Awwwww…crud. I hope the Reds don’t get swept by the Pirates.

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  1. Chad

    Freel CF
    Hopper LF
    Griffey Jr. RF
    Phillips 2B
    Keppinger 1B
    Encarnacion 3B
    Castro SS
    Bako C
    Cueto P

  2. Chad

    Of course that lineup will probably score 15 runs or something, but it’s one of the worst lineups I’ve seen this year.

    No Dunn, interestingly.

  3. Chad


    McLouth CF
    Rivas 2B
    Bay LF
    Doumit C
    Nady RF
    Mienthkshgfhiwer 1B
    Bautista 3B
    Bixler SS
    Gorzelanny P

  4. Jimmy James

    Hope we get 15 runs today. The offense has been stagnant. Maybe by putting the worst players in the lineup, Dusty will shake things up.

    Heck, at least the bases won’t be clogged. 🙂

  5. Mike Martz

    It is raining but Marty says all systems are go

  6. Mike Martz

    LOL, after the break, now they are covering the field.

  7. al

    how the double reverse. now we’re going to play ball

  8. Mike Martz

    come on Marty, now the umps say play ball……….Marty just finished talking about how bad the weather outlook is. 😳

  9. Mike Martz

    holy cow, now the umps say cover it up……..I’m going back to bed!

  10. Mike Martz

    starting pitchers are still warming up? this is gonna be a crazy day!

  11. Ellis

    I went to the Bats game two days ago and I think their lineup was more potent than this one. Good Lord…

  12. renbutler

    The game is available in HD, and it’s showing up on the FSN Cincy channel on DirecTV (638-1)…

    …but the pillars are showing on the sides! What’s going on?

  13. al

    phillips, dang it! you have to be kidding me! man this is a tired story.

  14. Jeff Gentil

    Same thing is happening on Time Warner. Lovely. Shockingly, the Reds get the first two on, then, you guessed it, get ZERO runs. Excellent work again, boys. This is starting to get frustrating.

  15. Chad

    I’m having the same problem, renbutler. I just switched over to the Pittsburgh HD broadcast because of it.

    At least I am not suffering through George Grande now.

  16. Jimmy James

    1 inning.
    2 more runners left on base.

    Same old story.

  17. al

    not that it really matters, but how do you bat castro ahead of bako?

  18. Jimmy James

    They’re both pretty bad, but at least Bako has been decent early this year. Castro is just awful.

    But you’re right, it probably doesn’t really matter.

  19. Chad

    Cueto looks like he has a pretty good swing.

    And he works a walk there. Nice AB.

  20. Chad

    Man, Freel refuses to take a pitch. Swinging at everything, and fouling most of them off.

  21. Chad

    Then Freel grounds into a double play, wasting the leadoff walk to the pitcher.

  22. Chad

    Cueto thought he had strike 3 on McLouth to end the inning. It was called a ball and Cueto lost focus. Gave up another run with 2 outs.

  23. Y-City Jim

    Well that was a quick worthless inning.

  24. al

    and now the pirates announcers are making fun of phillips because he didn’t hit that ball out in a “real ballpark.”

    i can’t believe how humiliating this is.

  25. Y-City Jim

    It is unbelievable that the Reds have struggled against such mediocre pitching.

  26. Y-City Jim

    I hope Phillips hits an absolute moon shot the next time up to shut up that kind of talk.

  27. Ron

    Its awful watching the Reds in the batters box this weekend, they look clueless and overmatched. Almost like they “expect” to make an out. over 20 men left on base in the first two games and now they are making Gorzy look like the second coming of Steve Carlton. You know its bad when Baker has his number 2 hitter sacrificing down by two. Left handed pitching just owns this team because we have no one that has a clue on how to hit them. Watch, the Pirates will do the smart thing and finish off this game with nothing but their 3 lefties out of the pen and the Reds wont score a single run.

  28. AnnapolisRed

    That was a good story. I love the Reds radio broadcast and TV broadcast when Grande is not on it

  29. Abner

    well. Will it be the same old story?

  30. al

    how many times can EdE come up with the bases loaded in on series? this is crazy, he needs this hit.

  31. Ron

    Add another 3 runners left on base to the total

  32. Kevin

    I thought he was our clutch hitter? The pirates own us.

  33. Jimmy James

    This is a complete and utter embarrassment.

  34. al

    wow. the wheels just came off of this one. cueto certainly hasn’t looked great today, but he deserved better than this. couple of the balls this inning should have been played.

  35. Jimmy James

    How many pitches has Cueto thrown?

  36. Abner

    well. a missed double play followed up by a 3-run homer. That about sums up the Reds trip to Pitt. I’m gonna check out early. But I definitely won’t be watching golf.

  37. Y-City Jim

    What’s the answer, Dusty? You’re the big name manager so you should have big name answers.

  38. Y-City Jim

    Going back to the comments by the Pirates announcers. I compared the dimensions of their “real” ballpark versus GABP.

    LF GABP 328 PNC 325

    LF PA GABP 379 PNC 389

    CF GABP 404 PNC 399

    RF PA GABP 370 PNC 375

    RF GABP 325 PNC 320

    There are some height difference as well. Not a lot of differences. GABP is a physics project awaiting some enterprising science student.

  39. Kevin

    I’m waiting to wake up from this terrible, weekend long nightmare! Good thing I’ll be at Wrigley field watching the Reds in two days!

  40. Y-City Jim

    Dusty needs to decide on his starting line-up and stick with it. You don’t get out of a slump with revolving line-ups especially when Juan Castro is in the line-up. Plus he yanks Votto from teh line-up just when the kid is starting to hit.

  41. Tom

    If I’m going up against the Reds, I’d call LH starters up from AA if I had to just to get to face the pathetic RH lineup Dusty runs out there against lefties. Seriously, just call the game in, it’s less painful to watch.

  42. Mike Martz

    I wish it would have rained it out!

  43. Darwin Harrington

    I am officially throwing my hat into the arena for the manager’s position when Dusty gets the boot. I coached my son’s Little League team for seven years and seriously think I could do a better job. The line-up he sent out there today was a joke. How long are we going to run Edwin’s sorry excuse of a bat out there? When Alex gets back to the field there is NO excuse not to have Keppinger as our starting third baseman. Also Votto is our future at first base and the future is now. Let him play everyday.

  44. Y-City Jim

    Dusty needs to realize his left handed bats could do no worse than the right handed bats he inserts into the line-up. Stop platooning and play the best hitters period.

  45. BuccoMike a.k.a

    Reds played horrid this weekend. But the bad part about it the Buccos gift wrapped game 1 and 2 with their follies in the field but the Reds barely over .100 avg with risp and 2 outs killed them.

  46. Glenn

    I agee Jim. Dusty needs to stick with his starting lineup. The lineup against lefthanders is very weak. I can’t imagine Patterson, Dunn, Votto or Hatteberg wouldn’t have done a better job than what he ran out there.