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Game Thread: Reds at Giants — 2008.04.26


If you decide to watch the Reds tonight, feel free to discuss it here. I’ll be watching, but this team has lost 11 out of 14 and is showing no signs of coming out of this funk. Perhaps if Matt Belisle throws a no-hitter tonight, the Reds will have a chance of pulling out a 1-0 victory.

88 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Giants — 2008.04.26

  1. Another bizawkward slide avoids the tag.

    GG was right–when was the last time the close plays all seemed to go the Reds way?

  2. The Dodgers scored 10 runs in the first tonight. That includes 9 runs after having two outs and the bases empty.

  3. When we have a ten or ore game winning streak I’ll believe the offense is on track.

  4. Coffey should be canned…….get it coffey can!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Cordero just hit 98, that’s awesome.

  5. When Coffey gave up one of those doubles, Welsh went on about how if Coffey could have kept that pitch 4 inches lower, it wouldn’t have been so bad. Of course, that would probably be true of every pitch Coffey has thrown this year.

  6. Latte…beans…think of what we’ll lose if we send Todd Coffey back to AAA. We already lost Coutlangus, we just can’t afford to lose another source of constant puns… :mrgreen:

  7. Dick Pole’s name is the joke – can’t do any more with that one. And Jocketty is boring upper-management that we won’t get to see on a regular basis. I’m going to go into withdrawal without Coffey.

  8. Coffey, Belisle and Arroyo. Belisle is a AAAA pitcher, Arroyo needs to work on his command and Coffey is just awful.

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