Sounds like Ken Griffey, Jr., expects that his time as a Red is drawing to a close, which is sad for an old romantic baseball fan like me. Can’t blame Junior for wanting a championship, and the Reds are in such disarray, I’m not sure they will ever contend for a championship again.

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  1. Sultan of Swaff

    *shrug* I wish I could say it’s been fun…………This could only get ugly if Jocketty tries to hold out for anything other than the compensation picks we would’ve gotten. That, and salary relief. All this is moot until he starts hitting some.

  2. John of Muncie

    Not much to say, really. One of the biggest moves in Reds history ijust didn’t work out. Time for everyone to move on.

  3. al

    wow, colore me surprised. i mean, not to sound ungrateful for all the years grif, but if you want to take your sub .400 slugging to a contender, that actually sounds pretty great to me.

    one thing thoug. would you mind pointing us in the direction of a contender looking for an automatic out that plays terrible defense? thanks.

    the guy who’s at the center of our craptastic offense says HE wants to contend!? yeah, i think everyone would, but you keep making outs! that’s sort of the problem.

  4. Chad

    One bad month and he is a bum, all of a sudden? Junior has been a VERY productive Red for a number of years.

  5. Y-City Jim

    As long it doesn’t mean Corey Patterson playing everyday. I can’t handle any more of that loser.

  6. Jason1972

    Junior has been pretty productive for the last few years here. I don’t really understand the vitriol directed at him for that quote. He didn’t say anything nasty or divisive, he just expressed the hope that he would be moved to a contender if the Reds traded him.

  7. Kerm

    I wish we could have produced a championship with Griffey here in Cincinnati, but that is looking less and less likely.

  8. GregD

    What’s with all the junior hate? I know injuries robbed him from a lot of games between 2001-2004, and he came back as more of a 30-80-90 guy than the 40-110-120 guy that he was from 1993-2000. But, IMHO, it’s still been great watching him in Cincinnati when he’s been healthy.

    Read the full story in the USA today, and it doesn’t sound as bad as the snipets the Enquirer decided to post. He’s basically said if the Reds are sellers at the trade deadline, he thinks he’ll be asked to waive his no-trade clause. Big whoop-dee-doo. That’s not really a shocking revelation, since we’ve already discussed that likelihood here. The article also talks about Seattle, and Griffey says that it’s human to want to go back to where you started it all, but that he also wants to play for a contender.

    Reading between the lines, if Seattle stays as far back as they are, he may agree to a trade to a contender this year and pursue going back to Seattle as a free agent next year.

  9. Evarmstrong

    I really don’t see Junior going anywhere, the Reds know who sells tickets, if they are not contending then people are only going to come out to see players. While they may have talent laden careers ahead of them, Jay Bruce and Joey Votto right now are not going to sell many tickets. HOWEVER, I do believe Dunn will be traded and that is whom Jay Bruce will replace.

  10. justcorbly

    No surprise. Griffey has every reason to expect the Reds not to be in contention at the deadline. He has even more reason to expect the Reds don’t want to sign him to another expensive multiyear contract. Therefore, he has every reason to expect a trade. Why shouldn’t he want to go to a winner?

    In fact, if the Reds aren’t at .500 by the end of this month, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes soon after.

  11. justcorbly


    Your argument about Griffey drawing fans to a losing team has merit, but it only goes so far. At some point, keeping an aging player with a Hall of Fame past but a so-so present is a game of diminishing returns. In any case, trade the entire lineup for unknowns who get to the playoffs and watch the attendance grow.

    I don’t expect the Reds to get much in return for Griffey except the benefit of not paying him, but it’s time to move on.

  12. Oskar the Grouch

    Trust me. The Grouch is conversant with many, many members of the Reds organization in all levels of their participation. Junior is gone the moment this season is over- if they can’t shed him the minute he hits #600. The ONLY reason his is still here is his contractual terms. Not his gate appeal, not his fading glory on the field. This is just fodder for the pundits who aren’t in the know. But for that contract and the restriction on the team to move him, he would have been long gone two years ago. And that’s the truth. He is viewed as a ball and chain to this club’s future….and had been for several years. Those in the know won’t admit it but EVERYONE knows this is the gospel truth. It was a good idea that didn’t work for a lot of reasons. And now it’s over.

  13. TylerS

    Is anyone able to explain the intricacies of Griffey’s contract? From what I understand, he makes 3 backloaded salaries of 4 million in 2022, and 7 million in each of 2023 and 2024 in his current deal with the Reds.

    Is this negated or changed somehow by a trade? It seems with this contract structure that he would be nearly impossible to move.

  14. Relient k Car

    I say….
    he is clogging Bruce’s spot.

  15. Aaron B.

    I hold nothing against the man. I watched him hit a bunch of clutch game winners the past couple of seasons, and many clutch home runs to bring the Reds back from deficits. The problem is now he is 39 yrs old and the manager still sticks him in the upper third of the lineup despite the fact he is still shaking out the Rust from the off season. If I am manager he bats 7th until he gets heated up. Course he is making way too much money to bat 7th and therin lies the problem which is economic in nature. A couple of yrs ago it wasn’t the quality but the quantity that was the problem: you just couldn’t get a full season out of him. So the Reds got short changed on the ridiculous contract Bowden strapped the ballclub with. Bowden is an idiot — look at the Nats and you can see that easily. From reading the biography of Marge Schott I inferred that Bowden pretty much backstabbed his way up the corporate ladder so it isn’t surprising that his coup de grace of landing Griffey has been in hindsight a horrible acquisition.

    Again, I am gonna reference Joe Randa when dispensing advice. I call this the Joe Randa Theory, and that is if you get veteran contact hitters at reasonable salary they will have career years at GABP. We have seen this time and time again by the likes of Randa, Aurilia, Hatteberg, now Bako… etc etc. Why overpay for a slugger when these guys give you huge return on minimal investment? We need to flush the big salaries (Dunn, Griff) DOWN THE toilet and get us a team of good defensive contact hitters that have a little bit of pop. That along with Harang, Volquez, Cueto and Cordero is a recipe for the post season. Also, lets go with dollar dogs the rest of the year once we dump salary. That will draw the fans as we transition to the next era — a winning era! Can I get an AMEN?

  16. Earl

    Griffey has had a couple of chances to be traded to a winner, but turned down the offer. The White Sox tried pretty hard to get Griffey in 2005, but he turned them down.

    I think he will end up getting dealt back to Seattle.

    I also think that Griffey is a case of be careful what you wish for, it might come true. I don’t hold any grudges against him, as the guy has had a bunch of bad luck with the injuries. The only time that Griffey bothered me was when he started balking about ‘having to go to the All Star game. That was a bit crass, but hey it is a rich ex-player’s kid that has pretty much slid into the pros when he was a teenager, his view of baseball is totally different than 99.99% of the fans or even most of the pros.

    As great as Ken Griffey Jr. has been and the guy has been pretty fantastic, he is going to live with the fact that it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

    I was really excited when the Reds got Griffey and I am sad to see it just never panned out with a winning club.

  17. GregD

    Actually, that’s Freel and Patterson clogging Bruce’s spot.

  18. Relient k Car

    yeah they clog it too
    but i want them there more than griffey

  19. Mike

    You’ve got the current best farm system in the NL and third in baseball, time to build around it by getting rid of the non-performing deadwood and those who want to go like Junior. Also clear out Dunn, Patterson, Freel, Hatteberg, Weathers, Merker, Fogg and Belisle. Time to start anew and go young.

  20. GregD

    Who would replace all those people you want to move out? Other than Bruce and Bailey, most of the “current best farm system” is still in A/AA.