Inspired by this comment from Daedalus (“did we win the world series last year???”), and with free time powered by the writer’s strike…


All those guys should be back, so maybe this year?

The great photo was originally published as a free desktop wallpaper by The Enquirer. (It’s impossible to find a link on their site, but it shows up on just about every Google Images search for a Reds player.) Hopefully they, and SI would appreciate the gag.

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  1. gmartinz

    This occurred when the series went seven games, Harang started and won all three, and Juan Castro, pinch hitting for Josh Hamilton as he so often did in 2007, homered in the 9th.

  2. CeeKeR

    …and Castro only homered because Arroyo was distracting all of Boston’s infielders with his singing songs of missing Boston. (After all, we all know Castro can’t hit it out of the infield…call it the first ever infield hit homerun in a World Series)! 🙄

  3. Mike Martz

    Too Funny! It won’t be long now.
    SuperBowl, Pro Bowl, Daytona 500, SPRING TRAINING!

  4. Andy

    one question: if the Reds had won the world series in 7, would the media still talk about Boston’s win in game 6 as the greatest world series moment of all time? Because I recall that happening once before.

  5. Deaner

    Nice! The infamous Reds congratulate Adam Dunn at home plate picture w/o Dunn in it.

  6. River Otter

    Hopefully this will be the SI cover sometime during fall of 2008.

    Hilarious. Excellent work.

  7. gmartinz

    Game 6 of the 2007 World Series hardly replicated the ’75 thriller. Leading 3-0 in the 8th, the Reds inexplicably brought in Mike Stanton to start the inning. Six pitches later, the game was tie and Coco Crisp stood at third base with no one out. He soon scored and the stage was set for Game 7 and Juan Castro’s dramatics (which led to Hamilton’s trade in the off-season and Wayne Krivsky was rumored to have told Bob Castellini, “We’ve got Castro, what do you need Hamilton for?”

  8. Dan

    Outstanding work here, Chris. Great great image. (This photo is the wallpaper on my computer at work… I really like it.)

    Trivia: Who was the SI cover boy after the Reds won the Series in 1990?