The Reds were frustrating late last night, leaving runners on base like crazy in the last 2 innings.  They will try to rebound today by sending Johnny Cueto back out in the rain.

But if the game gets you down like it did me last night, you can always discuss the similarity in looks between Mike Maddux and Michael Gross.  One of which has to look at Derrick Turnbow and Eric Gagne everyday.  The other fights tremors and was the father of Alex P. Keaton.


Let’s hope we are discussing a Reds win today! Discuss it here…

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  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Josh Fogg has been moved to the bullpen, replaced by Matt Belisle the nest time that rotation spot comes up.

  2. Tom

    Sounds like they will not being making the roster move until Monday. Anyone heard anything on who will be going down?

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    Marty: “Playing devil’s advocate, are you surprised Josh Fogg got only three starts?”
    C. Trent Rosecrans: “Uh, well, he got three starts, but two of those were so monumentally bad, and the third wasn’t even very good, that I don’t think it’s a surprise at all.” Speculation is that Coffey goes to Louisville when Belisle returns.

    They also touched on Bill Bray: “I don’t see how you can keep him down there much longer,” says C. Trent.

  4. Chris

    Sounds right to me. I’m always willing to DFA Juan Castro to clear a spot.

    Off topic, but I want to note that I thought Welsh and Thom did a very nice job last night. They focused on the game, worked well together, and didn’t once make me scream at the screen. I think that might be my favorite combination of broadcasters – but anything not involving Grande or Brantley is refreshing.

  5. Chris

    So Bill Hall is now going to kill us with his glove, too?

  6. Chris

    Next time Fielder is up, take a look at his bat – that knob on that thing is as big as a truck tire.

  7. Ron

    Lordy this offense looks awful. Why does it always seem like they have to scratch and claw for every run they get?

  8. preach

    Even though Patterson just popped up the bunt, I’m glad to seeing him try it. He has the athletic ability to avoid prolonged slumps. It’s too bad he waits until he’s 0-1000 before he does it.

  9. preach

    That low and outside ball has been getting called a strike all day. Better go up there hacking at those.

  10. Ron

    Another game, another example of the Reds making a league average pitcher look like an ace …yack!

  11. Ron

    That location is reserved for Mr Supan today.

  12. Chris

    Patterson stinks, btw. I think every person on the planet Earth has now noted that he’s a terrible fit as a leadoff man. Except Dusty Baker, of course.

  13. preach

    99 pitches through 7 for Cueto. Really not bad. Just a sorry offense to back him up. Maybe we can catch some lightning in the final couple frames….at this point I would settle for a little drizzle.

  14. Chris

    Does Dusty use some sort of tablet PC in the dugout, or is that just a big plastic clipboard?

  15. Chris

    I think this is his last batter, one way or the other.

    Okay, the good way.

  16. Chris

    This team is very hack-tastic today. Dusty should be thrilled.

  17. Jeff Gentil

    Anyone ever going to work a count for this team? I think we have the fewest professional hitters in the league. And right now Kepp might be the only one who is hitting anything hard.

  18. preach

    Hey, a hit!! There’s the bloop, now for the blast. Of course there is a pitching change. It goes to show the weakness from the right handed side. Here comes the lefty.

  19. Tom

    I bet Cueto goes out for the 8th if they don’t rally and get down to his spot in the order.

  20. al

    man this team is frustrating to watch right now. seems like we 3 hit ourselves everyday. i like the lineup a little better today, i will say that, but dang, corey patterson is a blackhole.

    any more rumors about signing piazza? i think that could really help the team. being able to use either he or javy off the bench every night would at least give the reds a threat.

  21. Tom

    Wow, I was pleasantly shocked that Dusty let Votto hit against the lefty. Votto can hit.

  22. Chris

    Votto apparently murders lefties. Who knew?

  23. al

    damn, now that’s a clutch AB right there.

  24. Ron

    I knew if I complained enough, someone woudl step up and hit a homer … yay Joey!

