From John Fay’s blog:

Left-hander Bill Bray is being held back because of a sore shoulder. He doesn’t think it’s serious. He over-correct in his rehab. “Now, I have to correct that,” he said. “We’re working out what I have to do.” He is throwing but not off the mound.

Anytime you’re this early in ST and a guy you were counting on is being held back, it’s a concern to me. Let’s hope Bray’s right and it’s not big deal.

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  1. Brian

    Unfortunately this may give Coffey a better chance to make the team. Hope Bray is ready for opening day so we don’t have to deal with Coffey again.

  2. Bill

    Except that Coffey’s a RHP and Bray’s a LHP. I also have no problem with Coffey having a good shot at making this team. He was bad last year, but the two previous seasons he was pretty darn good.

  3. Jared

    You could do a lot worse than Coffey. Look at the rest of the pen from last year.

  4. Y-City Jim

    So is Bray injury prone or was his trainer an idiot?

  5. GregD

    Is Coutlangus still in the organization? Ty Pelland would be another AAA option. Other lefthanders on the roster or in camp…Affeldt, Stanton, and Mercker. Not sure if Herrera is in the major league camp or not. Others?

    Very few teams bring future rotation guys up as relievers, but you could potentially have Maloney start the year in the major league bullpen.

    After Cordero, Weathers, and Burton, I’d say the remaining 4 bullpen spots are up for grabs. Millions due to Affeldt & Stanton say reality will likely be otherwise.

  6. Phill

    Brian, Coffey had a bad third year. In 2006 we were talking about him being the next closer. There’s no reason to think he can’t come back and be effective for the new season. Gotta wait and see with this stuff, same with Stanton really.

    The Bray news is pretty concerning and at the same time not really unexpected. Hopefully it isn’t that big of a problem.

  7. Josh

    Coffey also lost 25 pounds from last year, which puts him back at his weight from 06. I think he’ll bounce back strong this year, and I’m happy he’s a part of the org. I think Bray will be okay…it’s so early in ST, why take a chance if he’s got some tightness in his shoulder? Take it slow and get ready for the season.

  8. Tom

    I think that Coffey and Bray are going to be the keys to whether the bullpen will be good this season. They will also need Burton to show that his run late last year was no fluke. Break outs by McBeth and Coutlangus would be welcomed. Dare we even consider a return to pre-Cincy form by Majewski?

  9. Bill

    My concern with Bray is that I believe this is the same shoulder he had problems with last year….

  10. Glenn

    I’m begining to think that Bray was born hurt!

  11. crypticphrasing

    I’d like to see a rundown of who still has options among the bullpen wannabees. Somebody is going to either go to Triple-A or get DFAd to shake the ML roster. The Reds have so many guys who haven’t proven themselves 100% or their potentially fading geezers–I don’t think they are going to know by the end of spring training exactly what they have. I fear they are going to go North carrying 13-14 pitchers and hamstring the position player depth.