I did not see this during the game, nor did I catch Marty’s comments on the radio when this happened.  But I believe Marty sums up how most of us feel about Chicago and Cubs fans.


Hat tip to Devil’s Advocate, who also sent us the mp3.

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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30 Responses

  1. Mr. Redlegs

    Well, Cubs fans are Little Leaguers for obnoxiousness compared to Red Sox fans, but this was a great soundbite. Excellent post.

  2. CubsFan26

    What slays me is that Mr. Brennaman comes off as a fool with this rant. Maybe if the Reds actually filled their stadium (you know except when Cubs fans are in town for a game) there would be more fun and shenanigans taking place at your “insert corporate name” ballpark. He comes off jealous and bitter and why there is so much hatred towards the Cubs and their fans coming from the booth is beyond me… I’m pretty sure there is no rivalry there and to say that baseballs being thrown on the field is a reason to root for a team to lose is insane… someone needs to put that bitter old man in a home!

  3. Jeff Gentil

    B-E-A-utiful! No one could have said it any better. “They’ll screw it up because they are the Chicago Cubs”

  4. renbutler

    Great stuff, Marty.

    It’s funny, because the most intolerable fans (Red Sox, Packers, Patriots, etc.) usually cheer for successful teams.

    I guess a full century of suckiness really starts to take its toll on people.

  5. rob

    I’ll use a Marty line; you’re preachin’ to the choir!

    I used to kind of like the Cubs but since 1998 when Carary died and the Sosa/McGwire home run chase the Wrigley culture really changed.

    I can’t stand all the celebrities singing take me out to the ballgame during the seventh inning stretch and then professing a long standing love affair with the Cubs during the tv interview.

    Bartman? Billy goat? Gimme a break.

  6. Matt Stiers

    “They blame that goat!”- Absolute classic cowboy.

  7. nycredsfan

    This was great. I had this exact same conversation with my dentist ( a mets fan) who said Chicago would win the division and I said “they’ll figure out some way to lose, they always do.” Made me SO happy to hear Marty say it too. I’ve only been to Wrigley once, but they truly are obnoxious. Many don’t even watch the game, they just should insults at the visiting team the entire game. Must suck to have to root for such a perenially disappointing team.

  8. Deaner

    I LOVE it!!!

    Preachin’ to the choir my boy, preachin’ to the choir…

  9. Andy

    I’ve lived in Chicago 10 years and I couldn’t agree more. I missed this incident in the game on Wednesday, but I watched Votto and Griffey home runs returned yesterday in person. ha! I had trouble telling for sure, but it looked like the guy who caught Griffey’s ball (smartly) wouldn’t let it go and the returned ball came from outside the stadium. One day, those idiots will throw a ball that hits a player whose back is turned. I’m looking forward to that day. Dumbest fans in baseball, no doubt.

  10. Joe

    Well said Marty. The most obnoxious bunch of losers in baseball. Good ruck on the 100th. anniversary of the Chubbies last WS win!

  11. Phill

    You do realize that Wrigley is just as much a business named ballpark as Great American?

  12. Scott

    Believe me, there is no love lost for Cubs fan but Marty’s rant was a little weird. Is throwing multiple balls from all over the outfield kinda childish and stupid? Yeah but not that big a deal really. The thing that makes me upset is the way Bartman was treated for doing something that almost ANYONE would have done on a ball in which Moises Alou later said he wouldn’t have caught anyway. Why not just admit that your shortshop booted a ball and then the team couldn’t finish the deal. (Despite having a Game 7 at home with one of your stud pitchers throwing) They just lost. I’m sure most of the players have accepted it and they certainly had more at stake.

    P.S. Alou crying like a baby after the foul ball certainly didn’t help anything.

  13. Marty the Cynic

    Never has my name been more appropriate!

  14. CubsFan26

    Apparently 20 years of irrelevance has not only left Marty bitter but it has made the 45 Reds fans left in the world delusional… have a gander at an unbiased source, who seems to think that Marty was acting a bit like a 90 year old sitting on his porch telling those damn kids to get off his lawn… grow up Marty… life is too short to get your panties in a bunch about a few extra balls hitting the field… http://awfulannouncing.com/

    To all 45 Reds fans left, enjoy Baker ruining your young pitchers as he tries to keep the Natti out of cellar all year!

  15. Mr. Redlegs

    Leave it to a Cubs fan to not have the range and depth to understand this rant wasn’t about one incident, but a culture of people at the ballpark that has been ongoing for decades now. Are these the brightest fans in the world? hel no. As Ms. R’s sister, who has lived in Chicago 20 years says, going to Wrigley is not about baseball, but THE thing to do. Personally, I love it there, but it’s not a baseball game. It’s a frathouse.

  16. Phill

    Oh wow a Cubs fan blames Dusty for pitchers crumbling some Earth shattering news right there. Did he abuse? Yes. Did he specifically ruin? nah. Cowboy was dead on, Cubs fans never blame the players or anything that can hold water. It’s all curses, other Cubs fans, the manager and anything else that doesn’t make sense.

