (see link for purchasing) and are used with Greg’s permission.

Thanks again to Greg Rhodes for permission to use his material.

2 thoughts on “Reds Trivia 5/9/08

  1. What a great trade that would have been if they’d kept Konerko instead of Casey. They probably couldn’t afford him now, but he has had some great years.

  2. Maybe the White Sox didn’t want Casey? The question of who to move (Konerko or Casey) is always posed as if the Reds had an option to move them for equal value.

    And just because Konerko was traded shortly after being acquired, doesn’t mean is can’t be classified as a great trade. Think the White Sox trade Mike Cameron for Jeff Shaw? Flipping Shaw for Konerko for Cameron (then as the main part of the deal for Griffey at Griffey’s peak) seems like a series of upgrades to me.

    Konerko vs. Casey after the trade. (Casey was with the Reds through 2005)

    Age, Year, Salary, OPS+
    23, 1999, $215K, 116
    24, 2000, $305K, 111
    25, 2001, $2.3M, 119
    26, 2002, $3.8M, 124
    27, 2003, $6.25M, 83
    28, 2004, $8M, 127
    29, 2005, $8.75M, 136
    30, 2006, $12M, 134
    31, 2007, $12M, 116

    Age, Year, Salary, OPS+
    24, 1999, $220K, 132
    25, 2000, $400K, 124
    26, 2001, $3M, 108
    27, 2002, $4M, 81
    28, 2003, $5.6M, 102
    29, 2004, $6.8M, 136
    30, 2005, $7.8M, 109
    31, 2006, $8.5M, 87
    32, 2007, $4M, 96

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