10 thoughts on “Humor for a Wednesday morning

  1. John McCain earned a lot of respect from me yesterday for denouncing that big mouth a-hole. It is about time that decent Republicans separated themselves from him

  2. I know that the RLN editors and contributors represent a broad spectrum of political views, but I think everyone can agree that Bill Cunningham’s act is pretty tired.

  3. I am sure it is mostly showmanship, but yeah these partisan chattering heads are becoming tedious.

  4. it’s too bad more politicians (on both sides) don’t lash out at those hatemongers and get rid of them once and for all. i agree with jason.

  5. “Gary Majewski allowed six runs on six hits in one-third of an inning, giving him a spring ERA of 162.00.”

    Picking up right where he left off, I see.

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