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“A very, very, bad man!”

While attending opening day with Chad, some off the wall Seinfeld references were being spouted at random times on the trip up, back, and during the game. Such as the one fellow who was continuing his consecutive opening day attendance streak whose last name was “Asman”. It reminded me of the observation that me and my wife have had about Aaron Harang over the past two or three seasons … Does Aaron Harang have any family connection to Babu Bhatt from Seinfeld? You be the judge.

Babu Bhatt Aaron Harang

6 thoughts on ““A very, very, bad man!”

  1. I always thought he looked more like Droopy from the Hanna Barbera cartoons. He certainly doesn’t look like a dominant picture, but then again, who does?

  2. Hey, wait a minute. Wasn’t that supposed to be MY ticket? [wink]

    An interesting tidbit related to Johnny Cueto. Aaron Harang also struck out ten batters in his Major League debut, though it was for the A’s.

  3. I’m getting a little curious today but, but I’m not good enough at manipulating stats to find what I want. Can someone tell me how many plate appearances the lead off guy gets on average as opposed to, say, the guy batting 5th?

    While I can agree you want your best buys to have the best chance of having the most at bats, how many more do they actually get?

  4. Basically, it’s about 18 fewer PA, over a season, per batting order slot. So your leadoff guy would get 54 more PA than your cleanup guy, who in turn gets 70+ more PAs than the #8 hitter.

    Don’t thank me, thank Google and this guy:

    Lineup PA PA/G PA/162
    1 8995 4.63 749.58
    2 8809 4.53 734.08
    3 8616 4.43 718.00
    4 8413 4.33 701.08
    5 8205 4.22 683.75
    6 7996 4.11 666.33
    7 7766 3.99 647.17
    8 7536 3.88 628.00
    9 7322 3.77 610.17
    – Data from 1992, but valid enough.

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