The ongoing shoulder rehab for Redleg Nation “Spotlight Player” Logan Parker will be back in action in mid-April, with no limitations by around May 1st. He’s presently working with the Chattanooga club, which usually means he’d end up in Sarasota

Also, Redleg Nation “Spotlight Player” Matt Klinker checked in on Friday after arriving in Sarasota (minus his luggage). He said he’ll be posting in a few days about the early days of spring training; he brought his camera along and hopes to get some pictures posted, also.

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  1. randy

    thanks for the updates on these guys

  2. preach

    I know this doesn’t fit in this topic, but I think it needs to be said someplace, so here goes:

    I was browsing some other baseball blogs today and noticed an elitist attitude among some of the community which resulted in some abuse being dished out against a dissenting voice. It really didn’t appear warranted at all.

    I bring this up just to say that I appreciate (mostly) the conversations and respect we have on this site. The different points of view enhance, not detract from, our ‘fandom’. This is the first sports blog I ever posted on and I look forward to checking it almost daily to keep up with my team.

    I do not have the understanding of many of the statistics I see quoted here, and quite frankly do not want to understand a lot of it, but I have learned an appreciation of some and it has influenced my own opinions. I’m very much ‘old school’ in my approach. Give me a couple of scouting reports and some game film and I am a happy ‘couch coach’. It does not make me less of a fan, or even a less informed fan, than anyone else. It’s just my perspective; and I appreciate the mutual respect that it receives here.

    I know the root of ‘fan’ comes from ‘fanatic’, and often times we allow our passions to outstrip our filters, but I am grateful for the usual civility we maintain here. Fans come in all shapes, sizes, and metrics, and as we enter into a new season I hope we can continue to remember that.

    Play ball!