Per a report on the Reds list-serv, Dusty Baker has said that Alex Gonzalez and Juan Castro have essentially locked up the shortstop position, and Jeff Keppinger will be “a utility player.”  Granted, that’s second-hand, and a little vague, but in my opinion, there’s absolutely no reason to keep Juan Castro on this roster.  Gonzalez certainly doesn’t need a defensive caddy, and Keppinger fields the position well enough to serve as a backup – and unlike Castro, he can hit.  This is one to watch.

But even if he’s useless as a ballplayer, Castro is helping out.  Here, he’s loaned (sold?) his glove to the Forty-Six Million Dollar Man, Francisco Cordero.  (Hat tip to the great Uniwatch).


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  1. daedalus

    this and hearing about dusty talking of carrying three catchers, plus the whole world being white, and well, i think i just want to stay in bed today. 👿

  2. Chris

    Three catchers?! We barely even have two. He wants Bako around?

  3. Chris

    1 Ross
    2 Valentin
    3 Bako

    4 Votto
    5 Hatteberg

    6 BP

    7 Gonzalez
    8 Castro

    9 EE
    10 Keppinger

    11 Jr
    12 Dunn
    13 Freel
    14 Hopper

    And even that only works if they keep 11 pitchers. No Jay Bruce, no Kenny Lofton, no Rule 5 guy, no Craig Wilson or Andy Phillips, no Voltron in the bullpen . . .

    Keppinger and either Freel/Hopper would be the only right-handed bats off the bench.

    Pitcher-wise, you’d be limited to a bullpen of:
    Cordero, Weathers, Burton, Stanton, Majewski/Coffey, and Bray/Coutlangus/Mercker.

    I really can’t see a third catcher making this squad, and as I keep saying, Castro is counter-productive, as well.

  4. Chris

    And yes, I know LLM and Castro nominally “bat” right-handed, but they don’t actually hit anything.

  5. Jared

    Chris — ouch. Castro sucks, and maybe my heart is too big, but I don’t have a problem with LLM. As a backup to a better catcher. That isn’t regularly inserted in to the lineup.

  6. Jared

    And BTW — I never would have noticed the glove. Good catch. Funniest thing I’ve seen all day. 🙂

  7. GregD

    Looking at Chris’s comment #5.

    There’s only 2 LH bats off the bench, too (Valentin & Hatteberg.) If you’re carrying defensive specialists, oinch runners, 12 pitchers, etc, there’s not much room on the bench for legitimate pinch hitters.

    Let’s say that Castro and a 3rd catcher don’t make the OD roster. That’s probably replaced with a 12th pitcher and one of Jay Bruce, no Kenny Lofton, no Rule 5 guy, no Craig Wilson or Andy Phillips.

    This roster is pretty much set. The bench could be strong, but light on LH bats, if they went with a bench of Hopp, Freel, Kepp, Hatteberg.

    I’d use the bench for offense not defensive specialists.

  8. Chris

    I like LLM a great deal. He just shouldn’t be a switch-hitter. (Last year, for some strange reason, he had a complete reversal of his career platoon splits).

    And I found the pic at UniWatch – I will edit to give credit for that.

  9. GregD

    So it appears this 3 catcher thing has been a Krivsky obsession, not a Narron request.

  10. preach

    And just where is this “glut” of outfielders everyone was talking about when Hamilton was traded? According to Chris’ list we have 4 and two of those are fairly injury prone. I don’t panic yet, because it is very common for clubs to add extra catchers during the Spring, but if three backstops and four outfielders come North, I will be a bitter, bitter man.

  11. Y-City Jim

    You don’t carry defensive specialist on the bench. If they are so great then they should be playing every day. Send Castro on his merry way.

  12. GregD

    Preach, next year Jay Bruce will play all three outfield positions.

    He’s just. that. good.

  13. preach

    Fay reports Wilson is no longer in camp. May have something to do with his physical. I feel a deal for an outfielder coming on soon.

  14. Mark in CC

    Go Castro and take Stanton and Merker with you.