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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds – 2008.04.19

The Reds were frustrating late last night, leaving runners on base like crazy in the last 2 innings.  They will try to rebound today by sending Johnny Cueto back out in the rain.

But if the game gets you down like it did me last night, you can always discuss the similarity in looks between Mike Maddux and Michael Gross.  One of which has to look at Derrick Turnbow and Eric Gagne everyday.  The other fights tremors and was the father of Alex P. Keaton.


Let’s hope we are discussing a Reds win today! Discuss it here…

159 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds – 2008.04.19

  1. Reds’ record is a convenient 7-11. ½ game out of the basement, pending the Astros game this evening.

  2. With the young guys and Arroyo not going deep, we need 6 starters on this team.

  3. Bill Hall:
    “I know I’ve had success here, so that puts an ease to my mind. I always seem to do something when I come here — when I play against them in general, actually.”

    Love how he goes out of his way to basically say that it’s not GABP – it’s the Reds’ ptichers. Ouch!

  4. Bring Jay Bruce up, put him in Center and bat him leadoff. I know he’s left handed, not a lead-off hitter, etc. So what. That is a huge tradeoff in OPS from Patterson and Bruce historically has had a good OBP in the minors plus he’s not a guy that’s going to hit 40-50 homers at this stage in his career. Swap out Hopper. Bring up any kind of right handed bat and swap out Castro.

    Keep BP 3rd, swap Dunn and Griffey (Dunn 4, Griffey 5).

    Bring up Homer Bailey and Bray for the pen and stick Belisle in the rotation. Send out Hopper, Coffey and Fogg.

    This 40-man is more talented than any Reds team I have seen in awhile. Poor construction is costing games.

  5. And just for once (once every 17 years isn’t asking a lot), can we worry about winning and not a player’s development…. If Bruce can help us in Center and Bailey can help us out of the pen, why are they not here?

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