A walkoff homer for Redleg Nation favorite Edwin Encarnacion tonight. Awesome way to end the game.

The best part is that EdE hit the walkoff homer mere seconds after Jeff Brantley said, definitively, Edwin “is not a clutch player.” Brantley is out of his mind. EdE is nothing, if not clutch.

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  1. Phill

    I was yelling at my tv when Brantley started saying that and then wham bam thank you ma’am EE showed him up. I was happy that Brantley retracted his statement afterwards.

  2. Matt B.

    Before that, he also said that EE was not a clutch hitter, and he was then reiterating it with “he’s not a clutch player.”

    Shame on you, cowboy!

  3. GodlyCynic

    I expect Brantley to hand deliver a written apology to Encarnacion. I also then expect him to deliver a written apology to me for driving me to the point of insanity with some of the worst color commentary throughout a single game that I have ever heard.

    EdE, though, looked thrilled to end an otherwise atrocious night for him with that bomb. I jumped up out of my seat and cheered when he knocked that one out.

  4. Twill815

    Brantley should definitely have not of made the “clutch player” comment but you have to admit, besides his last swing, it was an absolutely horrible night for EdE, and some of that criticism was warranted. In the same at bat as his homer, that may have been one of the worst attempts at bunting a ball i’ve ever seen. And that throw to home, oh man. Brutal!

    With that said I’m glad he was able to redeem himself and hopefully this gets him on track for the rest of April and beyond.

    I definitely agreed with Thom about that pitch Coffey threw to Haren…inexcusable to let a pitcher connect on an 0-2 count.

    The Reds definitely stole a W tonight but a win is a win!! Go Reds!

  5. EdH

    Brantley is horrible as an announcer. He is always so negative about anyone. He was down on Edwin and also Dunn tonight and then in the 9th they made him look like an idiot.
    Reds—-get rid of him NOW

  6. Ben

    I agree with all of the above. I like Brantley, but he was rusty tonight. Anyone who has watched this team the past 2 years know that EdE is one of the only people who can be counted on in a big spot. His avg. with the bases loaded last year was insane. I destroy objects in my house whenever he is in the field and he will look terrible on the breaking ball in the dirt, but you give him a fastball up in the zone, it’s game over.

  7. JoseOle

    Brantley is a retard, I’m watching this game and saying to myself he’s trying to be controversial and all he’s doing is sounding like an Idiot. He’s wrong more often than he’s right and he doesn’t have the time in to rail on the Reds like Marty does. He needs to shut up and call the game and keep that fake southern drawl off my TV and Radio. WAY TO GO E.E. keep shutting Brantley’s mouth.

  8. Bill

    For the second game in a row, I swear I think Brantley was drunk…and sorry Ben, I think even at his best, he’s absolutely horrible.

  9. GregD

    Unfortunately, too many of the Reds broadcasters have confused “speaking your mind” with “criticize everything”. They don’t need to be homers, but they also don’t need to act like this team is one game away from their 110th loss of the season.

    Of this group or possible combination of broadcasters, I said it last year, and I’ll say it again now, I prefer George & Chris.

  10. Sultan of Swaff

    Left out of this rehashing is the head scratching over Dusty having EdE bunt. The first rule in late inning situations is to not give away outs, so he was ready and willing to break that rule down TWO runs. Encarnacion had no experience bunting (Dusty setting him up for failure). And yet in the postgame, Dusty gets to crow about how he didn’t like facing EdE years ago because he was good in tight spots. Well, which is it?? Dude, you can’t have it both ways.

  11. Kerm

    Does anyone remember the 2006 Season our first series against the Cardinals when EE belted a grand slam. I think that may have been a walkoff if I am not mistaken. I see his average posted with runners in scoring position but I always kind of felt like EE seemed to have a knack for knocking guys in. I don’t even understand where the phrase not a clutch player would be based on. That said I usually enjoy Brantly, but last year that was mostly because he seemed like a contrast to Marty or Thom’s negativity.

  12. Jay

    He can’t bunt, but who cares when you can hit a 3-run jack

  13. John

    They need to find a yin/yang announcer relationship and get someone to counter the negativity. Seems like Thom and Jeff came over and started trying to out-negative Marty, so now we have three guys in the booth complaining every night, and no Joe.

    I’m not saying put Grande in the booth with Marty, but the Marty/Welsh pair-up wasn’t too bad. Welsh is decent to good when he doesn’t have “Hi, Hello, and Welcome” sitting next to him.

  14. andrew

    Now move him to 3rd, Dunn cleanup, and we have a team.

  15. Chris W.

    I want Brantley to bash every Reds batter from here on out!! But use reverse psychology in the case of Patterson…

    That Corey Patterson is a clutch, 5-tool, stud of a player who should be batting cleanup! 🙄

  16. daedalus

    jb said it after they posted edwin’s career .369 avg with runners in scoring position.

    thom’s been pretty positive about everything this year – anyone who listened to spring training games would have heard the excitement in his voice for this 2008 reds team. he’s argued some with his father, and he was praising edwin when jb made his stupid statement, but what do you expect from a guy who is asleep at the wheel of life? 😛

    my favorite combo is thom and chris, but i’ve heard they don’t get along too well – anyone else hear that?