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The Redleg Nation Radio podcast: Episode 5

We’re rolling now. This episode features a discussion of Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey, their respective demotions, and what to expect from these guys during the 2008 season. In addition, we have part two of a very interesting interview (here’s part one) with Redleg Nation Spotlight Player Matt Klinker. He’s a great kid, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the conclusion of this interview.


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Once again, check back this weekend, when we’re planning to present a podcast roundtable on the upcoming season featuring several of our editors here at Redleg Nation.

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  1. :!:Matt, just so you know how i feel.
    1.price for gas to drive you to practice, $3/gallon.
    2.price of protective cup….$10
    3.price of catchers glove…$150
    4.to have a catch with your son….priceless.

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