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  1. The Finest Phrase in the English language.
    Reds should sign Livn Herandez now to teach our pitchers how to install the rubber bands in their arms for Dusty.

  2. I’m a little suprised at the lack of activity the first couple weeks this year. I figured once we got thru the holidays there would be some movement on the free agent front with some of these scrap heap pitchers. My to-do list before Spring Training: 1. Lock up Dunn (if in fact he is in your long term plans). 2. Sign a Fogg or Lieber to a one year deal w/ option. 3. Trade Freel or Hopper along w/ a minor leaguer (Stubbs, Valaika, et. al) for some more relief pitching—can’t get enough. 4. Be on the lookout for some more catching depth in the event that Ross and LLM take a poop on us.

  3. I kinda feel that right now the prices are going to start dropping on Free agents. Lohse has already backed off with his agent boras. Give it a another 2 weeks and the prices should fall even more and then we can go through the bargain bins and get a decent pitcher. I agree we need to lock up Dunn though.

  4. I don’t want them to sign anyone who would block the young guys. Out of all the FA’s, I like Tomko because he’d be cheap and he would readily accept a role in the pen. He still has good stuff. Also, he has that retro thing going for him.

    Michael Barrett could be a pretty darn good fit for GABP. He’s right handed…had a down year last year but has a decent chance of bouncing back. The Reds should of signed him. I wonder how much San Diego would need in return for a $3.5 million backup catcher (Freel!!!!!!).

  5. Check out the Reds Needs and Luxuries(??) over on mlb trade rumors!

    Needs and Luxuries: Cincinnati Reds
    Next up in our Needs and Luxuries series, the Reds. I realize the timing of this series wasn’t ideal, doing a bunch and then tailing off. It’s something I can improve next time around, but it still seems people would like to see the remaining teams reviewed. Anyway, here’s how the Reds are set up:

    C – Dave Ross
    1B – Joey Votto/Scott Hatteberg
    2B – Brandon Phillips
    SS – Alex Gonzalez
    3B – Edwin Encarnacion
    LF – Adam Dunn
    CF – Ryan Freel/Norris Hopper/Jay Bruce
    RF – Ken Griffey Jr.

    SP – Aaron Harang
    SP – Bronson Arroyo
    SP – Matt Belisle
    SP – Homer Bailey
    SP – Edinson Volquez/Johnny Cueto

    Setup – David Weathers
    Closer – Francisco Cordero


    The Reds had a middle of the pack offense in ’07, same as ’06. Last year the Reds had below league-average offense at catcher and third base. I think Encarnacion will be fine, so one need might be to upgrade over Ross behind the plate. Would it make sense to acquire Michael Barrett for peanuts, to see if he can return to form?


  6. If we were to pick up Livan Hernandez, & Michael Barrett, or even one of the two that would be a huge benefit to the reds. It seems like most position players excell in their first season in cinci…plus Livan is a workhorse..i think a two year contract with incentives and an option for a 3rd year might bring him in.. he’s older so you know a one year contract probably wont be done because older guys are scared to death of the wheels falling off.. he is definetly seeking a multi year contract and i think he still has enough left for the reds to pick that up while our younger picthers are getting the finishing touches in the minor leagues..

  7. Livan Hernandez had a drop in almost all his numbers across the board last year.

    In 2007:
    His strikeout rate is way down (.40 compared to .60-.75 career.)
    Number of HR allowed way up (1 per 6ip, compared to 1 per 7.5 in 2006, compared to 1 per 9 for the rest of his career.)
    Highest bb/ip rate since 1998.
    Highest career h/ip rate.

    Unless there’s something more to the story here (i.e. played through injury) I wouldn’t want to be the GM who offers a multi-year deal to Hernandez.

  8. Michael Barrett could be a pretty darn good fit for GABP. He’s right handed…had a down year last year but has a decent chance of bouncing back.

    Over the past 10-15 years, I think we’ve gotten used to seeing a lot more players bounce back in their 30’s than did in previous decades/eras. It will be interesting to see if/how much MLB crackdown on PEDs will change those trends.

  9. Livan may be going down but he has a rubber band for an arm. An innings eater is what we need. He can teach the younger arms on the staff how to recover.

  10. An innings eater with an ERA near 5? Probably over 5 in GABP?

    Did you see the contract for Nate Robertson? $21.25 million for his final two years of arbitration and his first year of free agency. They must have a lot of money to throw around in Detroit?

  11. We don’t need an innings eater that gives up lots of runs. We need good pitching. I would rather have decently good pitching that gives me 175 innings than bad pitching that gives me 215. Innings are valuable, but only if they are good innings.

  12. I’d rather have 215 innings of Volquez/Cueto than 215 innings of L Hernandez.

    I do agree that the Reds could use another arm but not a 215 or even a 150 IP arm. Volquez and Bailey have spent enough time in AAA. Cueto and Maloney are close. Let the kids get the majority of the innings in the 4-5 spots in 08.

  13. What shortstops are out there to be had?
    I wasn’t displeased with Alex Gonzalez last year but it’s always nice to have options.

  14. Arbitration figures exchanged.

    Belisle $1Million vs. $1.65 million
    Phillips $2.7 vs. $4.2.

    “Arbitration hearings will be held from Feb. 1-20, at which time a panel will rule in the player’s favor or the club’s favor, choosing one figure or the other. Players and teams are free to continue negotiating and reach a contract agreement until a ruling is made. “

  15. I don’t see why they wouldn’t try to give Phillips a multi-year contract.

  16. Appears that the Reds moved a little closer as MLBTrade Rumors is reporting that we have signed Jeremy Affeldt

  17. Affeldt confirmed. I really like this. One year deal, lefty with a decent ERA. Big curve ball. He can compete for a rotation spot, maybe be a spot starter and not interfere with our young guys. He also could push Stanton out, dare we hope. He could be another Saarloos, but at the time I would have made that move as well, but he could be a great lefty set up guy for Cordero. Neat.

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