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Worst-case scenario

John Fay:

My guess is the Reds will have (Corey) Patterson platooning in center field with either Norris Hopper or Ryan Freel.

And you just know Patterson’s crappy on-base percentage will be leading off.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

7 thoughts on “Worst-case scenario

  1. The worst part about this is that it makes me think that Dusty Baker has issues connecting concepts in his head. He plainly ignores OBP as he doesn’t think it is important for scoring runs yet he then turns around and talks about how if his pitchers walk lots of guys, it will kill the team.

    Someone needs to connect those dots for Dusty.

  2. Looking more and more like this could be the opening day lineup. Today vs. Tigers:

    Corey Patterson, CF
    Juan Castro, SS
    Junior Griffey, RF
    Brandon Phillips, 2B
    Adam Dunn, LF
    Edwin Encarnacion, 3B
    Scott Hatteberg, 1B
    Paul Bako, C

  3. The good news is that Dunn and his high OBP will get to lead off a lot of innings.

    That first four sounds like a lot of: Strikeout, strikeout, walk, groundout.

  4. Roll around to the later innings: Bako, Pitcher, Patterson = out, out, out.

    Then, Castro, Griffey, Phillips = out, single, GIDP.

  5. Jay Bruce will be in CF by late May when Patterson/Hopper fall flat on their faces offensively.

  6. Of course, with the above line-up, the Reds would be out of it by late May. It would take a Harang shut-out for the Reds to win any game with Patterson and Castro in the first two spots.

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