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Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2008.04.12

Aaron Harang has looked good, the young guys — Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez — have been outstanding, and even Josh Fogg has had a good start. Now it’s time for Bronson Arroyo to dazzle us with one of his superb pitching outings.

He’ll be facing the Pittsburgh Pirates — the Sluggin’ Buccos, as someone called them in the game thread last night — and their righthander Ian Snell.

As we said yesterday, if the Reds expect to be a good team this year, these are the series they have to win. That means the good guys need to win today and tomorrow.

It starts today! Discuss it here….

88 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2008.04.12

  1. Matt-Yes

    I know Hopper screwed up the bunt last night, but he is pretty good at bunting for hits.

    Sound the sirens, Weathers is warming up in the bullpen.

  2. That was a terrible play by the Pirate first baseman. Hopper would have been safe even if it was a good throw.

  3. If Hopper hadn’t over slid the bag, the Reds could have left the bases loaded again.

  4. 2 more left on. Ridiculous. Can’t even score against this crappy Pirate bullpen.

  5. Time for all the EEE fans to show up and tell us how he isn’t that bad at third.

  6. Good grief. Let’s talk in Sept.

    EE was just fine last year, he’ll be just fine this year. Unless you want to base your opinion of a guy on ten games.

  7. edwin is playing his way to louisville again. maybe they should just start him there every year. getting a good 5 months out of him would be good and he’d be way cheaper.

    he could be like a bizarro thirdbase roger clemens.

  8. I suppose you’d rather have Freel at third?

    Lay off the kid. He has made huge strides,but he’s going thru a bad stretch.

    I guess you would have wanted to bench Mike Schmidt when he led the league in errors early in his career.

    EE is still young. Young players have ups and downs. Why lose patience so early?

  9. I’m sick of EE’s errors, too, but he’s the Reds best option for 3B by far. I’m willing to be patient with him.

  10. Well, at least Votto looks like he is starting to get his stroke back. As soon as Bruce gets the Dusty philosophy out of his head lets get him up here because I think Patterson’s stats are beginning to drop to their normal level.

  11. I wouldn’t say he was that great last year, but you are right he is the best option. I just get tired of seeing a guy so talented make errors on routine plays. That and the fact he is hitting about a buck fifty right now.

  12. By the way, in their third full season in the majors Schmidt committed 24 errors to EE 16, but Schmidt his 38 home runs compared to EE 16 so no I don’t think you can compare them.

  13. because the “it’s early, don’t critisize anyone” argument gets old, for me at least, can the advancers of that argument give me a number of losses at which point i can complain about crappy playing?

    is it only going to be okay to critisize people after the season? after they get shipped out?

    i never said we should cut EdE, but the guy freaking stinks right now, and he and Dunn ARE losing games for the reds Right Now. when september comes around, if we’re two games back, remember these two against the pirates.

    And I’ll just throw this out there. I’ve never bought into the whole “losing is an attitude” thing, not really. But saying that it’s early, don’t sweat it, that’s a losing attitude.

    I’ve lived in Boston for the last 6 years, and let me tell you, fans there would be screaming about EdE after 4 errors and no hitting through ten games. It’s a really tough place to play, and a lot of players can’t hack it. But they also win a lot of games. Who know’s if it’s connected, but i’ve never heard someone here say that it’s too early to start worrying about winning games.

  14. I didn’t intend to say that EE shouldn’t be criticized. I was trying to say not to give up on him.

    I’m as bothered by these losses as anyone. And feel free to blast away at EE. But I get sick and tired of “send him to AAA” or “put him at 1B” when EE is the best option at 3B we have. He has demonstrated in the past that he can play. I’m willing to give the kid a chance.

  15. Boston? They win a couple of times in a century and all of a sudden, we want to be like them. No thanks. They have fans that don’t know a thing about baseball, so don’t give me this “Boston fans wouldn’t put up with errors” nonsense. It’s a complete non-sequitir that has nothing to do with the situation we’re discussing.

  16. Adam Dunn is losing games for the Reds? That’s crap. He’s getting on base almost half the time.

    He’s the best hitter we’ve got. If this power-less stretch came in July no one would notice, but it’s at the beginning of the season, so it’s amplified.

    But I’ll take an OPB of over 400 while he’s slumping. At least he’s contributing.

    EE, on the other hand, I’m sick of the errors. What would you suggest we do with him, Al? And if it’s getting him out of the lineup, exactly who will replace him that will be any better?

  17. Al, I could probably be brought around to your point of view. I’m sick of the errors.

    But your post #77 is full of red herrings. I’m not sure what any of it has to do with Edwin Encarnacion.

    I really wish there was something we could do, but I don’t know what it is. We don’t have anyone else.

  18. I’ll try to respond in order. I’m not giving up on EdE, I just said that he’s playing his way back to Louisville right now, which is what he did last year. This is the exact same thing we saw last year, maybe it’s winterball that’s messing him up, I don’t know, but how long do you think he’s going to last at this pace?

    As for the boston thing, sure we have crappy fans up here, plenty of them, but my experience here is that fans tolerate losing a lot less than fans in cincy. and as far as being like boston, in the last decade they’ve averaged 91.6 wins, and have 6 playoff appearances and 2 WS wins. I guess i think i’d be pretty pleased if we could do that over the next ten years.

    I don’t think Dusty should be tinkering with Dunn’s approach because it’s probably too late for that, but i do generally agree with him that Dunn is on this team for his slugging not his OBP. his OBP is great, and i agreewith ragtag that it’s nice to have something while you slump, but how many high OBP no slugging guys do you know that make 13 mil?

    I think Dunn is losing us games, or at least contributing to losing them, by not knocking guys in, which is what i think we’re paying him most of that money to do.

    I’m certainly not trying to throw out red herrings, I guess i’m just confused by the vehement defense of players who are obviously not pulling their weight right now. It’s not a be all end all indictment, but i want the reds to win, and when i see things that i think are causing them not to, i’m probably going to complain about it.

  19. as far as EdE being the best we have at 3b, that’s a valid point for sure, but only because of the injury to Gonzo. When’s he due back anyway?

  20. While EE is our best option, and he will be fine later on, he is killing us in the spot he is at now. We need to move Kepp to leadoff, Votto to 2nd, Patterson to 6th, and EE to 7th or 8th. He may get out of this funk, but it is really hard to watch.

    As far as Dunn, I think at times he is putting a better swing on things, just hitting at people. However, he just can’t hit well with guys on base, and that hasn’t just been a problem this year. I would like to know the stat of the % of HR’s he has hit as a Red with nobody on base. I am guessing it is pretty high.

  21. Dunn is losing games for us? If you mean to say he is not winning games for us right now, I concur wholeheartedly. As for Annapolis guy, I think he must live in a 3 bedroom house with “Rick from MD” and “Reds Fan from MD” Sorry, it is either the same guy, or there is something in the water in Maryland.

  22. Pete-What in the world did I say that was so outlandish? No I am not Rick from MD or Reds Fan from MD. I think Reds Fan from MD said on here once before that he was from Potomac and my name is not Rick so….

  23. I think the Red Sox’ success has a lot more to do with a $130M payroll, a smart front office, Manny and Ortiz than the fans’ demanding attitude.

  24. obviously. and i admitted that i didn’t really buy into it, and that i had no idea how much it could be connected. but i think that being a “tough place to play,” because of unforgiving fans who demand to win, does have at least something to do with it. maybe not, just my impression.

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