Some very optimistic predictions over at CSG. Hope he’s correct.

As for me, I’m guessing the Reds go 85-77, and remain in the Wild Card hunt until the end of the season. Heck, they may even make the playoffs.

What are your predictions for this season?

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  1. billg

    The Reds made some good off-season moves and look to be a better ballclub this year. But, apart from Harang, Griffey, Dunn and Cordero, few, if any, of them have the track records to inspire confidence that they will be as good or better this year compared with last year.

    If Cordero delivers, that trade will be the most significant. Still, I’m only going to predict a finish above .500. In this division, that just might get them in the playoffs.

  2. Will RedsCHI

    Here it is:

    The Reds will finish 3rd in the division with a 80-82 record. I really hope they will do better but I doubt it. This season should set us up for 2009 nicely.

    I think it is more fun to predict player stats:

    Aaron Harang 16-8 3.70 ERA 210 K
    Bronson Arroyo 13-10 3.99 ERA 150 K
    Johnny Cueto 9-12 4.35 ERA 170 K
    Josh Fogg 8-11 4.60 ERA 140 K
    Edinson Volquez 10-11 4.20 ERA 180 K

    Fransico Cordero 3-4 3.45 ERA 38 Sv

    Corey Patterson .270 12 HR 40 RBI 25 SB
    Jeff Keppinger .297 6 HR 35 RBI
    Alex Gonzalez .255 13 HR 55 RBI
    Ken Griffey Jr .282 30 HR 90 RBI
    Adam Dunn .270 43 HR 115 RBI
    Brandon Phillips .289 20 HR 82 RBI
    Joey Votto .265 15 HR 55 RBI
    Scott Hatteberg .305 10 HR 60 RBI
    Edwin Encarnacion .290 25 HR 85 RBI
    David Ross .230 10 HR 38 RBI
    Javy Valentin .250 9 HR 32 RBI
    Norris Hopper .275 1 HR 17 RBI
    Jay Bruce (60 games) .270 8 HR 25 RBI

    Phew…Whatcha think?

  3. Justin

    Here is what I think.
    It will be a 3 team race to 83 wins. The 1st to that number will win the division. It is between the Reds, Cubs and Brewers. I think the Reds have the best 1-2 punch in pitching with Harang and Arroyo and has the best power player with Adam Dunn. I also like our closer the best too in Cordero. I think it is certainly possible that the Reds win up to 87 games. That is if everything goes to plan. Harang wins 20 and the Cy Young because the Reds beat everyone, Harang has 4 wins against the AL: Sox, Yanks, Jays and Indians. Griffey stays healthy the whole year and Fogg doesnt fall apart at the seems. I think that the line up can be explosive and score runs. the bullpen was over hauled and looks strong. I am very optimistic over our ball club. I think that Baker will prove us wrong. 87-75 1st NL Central.

  4. Chris W.

    I was bashed on my prediction last year, with the Reds finishing 5th as my preseason pick. I’ll bite my tongue to refrain from picking them 4th this season. OOPS!

  5. AustinTJM

    The Reds will finish third in the NL Central at 82-80

  6. Big Red Latrine

    With Baker’s disdain for on-base percentage (he must have really hated having Bonds in the lineup,) it makes sense to see Patterson leading off.