Daedalus asks a good question: why isn’t Indianapolis exclusively Reds country? I know one of our contributors here at Redleg Nation is from Indy; what’s the story?

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  1. Willy

    because most people like winning ball clubs
    and the reds have sucked since 95 infortunatly

  2. Chris

    I was thinking the same thing, Willy. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  3. Brian

    What’s the Story?

    They lost that area to Super Stations and over a decade of bad management on the Reds end, add in the Reds leaving for Falls City and you’ll see why.

    Boy that 4 million the non Super Station teams got from the Super Station teams per year in the 80’s was a great investment…. for the Super Station teams that is.

  4. preach

    The Cubs are “loveable” (yuck) losers, but well broadcast, the Cards have recent winning history. Indy was a very good farm support city for the Reds, but I guess AAA support has an expiration date. Win a couple pennants, and we’ll be back on top in the Hoosier state.

  5. Clint

    The central part of the state is sick with Cubs fans. I live in Bloomington and the University draws heavily from the Chicago burbs, so it’s even worse here.

  6. Joe

    A couple factors: Indy is about equidistant from Cincy and Chicago, and the AAA team is in Louisville.

  7. Matt

    Well, I’m from Indy, and I’m a big Reds fan. And there are lots of us here, but, unlike with Cubs fans, there’s not the “it’s cool to be a loser” mentality. If the Cubs were to ever accidentially win a World Series, I think a lot of the casual fanbase would evaporate, because it wouldn’t be cool anymore. But if the Reds were to start winning again, I think a lot of the support in fringe areas like Indianapolis would wake up again.

    I know it’s not a reason to choose which team to be a fan of, but it’s much closer to get to Cincy than Chicago from Indy. I can get to Great American in an hour and a half, it would take me 4 hours to get to Wrigley.

  8. Dave from Louisville

    They probably don’t get Fox Sports Ohio in Indy on basic cable and probably get WGN. I was furious this past year because the Reds restructured the radio station contracts to were the Bats are on 790 instead of the Reds. Now I have to have a really good radio to get the Cincy station broadcast.

    I like the Bats, but get real. Noone is ever going to following a minor league club vs. the MLB club. Really dumb move by Reds brass. They are missing out on such pro sports starved market in Louisville.

  9. Dave from Louisville

    This is all about which team is on TV or the radio, and has alot less to do with winning and losing. Cubs are case in point.

  10. Matt

    When I was growing up, a lot of the Reds games would be shown over the air on Channel 23 here in Central Indiana, but for awhile there you couldn’t get anything. It’s gotten a little better recently: FSN Indiana showed about 100 Reds games last year, and advertised themselves as “FSN Indiana: Your home for the Pacers and Reds.” I really hope they continue this year (well, really I’d just like them to show all the games FSN Ohio shows, which I guess is all of them).

    I agree about the crappy radio coverage. I can get WLW in Indy on a good radio, but my crappy little portable radio I like to sit with outside doesn’t even come close. They broadcast some of the games on AM 1260, but it seemed to be a crapshoot. I haven’t looked into it yet, but there’s been a shake-up in AM sports stations here in Indy (meaning, now there’s three instead of two), and I’d be willing to bet one of them is going to commit to airing every Reds game. At least I hope.

  11. jason

    I am in Indy and am an ardent Reds fan, although I would say it is a Cubs town. Many fans were upset with the AAA team losing the Reds affiliation on multiple occasions. I agree that WGN helped to ‘mold’ Cubs fans as well. Moreover, Matt was right 1260 WNDE had sporadic radio coverage and finding the Reds game on the tube is nearly impossible. I remember listening to 700 WLW on a staticy radio while shooting hoops in the backyard. Also,it seemed around the 90’s Reds management gave up on Indy-no caravan stop, no advertising, no publicity. Another factor could be when Jeff Smulyan and others inquired about having an MLB team in INDY and Marge told him she would never allow it because too close to her market. I remember that set a lot of people off.

