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–I’m sorry to inflict this upon you, but CSG has those awful JTM commercials we are seeing during televised Reds broadcasts (with Bronson Arroyo and Chris Welsh).

–Over at Redlegs Rundown, Jeff has a preview of the Milwaukee series that begins tonight.

–Jeff also has his reaction to the news that the Reds will be moving their spring home to Goodyear, Arizona. Here’s the story from

A deal for the Reds to hold Spring Training in the desert is done.

The biggest hurdle remaining was for the Goodyear, Ariz., city council to approve a memorandum of understanding that would fund $32 million to bring the Reds west.

That approval came Monday night in a 6-0 vote.

Former chief operating officer John Allen, who served as the Reds’ point man in negotiations with Goodyear, was on hand for the vote and spoke at the council meeting.

“This memorandum is a committment by the Reds and the city that we’ll do this thing,” Allen said by phone from Arizona.

The Reds will begin training in Arizona in 2010; a new facility is being built to mirror the facility currently used by the Cleveland Indians in Goodyear. I’m disappointed that the Reds will be leaving Sarasota, but at least Ohio baseball fans will be able to take a vacation and see the Reds and Indians in the same place during spring training.

–I hope you are all enjoying the “Down on the Farm” feature daily here at Redleg Nation; our contributors Chris W (weekdays) and Tom (weekends) are doing a great job keeping us all updated on everything that’s happening with the Reds’ minor league affiliates. I do want to highlight one of our favorite blogs, however, for more on the farm system: Always worth a read.

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  1. Chris

    I will miss the atmosphere of Florida, but Phoenix is a superior place to actually watch a lot of ballgames, and if you prefer golf to the beach, better overall.

  2. Bill

    I think this move is a HUGE mistake by ownership of this team (though one they can’t be completely blamed for, as the city of Sarasota put themselves in this position). IMO, the number of Reds fans that make the trip to Arizona won’t be 1/10th the number that made the trip to Sarasota. Plus it means moving their Rookie and High A team also, I assume.

  3. Marty the Cynic

    Awful commercials? More like best commercials ever! JAAAAAY TEEEEEEE EMMMMMMMM

  4. Josh

    The Unintentional Comedy is through the roof on those commercials. To see Arroyo “rocking out” in the background is one of the single funniest things I’ve seen this year. They’re together again!

  5. GregD

    Fogg is scheduled to pitch Wednesday, then the Monday off day. Will he be skipped or will he start Tuesday night? Will it depend on Wednesday’s performance?

    Following the day of is two straight 3-game series vs. Chicago, then Milwaukee. Skipping Fogg places Arroyo in line to pitch the final Chicago game, a day game which he says he doesn’t perform as well during day game. However, Harang would get two starts during this 6-game stretch, the first vs. Chicago and the last vs. Milwaukee.

    Not skipping Fogg, Arroyo starts a night game in the opener vs. Milwaukee, but Fogg would pitch the first game of the Chicago series and the last game of the Milwaukee series.

    The next off day isn’t until May 1. In either scenario, Fogg would get Houston or SanFran, then St Louis for his last two starts of the month.

    Typically, I’d be in favor of not skipping folks in the 5-man rotation in the early months so that everyone can benefit from the extra day off, but I think the only way I would consider not skipping Fogg is if he really excels in his Wednesday start vs. Milwaukee.

  6. GregD

    What’s the Reds drive-in attendence from Cincinnati locals vs. local Florida residents? I’m assuming the Reds did their research on this and won’t have a significant ding in attendence in AZ. Plus, there have been several teams to make the jump recently.

    Have there been any negative stories from the teams who have already moved West?

  7. Mr. Redlegs

    I believe the Reds will be the most eastern team to train in Arizona. I think it’s absurd for fans, but camp is about getting ready for the season and you can’t argue with the facilities for free. The Reds will also get to see more varied opponents.

    But as someone who’s had to cover spring training in Arizona four of the past six years . . . zzzzzzzzz. The games take up 3 hours of your day and spring training to me was always more than just the games. You can just about forget that family of four in the Reds’ territory traveling to Arizona very often–for the cost, and the recreation.

  8. preach

    Does anyone know if the move to Goodyear will affect the fantasy camp?

  9. Bill

    I can’t give you numbers Greg…but I can tell you, I know a LOT of Cincinnati folks that visit the Sarasota area on vacation and know of none that go to Arizona. And the idea that the Reds did research on this is funny…you’re quite the comedian. 😀

  10. TylerS

    I can guarantee that research was done on attendance before the move, due to the amount of money at stake.

    Also, it’s not like Ed Smith was on a huge run of consecutive sellouts anyways…

  11. Surf City Red

    Don’t count out the Reds fans on the West Coast

  12. Dave Massey

    I’m with Josh — That’s the first time I’ve seen that JTM spot, and it might not hold up on repeat viewings, but I think Arroyo rocking out and banging his head is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

  13. GregD

    Given the Reds ST attendence in Sarasota the past few years, there haven’t been many Cincinnati folks making the trip to Sarasota.

  14. Bill

    Maybe not, but more than will make the trip to Arizona.

    Like someone else said, from a business point of view, it makes perfect sense. From a fan’s point of view…it’s a bad move.