  17. John

    Simply put, Cubs fans know nothing about baseball. All they know is that blue team that’s always on channel 9. Take away the national network and people would slowly forget about them.

    Most Cubs fans can’t name 5 people on the current active roster, and can’t tell you much of anything about the ones they name. Most of them are so drunk, they think the black guy in the outfield is still Andre Dawson.

    Being a Cubs fan is not about baseball. It’s a beer and lifestyle thing. Nothing more.

  18. daedalus

    Thom actually said a similar thing on the television broadcast. He said that Cubs fans have gotten a lot worse since he was there, esp. since the Bartman thing.

    Cubsfan26 is just more proof of the vile nature of today’s Cubs fan.

    Going to any park when the Cubs play is obnoxious. They’ll wear all their blue and spend the entire game slurring incorrect things about baseball.

  19. Tampa Red

    Cub fans are no longer the loveable losers of my youth.

    Now they’re just losers.

  20. Kevin

    I go to wrigley every time the reds play and I am always surprised when I meet a cubs fan who knows the team and understands baseball. You guys are right, its more about going to a party. Yesterday at Wrigley I was walking to my seat and a couple of guys yelled “you suck” in my face! I was pretty bummed…I’d never treat somebody like that

  21. Dave from Louisville

    Cheering for the Cubs has nothing to do with baseball, it has to do with drinking. The Cubs give every frat loser in the mid-west an excuse to drink.

    Everyone real baseball fan in Chicago is a Sox fan.

  22. DevilsAdvocate

    No game thread?

    Maybe just as well. 4-0, effing Bill Hall.

  23. Pete

    Cubsfan……..Regardless of the reason fans go to a game, Cincy is a much smaller town than Chicago. Granted we only have one MLB team, but Chicago is a helluva lot bigger per capita than Cincy.

  24. Geoff

    I thought Marty’s comments were overboard. I’m from Cincy but now live in Illinois and have been to 5 or so Reds/Cubs games at Wrigley. Was the incident a little childish? Yes. Are the bleachers like a frat party? Yes. But I’ve seen plenty of obnoxious people at Great American as well, they just aren’t all congregated in one section of the stadium like they are at Wrigley. I could see our announcers saying something negative about the incident. But, given that it was an isolated event, I think a 2 minute rant was uncalled for.

  25. Maddog

    Leave it to a Cubs fan to not have the range and depth to understand this rant wasn’t about one incident, but a culture of people at the ballpark that has been ongoing for decades now.

    Yeah, it’s a culture unlike any other team’s fans. I’m a Cubs fan and I’ve made some enemies among other Cubs fans for how much I bash them. I honestly don’t like Cubs fans. But I dislike them because I pay attention to them much more than any other team’s fans. They annoy me, piss me off, and embarrass me at times. But to sit here and pretend for one second that other team’s fans are the exact same way is just plain nonsense. I’ve been to GAB 5 times. I can’t stand Wrigley and have family in the area so I go see the Cubs at GAB. I’ve come across the same stupid, worthless idiot fans there that I have in Fenway, Yankee Stadium, and any other place. People are stupid.

    And sitting here acting as if this stupidity does not affect Reds fans, well, it’s like calling the kettle black.

    I’m disappointed in how most of you have acted about this incident. I’ve found this site to very enjoyable and full of a lot of intelligent fans. But if you really believe people from Chicago or people who are Cubs fans are dumber than the average person then this site isn’t near the place I thought it was.

    This is coming from someone who can’t stand Cubs fans more than any of you guys. So don’t give me any nonsense about me standing up for Cubs fans or whatever. It’s not true. I don’t live in Chicago. Never have.

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming: bashing people who are not one damned bit different than you.

  26. Maddog

    But to sit here and pretend for one second that other team’s fans are NOT the exact same way is just plain nonsense.

  27. daedalus

    Maddog, the fans at GABP when the Reds play the Cubs are mostly Cubs fans.

    As someone who has spent the last decade on either coast of this country, I find it very enjoyable to come home to Reds games where people seem to know how to watch a ballgame, at least moreso than some other places.

    To say there isn’t a difference between Cubs fans and fans of other teams is a bit of naive prejudice or blind ignorance. Are there some obnoxious drunks at all parks? Yes. But it is nowhere near the same level as it is at Wrigley these days. Simply put, it is no longer enjoyable for many of us to take in a game at Wrigley. I’ve seen the Reds play in eight Major League parks outside of Cincinnati. I used to enjoy those games at Wrigley, when we’d playfully joke with Cubs fans. Now, you get pelted with things, cussed at, and insulted. And that’s not just in the bleachers.

    I usually make it up to Philly in my Reds gear once a year. Philly fans booed Santa Claus. Yet I always have an enjoyable time at that ballpark. At Shea, there is a bit of that New York attitude when someone sees my Reds gear, but even in the city that never sleeps there isn’t that overwhelming frat boy garbage that plagues Wrigley Field.

