Okay, important question for you guys and gals.

We know how well Jeff Keppinger has started the season, and there’s no question that Dusty Baker has a tough decision to make once Alex Gonzalez is healthy.

Therein lies the question. If you are Dusty Baker, who is your starting shortstop when Gonzalez is healthy, Jeff Keppinger or Alex Gonzalez?


13 Responses

  1. Eric

    I haven’t watched either closely on defense but I imagine the reputations are fairly accurate, that being Gonzalez has much better range.

    However, if Keppinger puts up a season that is about 80% of last season offensively, I think he’ll be the better option. He’s also the only OBP guy we have setting the table for our sluggers. There’s really no reason Kepp can’t hit leadoff.

    I let Kepp keep the job but there’ll still be plenty of opps for Gonzalez to get some PT

  2. Marty the Cynic

    This is a no brainer. Jeff Keppinger remains in the lineup. Dusty Baker calls him the prototypical #2 hitter. We always hear that his defense isn’t up to par, and yes, he may not cover as much ground as Gonzalez does in the field, but his OBP completely makes up for that.

    Keppinger is a spark plug for the team, and will continue to get the hit when the Reds need it.

  3. preach

    I agree with the previous posters, but the business side says that you are paying Gonzo an awful lot of money to ride the pine. All I know is that EE and Votto better not stumble, or they will find themselves short on playing time once Gonzo returns.

  4. rpa

    as of right now (and it’s VERY early), i say kepp has to stay in the lineup and should maybe even be moved up to lead-off.

    for now, kepp’s offense simply outweighs any benefit you get from gonzo’s defense. some options:

    votto sits against tough lefties, kepp plays first and gonzo plays short. in this division (lots of lefty starters) that gets a-gonz in the lineup pretty often.

    e5e5 doesn’t remember how to hit and never learns how to make the throw from third, kepp moves to third.

    i like gonzalez’s defense and think he can actually be a valuable bottom-of-the-order hitter since he has a little pop… but right now kepp has to stay in the lineup. votto and e5e5 need to watch their backs.

  5. Bill

    Gonzalez is going to play, like it or not. EE losing time and a platoon at 1B is what you’re looking at, IMO.

  6. Josh

    Gonzo will unfortunately move back into SS but I think Kepp moves into a position similar to what Freel did two years ago. He’ll play about 4 or 5 days a week, but it will be in different positions to give guys a day off. He can pretty much play anywhere but catcher. Next year Gonzo will be gone and he’ll be the everyday SS.

  7. JoseOle

    All the posts are good, you have to do whatever it takes to keep Kepp in the lineup. I wish they would trade Freel making Kepp the super sub and letting him play 90% of games.

  8. GregD

    Gonzalez is still a minimum of three weeks away from coming back?

  9. orangeandbrown

    You gotta keep Keppinger in the lineup. I fear they will put him at 3rd, but if they don’t, I look for him to move around like Freel did. But, he has got to be on the field.

  10. james

    The reds obviously need to keep Keppinger’s bat in the lineup. I think that this injury will allow edwin to hopefully get his bat going. But if he keeps looking awful at the plate, and gonzalez is healthy, i say let kepp play some 3rd

  11. DG

    Kepp has to stay in the lineup. If EE struggles enough, Keppinger can move to 3rd and let Gonzo back at SS. He can also get his rounds at first on occasion, but I think it’s hard to sit Votto and Hatteberg, even against a lefty.

  12. Kevin

    I think Keppinger should stay in! Gonzalez seems to be always either hurt or having to take leave. I think the team needs some consistency and I think Kepinger is the best man for the job! I don’t think that he should be tossed into a job like Freel. I think he is better than that.

  13. daedalus

    I say Kepp starts three games a week at short and Alex starts three or four, with Kepp getting playing time at first, third, or somewhere in the outfield when Alex is there so he’s playing every day.

    And get rid of Castro.