  12. Ben

    I’m an Indy-area redlegs fan, but we are becoming harder to find. Most of the southern half of the state is still Reds country, but anything north of Indy is all Cubs.

    I think that there are several reasons for this.

    1. It’s sad to say, but most young people do not know the Reds as a winning franchise. I just graduated from Purdue last year(a lot of chicago, detroit transplants there) and watch nearly every game when I am home. However, when I talk about baseball to my friends, most are not that interested. I have 5 or so friends that are die-hards like myself and watch every game, but the casual fan has been lost, especially in my generation. It has been a long drought since we were last in the postseason and 1990 seems even longer ago. However, I was really excited to see the Reds classic games on FSN, b/c I had just turned 6 when those happened.

    2. With Reds fans in central IN, most are older men in the 40-60 range who lost a lot of interest after the strike in ’94. Ever since this time they half-heartedly watch basball when it’s on, but do not view regularly or attend games like they did before.

    3. The tv situation is getting better, but it’s not there yet. I have DTV, so I get FSN Ohio and FSN IN on our satellite package. However, anyone with cable just gets FSN IN which only shows 90 games most of which are in June/July/August so no one gets hooked from the start of the season.

    4. The one upside I see for the Reds is GAPB. I have never talked to anyone who didn’t enjoy a trip there for a game. Tickets are affordable, traffic is not terrible, and it’s about 1 to 1.5 hrs. closer to indy than chi depending on traffic. My black sheep lil’ brother caught the cubs flu at an early age thanks to WGN and Sosa and goes to twice as many games in Cincy to watch the Cubs as he does Wrigley.

    Overall, I wish things were in better shape for the Reds, but let’s hope the young guys progress quickly and we get our reputation back as a great baseball town. Listening to the Mariano Duncan compare us to St. Louis as a baseball town and Marty telling old stories about Joe drinking kegs of beer at my college on the FSN specials has made me a proud Reds fan.

  13. Tom

    Wow, I’m not all alone over here in Indiana after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m from the Cincinnati area, and graduated High School with Todd Benzinger. Left town for my job when I was 25 and haven’t lived in Cincy since.

    I now live 50 miles due north of Indianapolis in Kokomo, Indiana, but I work on the north side of Indianapolis. It is definitely Cubs country up here, and if my work is any indication, it’s pretty much Cubs country down there too. Just last season I got something like 100+ Reds game on TV through Fox Sports Midwest. But I’ve always been able to 700 WLW on my GE Superadio, it’s a great buy one for 40 to 50 bucks, it’s worth eliminating the static.

    I plan on being at Champps for the Reds Caravan on Sat. from 6-8, hope to meet some of you there.

  14. renbutler

    Another Indy resident checking in here:

    I’m the only Reds fan in my family, among a bunch of intolerable Cubs fans! We used to get a lot of games on cable (that’s how I became a huge Eric Davis fan as a kid), but frankly, the TV deal sucked for a long time.

    I definitely think the territory belongs to both teams. If nothing else, when the Reds play weekday afternoon games in Chicago, I get the games on Comcast Sports Net. Thankfully, all the FSN-Cincinnati games are shown here on DirecTV. When I found that out around 2001, I came back to baseball after shunning it starting in 1994.

    BTW, my wife and I are going to follow the Reds to Chicago and Milwaukee in July. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. John

    I’m in Fishers (for non-Indy people is immediately northeast, but not too different from Indy). Glad to see so many Indiana folks here. We should all meet up at the Moon Dog for a game some weekend. I’m sure Dusty will give us plenty to rant over.

    More than any other team, being a Cubs fan doesn’t involve knowing anything about baseball. It’s beer and lifestyle stuff. It’s certainly not about winning. It’s crowd mentality — left field sucks, right field is better, curse of the goat nonsense, Bill Murray and Eddie Vedder and other celebrities like them, etc. Plus WGN is everywhere. It all adds up to a big blue and red turd sandwich.