    The problem stems from the type of person that has become a Cubs fan – spoiled brats who went to college on daddy’s money and see the Cubs as something cool to follow. Wrigley is not a place where baseball is played – it’s a social scene, a place to have happy hour, an alternative to the bar down the street. White Sox fans are working class and don’t carry that same sense of entitlement (or the wallets of young professionals with no student loans to pay off), so Wrigley crowds are filtered to exclude any diversity that may fill a park in another city. Yeah, it’s a grand generalization, but it’s pretty accurate.

    Why does it bother us so? Because Wrigley used to be one of the greatest places to see a ballgame. The new wave of “fans” are ruining it.

    You may be on the outside, but you’re still not an outsider.

  28. Maddog

    Wrigley hasn’t been a great place to see a ballgame since the 1960s ended. The place is a shit hole. By far, in my opinion (and I’m a Cubs fan) the worst sports facility in the 4 major sports. I attended games at Wrigley in the 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s and the only difference was that as the number of fans grew in attendance the number of idiots also grew in equal proportion.

    I’ve sat behind supposed Reds fans at GABP who were completely clueless about the game, sat their swearing the entire game without even watching as much as 20 pitches. You’ll see this behavior at any sporing event in any country in the world. People are stupid. Most people are stupid. Some are incredibly stupid.

    I’ve seen games in every NL park and 6 or 7 AL parks and I can assure you the stupidity you find at Wrigley Field is everywhere because, and this is the key, people are unbelievably stupid and they aren’t more stupid in one place or another. Go to a grocery story and you’re going to run into idiots whether that grocery store is near Harvard or on the southside of Chicago. people are simply obnoxious pricks who only care about themselves.

    This true for Yankees fans, Red Sox fans, Dodgers fans, and Florida Marlins fans. If you need proof, check out the local papers and read what the local writers have to say about their team. They’re complete idiots and the bulk of the fans, the majority of the fans in attendance eat that crap up from the local writer no matter how absurd he or she may be.

    This is true in not just baseball, but in football and basketball, professional, collegiate, Canadian or South African. Stupidity exists everywhere.

    I say, regularly, Cubs fans are morons, but I say that because I don’t care about the Reds fans who sat in front of me, didn’t pay attention and used horrible language around my children.

    I enjoy a unique perspective on this because I cannot stand Cubs fans, look for their wrongs and failing every chance I get, and make fun of them frequently. But I’ve never, not for a moment, pretended that insane amount of stupidity is exclusive to Wrigley Field and Cubs fans. I was in Phoenix during their inaugural season and the amount of obnoxious Diamondbacks fans the 2nd homestand of the season was shocking.

    People are idiots. They’re stupid in Chicago, at Wrigley Field, in Cincinnati, at GABP and everywhere else. I’m sorry, but it’s true. This is the first time in my life I’ve defended Cubs fans and I actually feel dirty doing so, but your hate of the Cubs has clouded your judgment on the people who root for that team.

    The only place you’ll ever watch baseball live without 80% of the fans being obnoxious moronic idiots is in the minor leagues. And as interest in the minor leagues grows, that soon won’t even be a nice haven for me to go watch baseball in a little bit of peace and quiet.

    Anyway, that’s my last comment on this. I shouldn’t have even gotten involved in the first place since I so despise Cubs fans, but felt a little dose of reality was needed. It’s an unfortunate reality–the world of full of worthless people.

  29. CubsFan26

    Wow… you guys are funny. Here’s the real deal from a guy who:
    – has been a cub fan since birth (28 yrs)
    – has been to Wrigley countless times, mostly from ages 8-13 and since college have gone to 20 – 25 games
    – is not opposed to the party scene at Wrigley (because there is not another ballpark / neighborhood quite like it) but at the same time, goes to games to WATCH and APPRECIATE baseball
    – has a son who at 9 months saw his first Cubs game

    Now, to those who think they can generalize all cubs fans – get over yourselves… There are crazy frat boys who attend games for drinking and fun, but there are equal if not greater numbers in the group of die hards who have followed the team forever, can tell you who played LF in 1998 or 1968 and know more about baseball than you will ever know. These people don’t stand out in your minds and garner the attention of your bitter old broadcaster, because they don’t want to. Are the fratties at Wrigley annoying, of course! But as Maddog alluded to, those people are everywhere. Maybe in Cincy they are not fratties, but instead they are hillbilly rednecks who are just as obnoxious. I dunno, I’ve never been to GAB.

    To sit here and say that all Cubs fans are great would be a joke, but to sit here and say that all Cubs fans are assholes would be equally ignorant. This all stemmed from a broadcaster crossing a line and being unprofessional. He is no better than the 15 idiots (out of 40,000 people, that’s .04% folks!) who were throwing baseballs onto the field.

    So sit on your high horse and rip Cubs fans if you want, but keep in mind that you are ripping on the minority of those who attend games at Wrigley…

    One last thing… my crack about Dusty ruining arms last week, while it may be cliche, the numbers justify it. Look at the innings he put on Prior and Wood’s arms in 2003-04. Insane!!! The man is a train wreck and he will not help your ballclub in the long run… just warning you!