The Reds announced that longtime Triple-A Louisville voice Jim Kelch will do fill-in work on 14 Reds radio broadcasts this season.

How many announcers does this team need? Why can’t Thom Brennaman do radio when his dad is on vacation, or whatever? And the larger question is this: if the Reds needed an announcer to fill in, why didn’t they ask me? I have a history of some radio sportscasting from my college days (back when I wanted to grow up to be Marty Brennaman). Clearly, I would do a great job.

UPDATE: Chris from Seeing Reds has suspicions that Jeff Brantley might be on his way out the door. I doubt that will happen, but I wish it were true. Brantley is, by far, the worst Reds broadcaster…including George Grande.

Give me Chris Welsh and Thom Brennaman on television, and Marty Brennaman all by himself on radio (a la Vin Scully). That would work just fine, in my opinion.

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13 Responses

  1. nick in va

    I think they should have given 14 Redleg Nation readers the opportunity to each do a game. I have no experience on the radio, but in my mind I would do a good job. Actually, I did call in to a local sports talk show once and I got a “prize pack” – it clearly must be my destiny to be on the radio.

  2. GregD

    I think they needed the 6th person for a couple of reasons. One, some of these games they had scheduled for Joe to do. Two, any games where Marty’s vacation falls on a weekend that Thom does the FOX game leaves them an announcer short.

    Chad, I didn’t get a call either, yet also have college sports radio on my resume.

  3. Bill

    It did have something to do with Marty’s guaranteed days off…I read that somewhere, can’t remember where.

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    All I know is I can’t stand the negativity from Marty and Thom. It’s entertainment fellas, not a 3 hour ego trip.

  5. Shawn

    Marty would never go it alone. He’s got to have his 2-3 innings off every night.

  6. Mark in CC

    The entertainment comment is a good one. I keep that in mind when I listen to the “Cowboy”. Not a great announcer but entertaining at times, especially when comparing him to GG (sorry) George Grand.

    I also heard that Branley’s his alma mater Mississippi State is looking for a baseball coach and JB might be a candidate. Maybe there will be another announcement soon.

  7. Matt W

    I would hate to see Brantley go. I listen to a lot of the games on the radio because I am at the Dragons so much and Brantley is a welcome change of pace from the complaining.

    My buddy and I actually sat in a bar last night and talked about the funniest things we had heard Brantley say in the last week or so.

  8. Alex

    Brantley is TERRIBLE as a play by play guy, but I have to admit I really like him as a color man, whether it is on TV, or on the radio when he pipes in during Marty’s innings.

    Marty is awfully negative these days (years), but I still think he’s great. Same with Thom. But when the two of them are in the booth at the same time, it’s hard to listen. Of course, if the Reds would play winning ball, I think the negativity would not be so bad. So, it’s really the team’s fault.

  9. AnnapolisRed

    They are negative because the team is awful. I will take the truth over what George Grande is selling.

  10. preach

    I can’t believe they didn’t call me either. I preach, teach, train, and am only half as negative as Marty. And it they want me to, I would put the ‘damn’ in ‘best damn sports show’. I think I could get it right with God and all. Put me in, Bob.

  11. GregD

    Sorry, but Marty has crossed the line.
    There’s a difference between “calling it as you see it” and being negative. He says publicly that he is aware of a line and feels he’s never crossed it, but he’s wrong. He has lived over the line the past several years, so of course he doesn’t notice crossing it.

    The unfortunate thing has been that Thom and Jeff both think that Marty’s negativity is how you “call it as you see it” so they’ve taken his cue at being negative.

    I’ll take George Grande any day of the week over what they’ve got on the radio. Though, I do admit that I like the Thom/Welsh combo on TV. I noticed last year that Welsh challenged some of Thom’s negative thinking last year. Thom has seemed to tone it down in the TV booth, and they compliment each other pretty well.

  12. the last marty fan (a,k.a. daedalus)

    i think those who complain about marty being negative need to look in a mirror. the whole entire city of cincinnati is negative. from day one, despite national media saying the reds could be the surprise team of the season, majority opinion was this team could not compete. nobody ever believed in them. this is my first time back in this area in a decade, and i can’t believe what i hear. marty is a symptom, not the disease.

    as for thom being negative – what? this makes me wonder if people are just complaining to complain. thom is incredibly positive about this team and the players. if he is negative, it’s when they’re losing by seven runs in the second inning. not a lot to be positive about when you know they’re gonna lose another game.

    i agree with alex about both brantley being good color/bad play by play and grande’s obnoxious “positivity.” the man would be smiling standing on the deck of a sinking titanic.

  13. preach

    …ever count how many times during a telecast that Thom says “Arizona Diamondbacks?” If you made a drinking game out of it you would never see the fifth inning. I do like Thom and Chris though. Chris will challenge lil’ Marty. George seems like a really nice guy who would be fun to talk about sports history with.