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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2008.04.17

It’s too early to panic. It’s too early to panic. It’s too early to panic.

Rinse. Repeat.

The Reds are going to play a game today. Watch it, listen to it, discuss it here.

148 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2008.04.17

  1. doesn’t it seem like votto is playing everyday?

    hope volquez gets through this inning and gets in line for the win. he needs to get more pitch efficient, for sure, but i’m still really excited about him and happy for him that he’s having success.

    if fogg hadn’t bombled last game, his sub-2 ERA would be all people would talk about.

  2. Volquez is the first Reds pitcher this year, not named Harang or Arroyo, to throw over 100 pitches. Overall, I’m glad to see that restraint from Baker and the coaching staff.

    Burton and Coffey were the only relievers not to see any action last night.

  3. Ah – I thought even Harang was stopped short of 100 in his outings. But not quite.

  4. “Yet another bad ball/strike call by the ump…this one in our favor..thanky.”

    Caught VERY low, but it nibbled the very bottom of the strike zone at the bottom of the knee as it reached the plate.

  5. Harang: 99, 108, 99, 110
    Arroyo: 96, 102, 99
    Cueto: 92, 96, 82
    Volquez: 95, 75, 112 and counting

    (not that I’m keeping track or anything) 😀

  6. he’s got some work to do, maybe even a lot of work to do, but volquez is doing great in my book.

    15.1 IP, 2ER, 12H, 8BB, 16K

    And the reds offense comes alive!

    watch out Brewers, this is the type of game the reds needed to get going. Votto heating up, EdE heating up, Dunn looking better.

  7. renbutler: I’m not sure you’re watching the same game we are in regards to the strike zone. I’m watching it on TV (are you only relying on gameday or some such thing?)

    As for the Reds, how ’bout that Votto eh? 😀

  8. “Jesus would u just get off it.”

    So it’s okay to rag on umpires (which it should be) but it’s wrong to defend them?

    Please explain.

  9. “renbutler: I’m not sure you’re watching the same game we are in regards to the strike zone. I’m watching it on TV (are you only relying on gameday or some such thing?)”

    Some pitches are obviously balls or strikes. When it’s close, I defer to Gameday. It picks up on things our eyes (and sometimes hearts) can’t.

    Sometimes Gameday proves an umpire’s ineptness, and at those times I’ll call them out. But today’s not one of those days. Sorry.

  10. Baker just didn’t want to use a PH with 2 out and bases empty, sez Marty: Burton’s still coming in for the 6th.

  11. Why did Volquez bat for himself there? Burton replaced him in the bottom of the 6th.

  12. I thought about it….I agree with Dusty’s move.
    Do you really think if a pitch hitter got on that Hopper and Freel would bring him home with 2 out?

  13. Is it really legal to carry your bat to first with you? I don’t know, which is why I’m asking. It seemed wrong.

  14. Now it looks like the strike zone is getting a little wide. A strike to Volquez and at least one to Johnson were outside.

  15. ha ha – sweet egregious defensive miscues by someone other than the Reds. Seems so rare to see that happen on the other side.

  16. Woo hoo! Burton can’t slam the door, but the offense can!

    Griffey heating up a little. Definitely needed.

  17. hope they can carry this into the next series. the offense is finally looking like it’s supposed to. for the most part.

  18. I hope Baker is tempted to start and leadoff with Hopper more against RHP than Patterson. Would also like to see Griffey & Dunn stay back-to-back in the lineup.

  19. Because Baker still can’t see that Patterson just isn’t that good of a player.

  20. EEEE is now EEEEE even though our defensive specialist didn’t help out a whole lot.

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