  25. al

    well, cueto doesn’t lose it. does he pitch the 8th? sure looked like he was done in the dugout.

  26. preach

    No win for Suppan, and Cueto is currently off the hook. Now, let’s hurt this bullpen.

  27. Jeff Gentil

    Me too, Ron! That’s exactly why I complained so someone would shut me up. I’m fine with that! Come on, bullpen!

  28. DevilsAdvocate

    Bigtime payback on Brantley. “You may be sitting at home asking, ‘Now why doesn’t Dusty pinch-hit for the lefty Votto here? They brought a lefty in to face him, why not put a righty in there?’ Well I’m here to tell you, this guy ain’t too bad against the lefties.”

    Next pitch, home run.

    Almost makes up for the EdE-clutch debacle earlier.

    Tied up!

  29. Tom

    Pleasantly shocked again they Dusty didn’t run Cueto back out there with 99 pitches. The pitch count rule must be in effect.

  30. Ron

    Another reason he didnt bring in a righty is because our righties off the bench are “punching judy’s” … they couldnt hit a homer with hurricane force winds at their back in a little league park!

  31. Ron

    I guess Bako finally got fed up with the Brewer favored strike zone

  32. renbutler

    No, strike 3 was definitely lower than ball 2.

  33. Ron

    Shhhh! Jeff, stating the obvious will get you ejected from the game! 😆

  34. Jared

    Exciting. Wish I could have seen that. 🙂 We had a good time at Wrigley, got to see the only win of the series. I had some beer and the Cubs fans didn’t care a lot for me. Bet they wouldn’t mind if they were winning.

  35. CeeKeR

    Bako thrown out arguing a non-strike call. Lincoln calmly keeps his own cool…throws (another) strike 3 the very next to pitch to a new catcher. This Lincoln guy is impressing me in the early going.

  36. renbutler

    Strike 3 to Hart was clearly outside.

    Guess the heat got to the ump.

  37. preach

    low and away. keep ’em right there. Not a good day for Wendlestadt.

  38. Ron

    Geez! Strike three looked farther outside on Hart then the previous pitch

  39. Chris

    That last pitch to Hart was a foot outside. Wendelstat is all over the friggin place.

  40. preach

    Both Suppan and Cueto were getting those pitches. I don’t know why you wouldn’t throw out there today.

  41. al

    i gotta say, mike lincoln looks really good. 94 on the fsn gun to end it, good cut fastball, good looking cuve.

    we know a move has to be made on monday, and i sort of thought it might be lincoln, because the non-roster guys often are the first to go, but i just don’t see how you can send him out when he pitches like that, compared to what todd coffey looks like just about every time he goes to the mound.

  42. preach

    Did I miss something? Did the inning just START with a pitching change? What, reliever not warmed up?

  43. CeeKeR

    Agree al. Gas can coffey should be one of the first to go…Lincoln’s been one of the most consistent relievers (and it seems he always faces the middle of the opposing team’s order too).

  44. Chris

    Lincoln gets results and has nice movement – though he looks like he’s pitching with a broken arm.

    Coffey just stinks.

  45. al

    also, why they think fogg will be any better out of the pen is a mystery to me. the best move would be to just cut bait on him when they bring belisle up.

    but i’d also send coffey out and bring in bray.

  46. preach

    I wonder when the last time that two “Gabe’s” played together in an outfield was?

  47. DevilsAdvocate

    Grandkids in the radio booth!

  48. preach

    Oh, thanks, CeeKeR. Missed that. I must have been caught up in another rant.

  49. Ron

    I agree al … Coffey has to go, Bray & Belisle needs to come up, and Fogg DFA’d. I’d also like to see anyone on the bench other than Castro …

  50. Ron

    Someone forgot to tell Freel that the left handed batters boxs is part of the strikezone today

  51. Chris

    I think they want to keep Fogg around as another rotation option. Yeah, the guy’s been horrible. Yeah, he shouldn’t be in the rotation. But there’s no way he’s really as bad as he’s looked – if a couple guys get hurt, Fogg’s a better option than Tom Shearn or Adam Pettyjohn.

