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8 thoughts on “Pitching is better today

  1. Quote from John Fay’s blog:

    “Everybody we put out there looked good,” Dusty Baker said. “No walks. That’s a beautiful thing.”

    Interesting quote coming from Baker. I am not opining on whether I agree with the “clogging the bases” quote, which has been of earlier criticism on this forum.

    But, if walks are not so favorable for Reds middle of the order guys, what is so great about no walks for Reds pitchers. Rather, wouldn’t if be of interest for the Reds pitchers to walk a few middle of the order guys (a la Mauer or Morneau (though he didn’t play today)).

    The logic does not prevail, does it?

    For what it’s worth, I am in favor of the Dusty hiring thus far.

  2. Get over it. Baker never said he doesnt want people on base. He said he prefers hits to walks. Pretty simple and reasonable.

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