Now that Jerry Hairston, Jim Brower, and Jolbert Cabrera have been reassigned to minor league camp, the Reds have trimmed their roster down to 28. According to John Fay, Matt Belisle will start the season on rehab and David Ross will begin the season on the disabled list. Since Mike Stanton is due to be released at any time, that brings us to 25 healthy players, and results in the following Opening Day roster:

Javier Valentin
Paul Bako

Joey Votto (kudos to Dusty)
Scott Hatteberg
Jeff Keppinger
Brandon Phillips
Edwin Encarnacion
Ryan Freel
Juan Castro (ugh)

Adam Dunn
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Corey Patterson (ok, if he’s not leading off, which he will be)
Norris Hopper

Aaron Harang
Bronson Arroyo
Johnny Cueto (sweet)
Edinson Volquez (sweet)
Francisco Cordero
Jared Burton
Todd Coffey
Kent Mercker
Jeremy Affeldt
Mike Lincoln
David Weathers
Josh Fogg

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15 Responses

  1. Phill

    I kind of(read:REALLY) hope Castro is dropped once A-Gonz is healthy.

  2. Pat

    It will be really interesting what moves the Reds will make on the 40 man roster. They need to make room for Bako, Cueto, Lincoln, and Mercker. The Reds have some tough decisions to make.

  3. Aaron B.

    Where is Fay getting this nonsense that Ross starts on the DL? Dude has played like 5 days in a row now so they can’t retroactively put him on the DL. You mean he is gonna miss 15 days of the season even though he is healthy? In lieu of Bako? That makes zero sense and if that is the plan I am gonna be annoyed.

  4. Kerm

    Wow, it feels really good to read the names that appear to be the starting 5 of our rotation. Harang, Arroyo, Voltron, Fogg, Cueto. I am so excited for this season to start up!

  5. Glenn

    I hope its not just wishful thinking, but I sure feel better about this years pitching staff, than I did last season.

  6. Aaron B.

    Fay just emailed me back and said he got that info directly from Krivsky. So Ross going to DL despite starting/appearing in the last several games nullifying the ability to retroactively place him. That ensures Bako is with the team for at least 15 days. THe one good thing from this is maybe Valentin gets the majority of time and he is the best hitter of the bunch.

  7. GregD

    So, Bako, Cueto, Lincoln, Mercker, and Patterson aren’t on the 40-man roster.

    The Rule V guy is removed from the roster, as is Stanton.

    Is Livingston still on the 40-man, or has he already been moved to the 60-day DL?

    Majewski would probably be next in line. Perhaps whoever’s lowest rated internally between catchers Hanigan or Tatum.

    Of course, a trade could free up a spot if Freel is moved before opening day.

  8. Ryan

    Kudos to Coffey for working his tail off this offseason/sring. Looking forward to the two young guys in the rotation as well.

  9. snake

    I’m happy with the roster except: 1) Castro; and 2) Mercker over Bray.

    Patterson was a good pickup but I agree, he shouldn’t be hitting anywhere near the top of the order. I think he’s a good 7 hitter though (some power w/ speed…makes the bottom of the order more exciting).

    Go Reds! Pecota projects them as finishing 80-82. With a few lucky breaks, the Reds could make the playoffs. If that happens, Dusty will win his 3rd manager of the year award…haha.

  10. Justin

    Congrats to Mike Lincoln making the squad!

  11. scott

    The Kent Mercker feel good storey is getting old and so is he. Bray needs to be that second lefty in the bullpin

  12. pj

    I think the reds will bring bruce up by june.Patterson will be seen as a mistake

  13. AnnapolisRed

    I think Castro is gone when Gonzo is ready.

    I agree that Patterson is not a great lead-off guy, but who would you lead-off if not him?

    On Mike & Mike on Friday they asked Peter Gammons to name one team that could come out of nowhere and make the playoffs and he said the Cincinnati Reds.

  14. Andrew

    Will Votto be the starter, though? He has to play everyday, no?

  15. p.j.

    I would rather the reds bring up Bailey.Fogg was horrible.We have been seeing this quality pitching,ie.fogg,for a long time.Let Baily pitch.He’ll have his lumps.I think fans are tired of other teams weak pitchers.Fogg career is not impressive,high era and 500 won/loss.