    How in the WORLD did Freel not get run for complaining about that strike 3? If my lip reading is correct, he said “You’re effing terrible.” (Not “effing”).

  52. renbutler

    Freel’s strike three was just off the plate. It should have been a ball, but it wasn’t an egregious miss by the ump.

  53. Chris

    I was referring to what he was saying on the field.

  54. preach

    Kepp had to check swing on that one. He would have been rung up today.

  55. Ron

    His strikezone has Kepp swing at pitches in the ondeck circle

  56. Ron

    Even hitting a ball a foot off the plate Kepp hits line drives … damn that boy can hit!

  57. preach

    Did you see Kendall didn’t move his target from that down and away location to any right handed bat. That strike zone caused that soft line out by Kepp, in my opinion. Had to swing just to protect himself. Smart catching by Kendall. Just take what you are given.

  58. al

    i see the logic chris, i guess i just don’t buy that fogg is better than some of the guys at AAA. or affeldt for that matter, who has looked awesome out of the pen. i bet he could work up to starting ina week or so.

  59. DevilsAdvocate

    Is Cordero immune to the curse of Bill Hall, given that they were teammates a year ago?

  60. preach

    I would keep Fogg around as a spot starter. You will need one from time to time. Coffey is cut. DFA Castro, bring up Belisle. K for Cordero is good, the fact it’s to Hall is great.

  61. renbutler

    With the sound, the way the bat was dropped, and the fact his arm didn’t shatter…

    …that ball hit the bat. Bad call.

  62. Ron

    I was thinking before his AB that as much of a pain Kendall has been I’d just as soon walk him and face Weeks … will that come back to haunt?

  63. Ron

    I guess Co-co doesnt get the outside corner…

  64. Ron

    Oh wait I forgot, its only a strike on ever other pitch …

  65. Ron

    Ok, meat of the order, who will be the hero?

  66. Chris

    A win today will make me happier about my trip to GABP tomorrow.

  67. preach

    Oooh, Ron, our same timed ‘hero’ comment was just a little spooky. I’ll take it as a good sign. C’mon JR. Get a little closer to 600 right here.

  68. Tom

    Marty and Brantley just figured out that Freel got ejected. That’s staying on top of things.

  69. Ron

    Im thinking they pitch around Jr & Dunn and Votto comes thru with a clutch single

  70. CeeKeR

    Ugh, Griffey looked pretty bad on the last two strikes… It’s all up to the big donkey now.

  71. Ron

    Daaaaammmnnnn … just missed that one

  72. CeeKeR

    Blech. Extras innings. (Reds 0-1, Brewers 3-0 in extras…means the Reds are due!)

  73. Ron

    I guess Mota has a 1.23 ERA for a reason huh?

  74. Tom

    Why isn’t big check closer boy still out there. Weathers may be the only pitcher, Fogg aside, Coffey has outpitched.

  75. Chris

    I’m no fan of Dave Weathers.

    I thought that was a mistake by Votto.

  76. al

    i would not have pulled cordero

    and if i did, i would have brought in affeldt

  77. Tom

    I can’t even remember the last time the Reds got a force at 2B on a sac bunt attempt.

  78. preach

    I agree, Chris. You go for the sure out. With that being said, I’m glad it worked.

  79. Tom

    It was only a mistake by Votto if he threw to second while Valentin was yelling 1st base. Valentin’s job is to direct traffic on that play.

  80. preach

    If Fielder was right handed, that guy is out. Valentin did not help Weathers out on that. Weathers didn’t miss my much.

    “Weathers is in a sticky jam.” Where have I heard that before: oh, ALL THE TIME.

  81. Chris

    Here comes Bill Hall with his standard 3-run HR.

  82. Ron

    Why do I hear the theme to the movie “Jaws” every time Hall steps up to bat?

  83. preach

    Weathers isn’t getting that same pitch. He was paying attention, umpire might have fixed the zone a little.

