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Shhhhh… Don’t Tell the Yankees

The new Baseball Prospectus annual mentions something pretty scary – Scott Hatteberg’s 2007 home/road splits I love the guy, but this ain’t pretty:


.370 .436 .571 1007 OPS (.393 Batting Average on Balls put In Play)


.244 .351 .366 717 OPS (.244 BABIP)

Yikes. I hope the Reds are able to get something decent for Hatteberg if/when Joey Votto is ready for full-time duty. I have to wonder if that’s possible once these clubs get a look at his road numbers. He did hit well in Pittsburgh (.391 .440 .565 in 25 PAs).

4 thoughts on “Shhhhh… Don’t Tell the Yankees

  1. That was Saberhagen, wasn’t it? Hatteberg may have been like that, but he’s had two pretty good years in a row for the Reds. At least before he took an early exit last year upon Votto’s call-up.

    Hatteberg’s splits are even more extreme than home/road – I saw a breakout line recently that showed all his effectiveness concentrated at home against righties. Against that group his OPS was over 1.000. On the road, and/or against lefties, his OPS was at least 300 points lower in each instance.

    However, that BABIP cited above makes it appear that the extremity of the split was a quite chancy.

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