–Am I the only one who needed that day off yesterday, after the weekend debacle in Pittsburgh?

–John Fay says it’s too early to panic. Jeff says that cliche is way too easy.

–SS Alex Gonzalez still has a stress fracture in his knee. Looks like he will be out 2-4 additional weeks.

Great, great post from Justin looking at the Reds’ stats through the first two weeks.

–CSG mocks the Cubs. That’s always a good thing.

Patterson, Baker, and Bako! Oh, my!

–Adam Dunn’s Day Off – A Play in Two Acts.

12 Responses

  1. Jared

    It’s definately way too early to panic. I bet the Red Sox drop a series to the Rays at some point this year. But I needed yesterday off too.

  2. Jeff

    Just to clarify – I’m not advocating panicking. It’s true that it’s too early to panic. But it’s not too early to look and say “What the hell?” It’s tough to minimize how terrible being swept by the Pirates is.

  3. Kevin

    It’s not just that its not too early to look and say “What the hell?” I think there should actually be no way around saying “what the hell?”

    We didn’t just drop a series to them…there’s a lot more that went into, like the LOB issues…I still think we look good and there’s definitely no reason to panic though.

    Also, good point about the day off. I didn’t htink about it, but watching a game on Monday would’ve been exhausting after all my emotional breakdowns this weekend! hahaha

  4. Travis G.

    From Gotham Baseball Magazine:

    Dusty Baker is telling friends that he’s “confident” that Piazza will sign with the Reds because “Tommy (Lasorda) will want him to play for me”. Though most of the people that are monitoring the Cincy backstop search say the Reds want a “throw and catch” guy, Baker is saying that he thinks “Piazza could hit 25 homers in the GAB.”

    Kind of an intriguing method of balancing out the lineup, no?

  5. Jack Bauer

    If Piazza can help us against left handers, then get his ass in here!

  6. Marty the Cynic

    Let’s take a look at how last years playoff teams started.

    Red Sox: 4-4
    Indians: 7-7
    Angels: 6-9
    Yankees: 8-13

    D’Backs: 10-11
    Cubs: 7-13
    Rockies: 9-15
    Phillies: 4-11

    Leave the panic to the half wit callers to WLW and The Homer.

  7. GregD

    I looked up Piazza’s recent splits vs LHP, too:

    2007 292/344/404 in 96 PA, none at Catcher (DH & PH last year)
    2006 359/421/650 in 114 PA (99 games catching)
    2005 269/376/430 in 106 PA (101 games catching)
    2004 303/421/494 in 107 PA (50 games catching, 68 games at 1B)

    So, he’s got to do better this year because it’s an even number year!

    I don’t see how he’s an option at catcher, given his low CS %’s the past two years he did catch.

    2004 50g, 43 att, 20.9% CS
    2005 101g, 95 att, 13.7% CS
    2006 99g, 110 att, 11.8% CS

    His rate got worse, other teams realized it and ran on him more, and he didn’t even play behind the plate last year.

    To compare to what we are used to watching the Reds, in the previous 162 game seasons:

    2004 96 att, 30.2% CS
    2005 111 att, 31.5% CS
    2006 85 att, 41.2% CS
    2007 119 att, 26.1% CS

    And Valentin gets a bad rap for his 2007 numbers, but his history as a Red hasn’t been so bad prior to that:

    2004 55g, 39 att, 30.8% CS
    2005 62g, 35 att, 28.6% CS
    2006 46g, 18 att, 44.4% CS
    2007 73g, 45 att, 11.1% CS

  8. Travis G.

    Depending on the $$$, I’ll take Piazza’s 2007 OPS+ (96, his only sub-100 season since his rookie year) over Javy’s career OPS+ (82).

  9. Shawn

    As they say in Toy Story, “This is a perfect time to panic!”

  10. GregD

    Is an 11% caught stealing rate what we should expect from Javy or was last year an anomoly?

  11. Y-City Jim

    Would they really look at Piazza as a regular catching option? I could see him as a platoon at 1B with limited time behind the plate. If he is going to hit then he needs to play where he can stay relatively healthy. Who gets cut to make room for him?