The traditional Reds Winter promotional Caravan starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend. As in prior years, there will be two separate caravans, one in the north (OH and IN) and one in the south (WVa and KY). I may swing by one of the Columbus stops Thursday or Friday — any thoughts on whether the caravan is worthwhile?

Lincolns: Krivsky, BP, Coffey, LHP prospect Matt Maloney, Lee May (Thursday & Friday AM), Tom Browning (weekend), Marty, and (sigh) “Gapper.”

Davises: Dusty, Freel (Farney TBA), Jay Bruce, Jon Adkins (when did we get him?) (Huntington only), IF Andy Green (who?) (Lexington only), Thom, Brantley, Phil Castellini, Gene Bennett (Charleston, Huntington only) and Mr. Redlegs (the mascot, not the blog commenter).

In the afternoons, they’re also doing a “Radio Caravan” for the smaller-town affiliates in “Reds Country” (currently southern and western Ohio, western WVa, and parts of Kentucky and Indiana). Not sure if that’s new, but it’s a good idea.

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8 Responses

  1. preach

    I am thinking about the Columbus event Friday. Work is trying to get in the way, but hey, it’s a chance to mingle with Gapper!

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Love the labels. If you’re considering the ‘Lincolns’ it appears that would definitely be worthwhile. Might be nice to meet Maloney and see what he thinks about his chances to break into the rotation. Lots of interesting and engaging personalities in both groups.

  3. Chris

    I have to be honest – finding that picture was 50% of my motivation for posting about the caravan.

  4. Marty the Cynic

    I went to the one at Flannigans last year, and will be going again tonight. It’s basically an autograph signing with fans asking a few questions, but seriously, it’s baseball!

    Grab some wings and a brew and enjoy listening to Marty dog the Reds. 😀

  5. Kerm

    I am originally from Lima OH and can still remember ditching class for the Reds Caravan, so maybe I am a little sentimental for the whole thing. I would have to say worth it though.

  6. Kerm

    My parents went to the Caravan in Lima last night. Apparently everyone was grilling Kriv-Dog about Brandon Phillips needing to get a long term contract. Let’s hope those sentiments don’t fall on deaf ears

  7. Chris

    I’m not sure how many more years until BP is a free agent, but I’m not sure I’d be in favor of locking him up forever. He’s going to be 27 this year, so a huge improvement is probably unlikely – we’re looking at the player he’s going to be.

    If he wants to be paid as a .330 OBP guy with nice pop and good defense, I’m for it. If being a “30/30 man” somehow amps up the price, I’m not sure I need it.