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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2008.04.15

Our beloved manager Dusty Baker makes his long-anticipated return to Wrigley Field tonight to face his old club, the Cubs (or, as my son calls them, the “Stinky Cubbies”). Of course, former Red manager Lou Piniella will be managing the Cubs, so this is Bizarro World or something.

Baker is fortunate to be able to send Aaron Harang to the mound for his squad. The Cubs will counter with Ryan Dempster, who isn’t the most well-liked former Red, due to his putrid tenure with our favorite club. Let’s just call him Danny Graves Lite.

Discuss the game here. The Reds really need to get back on the winning track, especially against a club that is expected to be the best team in the division.

189 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2008.04.15

  1. That was just absurd. I agree with Thom – I don’t think the radar gun was doing Marmol justice. That was more than 93.

  2. I’m generally very optimistic watching games and I don’t give up on games down by 3 with an inning to go. But apparantly Dusty Baker does give up and runs Todd Coffey in to the game.

  3. Coffey can hold runners on first looking backwards because his neck is so limber from watching home run balls fly out.

  4. when is todd coffey’s career going to be over? i don’t understand the good year he had anymore than anyone else, but it is clearly gone, the guy is just plain hittable.

    with reasonable options like bray, mcbeth, roenicke, when is it someone else’s turn to try? they can’t be any worse.

  5. The only thing more amazing than how consistantly bad Coffey has been is the fact that he was ever a closer.

  6. Everyone vote on this question………
    Should Coffey be in AAA and Bailey pitching in relief for the Reds???

    I vote Yes

  7. And now I’m getting him confused with Weathers. I don’t really feel like it was that big of a mistake though.

  8. I was wondering if the wind was blowing out only for the Cubs, but Votto answered that question.

  9. Coffey, Weathers, same difference.

    And if you remember, when Coffey was good that one time, the Reds DID make him a closer for a week or two until he completely blew up.

  10. reds trying to do anything they can to make this vaguely exciting. if coffey holds them at least we can make a run at it in the ninth. 5 runs is just so far to come back.

  11. Lulu really pulled Wurtz?

    Burn your closer with a 4 run lead, after Marmol throws two innings? Thanks, Pinella.

  12. It used to be that Coffey’s problem centered on choking in pressure situations. Now, it no longer qualifies as choking because he always sucks. He’s yet another example of how spring training oftentimes doesn’t translate to the regular season.

  13. [170]. Thanks. I’m ‘watching’ the game on sportsline.com. Kinda hard to tell. 🙂

  14. And when the offense finally does something the picture stinks…

    I know it’s early, but it’s getting discouraging.

  15. This stupid song they’re singing is one of the most un-cool things I’ve ever seen in sports. No wonder kids don’t like baseball.

  16. Lou gave us a gift by blowing his load with the bullpen. Only if we had a good pitcher tomorrow.

    Atleast Arroyo’s not pitching in the day game.

  17. It’s about time for some Voltron, With Fogg going against Big Z I am already pessimistic about tomorrow

  18. pessimism is the word, unfortunately. 🙁 I’m headed to wrigley for tomorrow’s game and when I saw the pitching match up last weekend I was heart broken. Maybe Fogg can surprise, though. Good news is tomorrow’s my first baseball game as a 21 year old!

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