Bronson Arroyo makes his second start of the season today in the wrap-up of this series with the Phillies. A win today would make for a very good start for the Reds…not because of the team’s record, but because it would mean that the Reds would have won the first two series of the season…against the defending champions of the NL West and NL East.

Not bad….

Discuss this afternoon’s game here.

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  1. Yikes. Don’t need to look at the name, your shortstop should always bat 2nd. I wondered if A-Gon would go there when he comes off the DL, and it looks pretty obvious that he’ll likely bat 2nd, too.

    Ryan Freel CF
    Juan Castro SS
    Brandon Phillips 2B
    Adam Dunn LF
    Jeff Keppinger 1B
    Edwin Encarnacion 3B
    Norris Hopper RF
    Paul Bako C
    Bronson Arroyo P

  2. Good god…Castro….hitting second…..head……exploding..gah!

  3. Every time I think Dusty starts sounding reasonable…

  4. Freel, Castro and Hopper in the lineup at the same time and no Griffey or Hatteburg along with not having your regular backstop in there. Bronson wants to start playing blues today.

    Why Castro second and bunter king Hopper 7th? Norris can get on base or advance runners for…..Bako? Bronson?

  5. i don’t mind hopper because griffey does need breaks like today even if it is early. But how do you leave keppinger out of the lineup??? He’s the hottest hitter.

  6. my bad. didn’t see kepp at first.. alright..sorry

  7. Dusty really does fill out lineup cards by position. I’m convinced. Keppinger, our “ideal #2 hitter” is hitting in the middle of the lineup for no other reason I suppose than he is a corner infielder today (that’s why you missed it on first review, james). In over two thousand managed games, Dusty has led off the CF over 1600 times (25 different players), and shorstop hitting second is his next most popular move regardless, it seems, of personnel.

  8. His reasoning, as just stated by Baker, is that Hamels is great against slugging left handed hitters, and the way to beat him is with smaller, slap hitters. He tried to bring up something about back when he was in SF with some other pitcher.

    I dunno, I blocked him out after that comment.

  9. today’s game will be arroyo’s first loss of this young season, even though he registers a quality start. i’d like to see this lineup run through the lineup projections system to see just how inept it would be. thank God Almighty we dont see this circus on an everyday basis.

  10. Rollins homers. That could be the game winner!

  11. Arroyo struck him out the pitch before but the ump didn’t call it. Even Rollins thought he was out

  12. Bronson doesn’t seem to be fooling anyone thus far…

  13. Can’t remember the last time we tried a double steal. Good move, Dusty.

  14. Ha.. nevermind. CBS’s gamecast took back the double steal. You still suck, Dusty.

  15. Arroyo’s splits vs/ lefties aren’t good, which isn’t good news when the opp lineup has Rollins, Utley & Howard as 3 of the first 4 hitters.

    Re: #8. I heard Dusty’s pre-game interview, too. Sounds like Griffey is getting a day off today because Baker plans to play him every day of the 9-game intradivision road trip. Why Castro over Votto or Hatteberg? Sounds like a problem of having two lefthanders (Votto/Hatteberg) as part of a platoon, and Dusty saying something about wanting “little swingers” batting instead of the “big swingers” against Hamels. I’m not sure that Castro fits either profile.

  16. Bronson is going to kill the ‘pen today. Already in the 40s in the 2nd inning. YIKES!!

  17. Wuzza foozle – 4 homers allowed in 3 innings. Arroyo not exactly looking like he’s in mid-season form.

  18. This outing makes Volquez’s even more impressive. The Phillies have some big time hitters he made look stupid, many times.

  19. Finally Arroyo gets Burrell to do something other than hit a homer. Still 5-2 Phils at the midway point.

    Arroyo has actually been more pitch-efficient today (5 IP, 86 pitches) than in his first start (5 IP, 94 pitches). But has given up one more run.

  20. I would say in order to win this game, we are going to have to get Hammels out in the 6th or 7th, and try to get a little more pop in the order.

  21. Just looking at this Ruiz at bat, it doesn’t look like Bronson is hitting his spots at all, and is near wild at times.

  22. He is probably scared from all those comercials with chris wells airing…

    about the platoon
    i say we should trade hattie
    Move Edwin to first base
    and platoon him and votto
    so Keppy can play third when gonzo comes back.

    Remember Tony perez moved from third to first.

  23. Jeff Brantley and Marty, whiling away the later innings by talking about music (with the impetus being one of these new ‘Ask Marty’ question-and-answer segments).

    Brantley, blithely: “Do you like Elvis?”
    Marty, charitably: “Yeah!”

    Heck, he kept a bust of Elvis with him in the booth for years and years. That was like a defining characteristic until he finally retired it.

  24. Hey, hey… talking about the King….I’m a fan, but I keep him out of the pulpit on Sundays…

  25. Hey, a double switch that didn’t involve taking Dunner out. Mark that one up.

  26. Does Lidge still have a big mental block about save situations? Let’s hope.

  27. But it did take Dunn out. Patterson in at CF, Freel moves over to LF, Mercker in at P.

  28. Hey, Griffey in to try some late heroics representing the tying run. Good job by Bako and Patterson to at least make it possible.

  29. Votto — no, Valentín gets a shot with the bases full. Great fastball hitter…

  30. Come on Valentin!

  31. Run scores on wild pitch, 5-3.

  32. Base hit ties it!

  33. I will take a walk and bring up Phillips. Throw this one in the dirt Lidge

  34. HOLY COW! Gameday shows the called strike three at least SIX INCHES OFF THE PLATE. 😡

  35. Was it a strike? The gametracker on showed it way outside.

  36. Marty said strike 3 was high. Was it?

  37. Valentin strikes out looking. Shoot. Marty said it looked high, but game over.

  38. Terrible strike 3 call gives it to Philadelphia. Oh well. On to Milwaukee.

  39. I stand corrected. Thanks, DA….We’ll get ’em next time. See you in Milwaukee.

  40. This is just sickening. I’d prefer a lazy pop-up over a terrible called third strike.

  41. I’d prefer a lineup that would score more than 2 runs in 8 innings over having a bunch of pinch hitters trying to pull it out in the bottom of the 9th.

  42. It was the seventh game of the year – something like that will probably come back around for the benefit of Coco the Closer at some point in the long season.

    10 of the Reds’ first 19 games are scheduled for daytime. Outside of the Cubs of old, I’ve never seen so many afternoon starts.

  43. #23 – Has Encarnacion ever played first? I don’t see them doing that so early into a season. I could see Kepp as part of a 1st base platoon if Hatte is moved, and getting a share of playing time at SS vs. RHP.

  44. I don’t know why I bothered to look up Castro’s numbers. They just upset me.
    .230 avg – career
    .269 obp – career
    obp never above .300 in any single season
    5 career SB in 13 attempts.

    7.5 of the past 9 seasons, he has been in a Cincinnati uniform.

    Why is he starting? Batting 2nd ❗ ❓
    On the roster?

    There seem to be enough other options, no? Dunn at 1B for a game? Phillips at SS for a game? Can Freel play 1st? Or just sticking with one of Hatte or Votto. Castro’s not going to hit a tough lefty any better than anyone on the roster just because Castro is a righty.

  45. Well i was saying move eddy to first to get rid of his horrible defense
    and putting keppy there would make it solid

  46. Not Hunter Wendlestat’s (sp) shining moment.

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