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Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds – 04.21.2008

Juan Castro has been DFA’d, Fogg is out of the rotation, and Baker has finally realized that Patterson hasn’t been hitting.  We throw out 2-0 Edinson Volquez tonight against the Dodgers’ 0-0 Hong-Chih Kuo.  We have to win tonight, right?

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  1. While LLM’s pinch hitting is a plus I think the Reds keep him around for his language skills more than anything.

  2. Living in a small town I’m lucky enough to pay $90 a month for DSL almost fast enough to stream low quality without a hiccup.

  3. Hey, Patterson! You aren’t starting in CF tomorrow night either.

    How long with the Hairston phenom performance last though?

  4. I’d say Hairston’s making a good first impression with the bat, just like Patterson did.

  5. That was a sweet slide by Bako….went right for the catchers feet and knocked him off balance….

  6. Less than 30 hits out of the lead off spot with about 10 walks is my guess.

  7. Two dynamite innings back-to-back for Volquez. Sitting at 73 pitches so I hope he can go two more innings.

  8. Phillips does better when he’s relaxed, like it’s not all on him. Pretty nice.

  9. Can’t wait until Bruce arrives and does the same thing that Votto is doing.

  10. Can’t wait until Bruce arrives and does the same thing that Votto is doing.

    That’s assuming that Dusty doesn’t get another ex-centerfielder to play once Hairston cools off… 😕

  11. I’m catching up on Tivo – one point that should be noted is that Patterson catches Kuo’s double early in the game.

    This Harang interview is fascinating, by the way. I love that guy.

  12. Definitely Hairston misjudged that ball.

    Harang interview was its best when Welsh asked the questions.

  13. I’m thinking he is getting a little gassed either mentally or physically.

  14. Chris, you are mixing up all of Dusty’s ex-Cubs. that’s Hairston, not Patterson, tonight. Unfortunately, his only good CF while with the Cubs is playing left tonight for the Dodgers, and I don’t think we’re getting him.

  15. No. Chris meant that if Patterson was playing CF tonight that he would have caught it. Of course, he would have gone 0 for 5 as well.

  16. Voltron 1 K away from creating a 3-way tie for 2nd place in strikeouts for all MLB among himself, Harang, and Cueto.

    They were passed by Smoltz this afternoon, so hours away from a 3-way tie for first!

  17. Nice job, EV. Your first complete game will happen in the near future.

    Amazing that the Reds have three of the top K artists. Credit to Baker for going with the two youngsters.

  18. Who else came with Volquez in the Hamilton deal? Would have been nice to have a CF that’s competent at the plate but even so, what a deal.

  19. Those strikeouts are VERY, VERY important to their success, given this team’s home ballpark and defense. Aside from Patterson and Phillips, there’s not a plus-defender on the roster.

  20. The other player in the Hamilton deal was, I believe, Dan Harrera, whom I know nothing about.

  21. It’s one of the few deals where both teams made out ok. In fact, if Bruce gets playing time (and does well) this year, the deal might end up being a steal for the Reds, no matter how well Hamilton does.

  22. Dusty will have sweet dreams tonight. His boys have done well. Heck! Everyone but Junior has had a good night.

  23. If this Reds offense can sustain this kind of performance night after night, the Reds can make up some serious ground in a short amount of time.

  24. Hope Arroyo can get his pitching together since he opens two of the next three series.

  25. The rationale for Coffey pitching the ninth would be what? Dusty trying to build his ego? Starting off with a walk isn’t helping.

  26. Only three Dodgers had hits tonight and one was that excuse me double from Kuo.

  27. Did anyone else not understand a word Volquez said in the post game interview?

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