’s Jayson Stark has a nice piece on the Cordero signing, and how it might be the most “franchise-changing acquisition” of the off-season. As always, Stark offers a raft of numbers that might be random, meaningless trivia standing alone, but add up to a well-rounded picture.

• This is a team that led more games at the end of the fifth inning last year (75) than the New York Mets, Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks (among others). You could look it up.

• This is a team that got outscored by 71 runs after the seventh inning last season and by 92 runs after the sixth.

• This is a team that lost eight games it led after seven innings and went a ridiculous 7-17 when it was tied after seven.

• And this is a team that was last in the National League in bullpen ERA (5.13) — and allowed the highest opponent batting average (.282), on-base percentage (.360) and OPS (.807) of any bullpen in the league.

Good stuff. Hat tip, and Best Use of “Dunderheads” in an Email Award to Mr. Redlegs.

5 Responses

  1. Chris

    In the Donovan article:

    “I heard this thing today, man: The lineup really doesn’t matter. That’s [poppycock],” Baker says. “I love stat guys, but statheads have gotten way, way out there.”

    If Dusty doesn’t believe that lineup structure is fairly trivial, he should do something smarter than bat Phillips in the cleanup spot.

  2. Jay

    last year, the starters did a good job, but the bullpen generally exploded late in the game.

    While I wish they could shore up some things with the lineup a little more, I am glad the Reds seriously addressed the bullpen issue with the signing of Cordero

  3. Glenn

    What a difference a year makes. Last year, you just knew out of spring training that the bullpen was not going to hold up. Many in Redleg Nation saw that train wreck coming. While I’m not what you would call confident, I can’t help but think the bullpen is much better off than last year.
    Also, I know many don’t think much of Dusty Baker as a manager, but I think you’ve got to have more confidence in that department than we did last year with Jerry Narron. Nice guy, but not a dominant force in the dugout.

  4. GregD

    Today’s Stark article focuses on spring surprises: Cueto, Volquez, Hamilton (and other non Reds-related.) The article provides some good stuff about Cueto.