  84. Tom

    You have to give it to the home plate ump, he is consistently inconsistent.

  85. Chris

    Just a base-clearing double. My bad.

    Eff Weathers, BTW.

  86. Tom

    That was good hitting by Hall, it was a pretty good pitch. He’s a thorn in our side.

  87. Ron

    Later all, enjoy the end of hope, I got yard work to do 😥

  88. al

    welsh talking about how that was actually good pitching by weathers. it wasn’t that bad of a pitch, if you hadn’t just thrown it 6 times in a row. my god, even i knew what was coming.

    i don’t know if that’s on javy or weathers, but they gave that one to hall.

  89. Andy

    that’s all on weathers, I don’t care how big a thorn Hall has been – weathers doesn’t have the stuff to pitch at this level.

  90. Tom

    Looks like Belisle just got his roster spot.

  91. DevilsAdvocate

    Baker thinks Weathers is injured. Oh Dusty, you’ll learn soon enough: that’s just the way he is.

  92. al

    thanks for “pitching through the pain” dave. i love tough guys who lose games.

  93. CeeKeR

    Hopper in for Dunn… Patterson still, inexplicably, in the game.

  94. preach

    Burton got that pitch.
    Baker thinks Weathers is injured. Oh Dusty, you’ll learn soon enough: that’s just the way he is. 😮

  95. DevilsAdvocate

    Nifty work: a 1-pitch strikeout for Burton.

  96. DevilsAdvocate

    When Gagne or Turnbow is on the mound, there’s hope.

  97. Chris

    Thom is pointing out that Dusty just boofed the double-switch thing entirely. He just chose to have Hopper hit, rather than Hatteberg (4th this inning, off a RH pitcher, presumably with runners on).

  98. Grant

    Send down Coffey and DFA Weathers so Belisle and Bray can come up

  99. preach

    Announcers are wondering why the double switch was done the way it was. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either.

  100. buddy

    Boy Weathers sure is good at changing speeds, you have to admit, going from that 87 mph fastball to the 84 mph slider is pretty intense stuff.

  101. Grant

    sure, he is good at changing speeds, but it doesn’t help that the batters know what is coming.

  102. buddy

    man did EE just ground out to short? never seen him do that before.

  103. DevilsAdvocate

    Reds’ record is a convenient 7-11. ½ game out of the basement, pending the Astros game this evening.

  104. DevilsAdvocate

    Aw, come on guys! Tomorrow’s Aaron Harang Growth Chart Day!

  105. buddy

    what? and you thought Weathers wouldn’t blow the game.

  106. Pete

    Belisle to start in place of Fogg Monday. Hallelujah.

  107. Pete

    Belisle to start in place of Fogg Monday. Hallelujah.

  108. Dave from Louisville

    With the young guys and Arroyo not going deep, we need 6 starters on this team.

  109. ChicagoRedsFan

    Bill Hall:
    “I know I’ve had success here, so that puts an ease to my mind. I always seem to do something when I come here — when I play against them in general, actually.”

    Love how he goes out of his way to basically say that it’s not GABP – it’s the Reds’ ptichers. Ouch!

  110. Lefty

    Bring Jay Bruce up, put him in Center and bat him leadoff. I know he’s left handed, not a lead-off hitter, etc. So what. That is a huge tradeoff in OPS from Patterson and Bruce historically has had a good OBP in the minors plus he’s not a guy that’s going to hit 40-50 homers at this stage in his career. Swap out Hopper. Bring up any kind of right handed bat and swap out Castro.

    Keep BP 3rd, swap Dunn and Griffey (Dunn 4, Griffey 5).

    Bring up Homer Bailey and Bray for the pen and stick Belisle in the rotation. Send out Hopper, Coffey and Fogg.

    This 40-man is more talented than any Reds team I have seen in awhile. Poor construction is costing games.

  111. Lefty

    And just for once (once every 17 years isn’t asking a lot), can we worry about winning and not a player’s development…. If Bruce can help us in Center and Bailey can help us out of the pen, why are they not here?