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57 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2008.04.13

  1. Dusty needs to decide on his starting line-up and stick with it. You don’t get out of a slump with revolving line-ups especially when Juan Castro is in the line-up. Plus he yanks Votto from teh line-up just when the kid is starting to hit.

  2. If I’m going up against the Reds, I’d call LH starters up from AA if I had to just to get to face the pathetic RH lineup Dusty runs out there against lefties. Seriously, just call the game in, it’s less painful to watch.

  3. I am officially throwing my hat into the arena for the manager’s position when Dusty gets the boot. I coached my son’s Little League team for seven years and seriously think I could do a better job. The line-up he sent out there today was a joke. How long are we going to run Edwin’s sorry excuse of a bat out there? When Alex gets back to the field there is NO excuse not to have Keppinger as our starting third baseman. Also Votto is our future at first base and the future is now. Let him play everyday.

  4. Dusty needs to realize his left handed bats could do no worse than the right handed bats he inserts into the line-up. Stop platooning and play the best hitters period.

  5. Reds played horrid this weekend. But the bad part about it the Buccos gift wrapped game 1 and 2 with their follies in the field but the Reds barely over .100 avg with risp and 2 outs killed them.

  6. I agee Jim. Dusty needs to stick with his starting lineup. The lineup against lefthanders is very weak. I can’t imagine Patterson, Dunn, Votto or Hatteberg wouldn’t have done a better job than what he ran out there.

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