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Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds – 04.21.2008

“We won one today, that’s 2 in a row, if we win one tomorrow they call that a winning streak. It has happened before”

The Reds will send Matt Belisle out for his first start of the season.  He has been outstanding in the minors this season.  Let’s hope that success continues today against Brad Penny and the Dodgers.

Watch the game, Listen to the game, Cheer for Matt Buh-Lizzle, and Discuss it here….

67 thoughts on “Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds – 04.21.2008

  1. He couldn’t get stretched out during spring training, and he couldn’t go more than two innings in Fogg’s last start (that only lasted two innings.)

    Krivsky saying publicly that he was in the running for a rotation spot just went along with the pitch to get Affeldt on board.

  2. Re: Fogg – I’ve heard both $1 million and $400k. I’m not sure which is right without looking it up.

  3. Jim, I agree. I turned on this turd of a game at 5 to nothing, and I was more pissed about the nothing.

  4. Even looking it up you’ll find two different answers. When Fogg was signed, all the articles reported that he had been signed for $1mil base salary. Lately, though, all the listings of salaries I’ve seen have Fogg listed at 400k.

  5. That’s what I’m remembering DA, so I was surprised to see the mentions of 400k recently.

  6. I can’t believe a vet would be earning $400k. Just for the salary structure impact, if nothing else.

  7. Greg, you say affeldt couldn’t get stretched out in ST, i say he didn’t. He also only got 3 chances. if we’re willing to wait on hitters all spring, we should be willing to wait on pitchers too.

    problem was, the reds needed to make decisions because they had so many pitchers in camp, and 2 bad starts was a great excuse for them to cut down the rotation battle.

    all i’m saying now is that some of those starters that we saved room for (fogg and belisle) aren’t looking so good, and maybe you give the guy with arguably the best stuff, and the only lefty, a shot again.

    sure you can use the same argument against me in that it’s only been one start for belisle, but i’m just sick of watching him. even if affeldt got beat, at least it would be new.

  8. If the Reds are going to give Affeldt a legit shot then they should send him down to Louisville to get a few starts then bring him up when he is finally “stretched out.”

  9. I think next Monday would be a good time to call up Jay Bruce and start him in CF against the Cardinals.

  10. I am worried about Phillips trying to do too much at the plate simply because that is what harmed him in Cleveland. I understand that he has matured and proven himself much more, but he seems to be opened up before the ball even gets to the plate. I sure hope everyone else gets producing and he can settle down.

  11. I think you’re right about Phillips, at least somewhat, because I remember at the end of last season, when he was really close to 30 home runs, he started swinging like that and he looked really bad everytime I saw him bat, and I remember Pete said in an interview that he wish BP’d just get to 30 so he’d quit wasting all those at-bats. I feel like for whatever reason, he’s been swinging like that again this year.

  12. Affeldt hasn’t started in every game he pitched since he did it in AA back in 2001. Since then he’s made
    10 starts in AA/MLB in 2002
    18 starts with KC in 2003
    8 starts in 2004
    and 9 starts to begin 2006 after spending 2005 in the bullpen.

    Since making his first 9 appearances in 2006, he has been in a team’s bullpen. 128 straight appearances out of the bullpen pitching in only 121.1 innings.

    The Reds don’t need him in the rotation just because he’s a lefty. I’d rather see Bailey called up than Affeldt sent down, stretched out, then called back up.

  13. Kepp, Edwin, Votto, and Bako can bat 2, 3, 4, and 5. The rest of the team can bat 9th.

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