From the Cincinnati Reds Listserv List:

Greg Gajus, who was one of Erardi’s stat “gurus” for the long
sabermetrics piece in the Enquirer on Sunday, has been invited to be
on Daughterty’s sports talk show on WLW 700 tonite in the 7 o’clock

Should be good fun. He’ll rip Daugherty to shreds.

Update: (From Cincinnati Reds Listserv List):

Greg Gajus was bumped from the WLW sports talk show last night and re-
scheduled for this evening. Evidently Daugherty signed off last night
with a 10 minute discussion about al the turmoil his column stirred
up, and that he and Gajus would debate the subject tonight for “a
couple of hours.”

Just as well, as I assume everyone locally that would be interested was watching the game on tv.

6 Responses

  1. andrew

    Is there a way to listen to that online? I don’t think I’ll pick it up in Cleveland.

  2. Andrew

    Walks are stupid. Only 5 of the top 6 walking teams last year made the playoffs. If walks were important, all 6 would have made it.

  3. Dan

    What did Daugherty have to say during his 10-minute closing remarks last night?

  4. Y-City Jim

    Listening to the podcast of the Daugherty sabermetrics show. My thoughts on the show.

    He avoided asking Greg Gajus certain questions but mentioned them right after Greg left.

    I think this rant is mainly a BS job by Daugherty.

  5. Y-City Jim

    Corey Crapperson has two hits tonight.