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Game Thread: Reds at Braves — 2008.05.03

Matt Belisle vs. Jo Jo Reyes. Over-under on runs scored by both teams in this game is 21.

Oh, wait. Reyes is a left-hander. That’s means the Reds will be lucky to get four hits tonight. If the offense doesn’t come around soon (and by soon, I mean immediately), the Reds are going to find themselves so far back that the season will be lost before it’s halfway done.

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57 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Braves — 2008.05.03

  1. that’s just what the announcers were saying and i think that’s total crap. sure freel isn’t the best ball player in the world, but to insinuate that he’s doing it for the highlight reel, that’s bush league. you ever tried running one of those balls down? it’s pretty tough to judge and he was damn close to pulling it down.

    Enough on that BS.

    If there’s anything phantom on the reds it’s their offense. They need to reasses what it is that they really have here. They’re assuming that guys are going to do things that they just won’t reliably do. Like Chris said above, Phillips is really a 6-7 hitter, but he hit 30 homers once, so he’s a clean up hitter. Griffey hit close to 30 last year, so he’s a 3 hitter.

    They’re not going to make the moves they need to make if they can’t accurately asses what it is they have here. I hope Jockety can handle it.

  2. Jacoby is going to get axed because they need someone to blame.

    Personally I think this offense needs a psychiatrist.

  3. Maybe Dusty needs to clarify that his aggressive approach philosophy requires that hitters get hits.

  4. i have to wonder if some of the struggles are due to dusty baker telling people to be more aggressive at the plate. I have no data to back that up, but it’s a thought.

    really what it comes down to is they don’t have a real centerpiece to build the lineup around. whenever i do lineup games in my head with this team, i’m always trying to force 4 guys into the 2 hole and 4 guys into the 7 hole. There’s no one i want to say ‘this is the guy who HAS to be in the heart of the lineup.

    hamilton could have been that, but i wasn’t sad to see him go, and the return seems fair. bruce could be that i suppose, but we don’t know, and he probably won’t be until next year at the earliest anyway.

    maybe they need to try to deal bailey for a a hitter with a big contract.

  5. Were George & Chris saying Jocketty may take a while because he needs to learn the club/organization? He was GM of a division rival for more than a decade until this offseason, and he’s been special advisor to the owner OF this organization since January. WTF does he need time for? Or if he does still need time to “learn the organization” then let’s go ahead and just move to the next GM.

  6. right on Greg, seems ridiculous to fire the guy who does know the org for the guy who doesn’t. let the guy learn and then fire the other guy.

    y-city, i’m with you, i was just saying that counting on bruce to be THE guy this season is a stretch.

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