Just noticed in the transactions on mlb.com that Brad Salmon was dealt to KC for a PTBNL or cash.

Salmon seemed to have a strong arm but little hopes of making this club. Hopefully for him his odds of making the big leagues increases in KC. A lot of these kinds of trades made by Wayne Krivsky ends up being completed for cash in return. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

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Tom Diesman is a Cincinnati area native and grew up in Northern Kentucky and Clermont County. He currently resides in central Indiana. Tom makes his living doing UNIX System and Storage Administration. He fell in love with baseball and the Cincinnati Reds during the Big Red Machine era, and Johnny Bench is his all-time favorite Reds player. Tom is still an avid follower of the Reds, and longs for the organization to bring winning baseball back to Cincinnati.

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  1. Tom

    There very well may be a few more fringe players dealt for cash in the upcoming weeks. Wayne Krivsky may have to do this to raise the cash to cover his $25,000 a pop addiction of extreme longshots in this years Rule V draft. The following is from Hal McCoy:

    For some reason, the Reds claimed 21-year-old pitcher Jose Capellan off waivers from the Giants last week — a curious move in that he is a Rule 5 player and must be kept on the 25-man roster if the Reds want to keep him.

    At the time, manager Dusty Baker said, “He is a long shot to make it.”

    Capellan pitched in a minor-league game Sunday and was watched by former Reds pitcher Jack Billingham. His appraisal? “I’d say he is even a longer shot now.”

  2. Tom

    Who knows, maybe we will get a player back in return, this from John Fay:

    The player to be named in the Salmon trade won’t be known until after Opening Day.

  3. GregD

    Looking at Fay’s link, he’s projecting what I would call a weak bench. “We’re thinking the Reds will go with a 12-man pitching staff. That leaves room for five extra players. We’re going with Hopper, Freel, Juan Castro, Paul Bako and Andy Green.”

    If they started Votto, they could go with Hatteberg off the bench instead of Green.

    Also, Fay repeats what I took from a Marty/Baker interview I heard earlier this week. That Baker “wants” Votto at first base. “Baker likes Joey Votto a lot at first, but Hatteberg’s hitting .382 and Votto’s hitting .158. We’re going with Hatteberg here, but we can’t rule out Votto entirely.”

    Also, page down to the picture of Corey Patterson (right-hand column.) He’s jumping up against the fence with his arm outstretched over his head in an attempt to catch a warning track fly ball, and you can see the ball hit the wall shoulder high about a foot or two below his glove. Nice defense.

  4. Jay

    it’s going to be interesting to see how all this shakes out

  5. Tom

    Wow, looks like we may actually be getting a player back in return. John Fay shares the following tip with us:

    I got a tip today that the talk around the Kansas City Royals camp was that Blake Johnson is the player-to-be-named in the Brad Salmon trade.

    Johnson fits profile of the kind of player the Reds would want for Salmon. Johnson is a 22-year-old right-hander. He went 9-6 with a 3.28 ERA last year for Wilmington of the Carolina League.

    He was the Dodgers’ second-round pick in 2004. The Royals got him as part of a trade for Elmer Dessens in 2006. Wayne Krivsky wouldn’t give many clues about the PTBNL, only saying it would not be someone on the Opening Day 25-man roster.

    The Reds have been trying to stockpile arms. A 22-year-old who’s been successful in High A would be nice to add.

    If it did indeed turn out to be Blake Johnson, he would start the year in the rotation at AA Chattanooga.

  6. Tony

    Salmon was not as bad as you think I was talking to Zach Cooper a young journeyman who is rehabing a pulled groin, he thinks Salmon is going through a hard devorce and is affecting his play. Hope he squares himself away and comes back strong, he could be the next Terry Muncy!