    Most (not all) of the Cubs fans I know turn into total d-bags every time the Cubs get close to “good.” You get pompous fans with every good team, but Cubs fans are awful when the Cubs are winning, and when they get close and choke, they’re even worse. They still blame Bartman. I mean, seriously?

    But, reality check: We wonder why Indy isn’t purely Reds country, but GABP isn’t even purely Reds country. Ever been to a Cubs/Reds series? Jeebus.

  16. Andy

    The FSN Indiana channel picked up (I am guessing) 40-50 Reds games this summer. I grew up in Indiana but right on the Ohio line and that area is all Reds fans.

    I went to school at IU and there is a good Reds representation there, but there are a lot of Cubs fans and a decent amount of Cards fans.

    My sophomore year when the Bartman situation went down there were so many bandwagon Cubs fans in Bloomington it made me sick.

  17. JayTheRed

    Another Reds Fan Moving to your area This year.

    My Wife and I are currently living in Central Wisconsin and I used to live just north of Dayton Ohio until I was about 14 years old.

    Anyway we are hoping to move to Central Indy sometime this summer so there is going to be at least 2 new Reds Fans to the area this summer.

    I stayed true to my roots though I have followed the Reds long and hard during these losing seasons. 1999 we almost got the ship right but it sank again with Linder in control. Hopefully we are heading in the right direction now. I like Krivsky and I like the new Owner too. This upcoming season could be our first winning one since 1999. Go Reds and hopefully Indianaoplis will show more Reds games than the few I got to see in Wisconsin.

  18. Kurt

    Indianapolis here too.That was a great idea by John, it would be fun to meet up with a few reds fan in Indy and watch a game.

    I think the reds really should try and put their AAA affiliate in Indy. Having it in Louisville doesn’t make very much sense considering they are in the reds back yard and most of those guys are already fans. I always try to go to most the Indian vs. Louisville that I can attend. Most Fans give me an odd look when I root for Joey Votto or Chris Dikerson. I think having the AAA would definitely strengthen the Indy-Reds bond. Right now we have the Pirates (yuck).

  19. Pearce

    The Dublin Stop:

    Horrible. Period. Aside from Marty seemingly tipsy and swearing, it was awful. No where to sit or even stand. Two servers for the whole restaurant. Line out and around the building.The Reds should be embarrassed.

  20. Joe

    I went to IU, fifty years ago, and there were a lot of guys from The Region (Hammond, Gary, East Chicago) who I remember as big Cubbies fans in Bloomington.

  21. preach

    I’m glad I worked late. Thanks for making that look like I made the right decision.

  22. Jay

    Well, I grew up a warped child … I grew up being a Cubs and Reds fan and the reasoning is 1. They were in different divisions at the time, 2. I got to watch nearly all the Cubs games on TV thanks to nothing but day games and WGN (and to be honest, I don’t ever remember seeing very many Reds games on TV growing and living in southeast KY) and 3. when I went to a MLB game, it was always in Cincy.

    So after my ‘warped’ childhood, I’m a warped adult and still following both teams … I agree with the comment that by and large being a Cubs fan is less about baseball. It’s about Harry Carey, beer, Wrigley Field and if the Cubs win, it’s a good day. If the Cubs lose, oh well, the beer is still cold. I’d love to find a Cubs blog that’s as good as the Reds’ one because I love all the baseball talk. But I can’t find one.

    Being a Reds fan is all about baseball. And I LOVE THE HISTORY OF THE REDS. (BTW, I currently reading the book “Red Legs and Black Sox”, and it’s AWESOME. First book I’ve seen that tells the story for the 1919 World Series from the Reds’ point of view.) I know there are more Cubs fans in the world, but I would say there are more hard-core Reds fans than Cubs fans – easy.

    And just so you all know, I’m raising my son to be a Reds fan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Evarmstrong

    I believe the Reds pulling their AAA team from Indy and the lack of dependable radio and TV is the reason.