To no one’s surprise, the Reds hired former Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty as a special advisor to team president and chief executive Bob Castellini. Says Castellini:

We are fortunate to be able to add to our baseball department someone who has had as much success in the game as Walt,” said Castellini. “Clearly, he is a proven winner and his experience will be invaluable to me and to our entire organization.

“He wants to keep his hand in baseball this season. When you have the chance to hire someone with his credentials, you have to take advantage of that opportunity. We’re doing everything we can to improve our franchise.”

Say what you want about Jocketty, but during his 13 years at the helm of the Cards, they won 7 division titles, two National League pennants, and one World Series. I’ll take that record over the next 13 years.

Wayne Krivsky will stay on as General Manager, but I wouldn’t be too comfortable if I were him. There is no suggestion whatsoever that Krivsky is on his way out, but this just reminds me too much of the situation when Jim Bowden kept two or three potential managerial candidates (Bob Boone, anyone?) around as “special advisors.”

Krivsky’s job is probably safe for now, but another 90-loss season would spell doom, methinks.

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16 Responses

  1. Bill

    I would think anything short of a division crown would mean “bye-bye Wayne”.

  2. Y-City Jim

    I think if the Reds make considerable progress that Krivsky is okay. Hopefully this will spell the end to some of those stupid pickups and extensions.

  3. David

    I think it is a bad move. Like any business, risks need to be taken. If a GM has to watch his back is he going to pull those risky deals that have both flopped and panned out exceptionally well for the Reds? Probably not.

  4. Aaron B.

    I think there are two ways to read this:

    1) Bob has chosen his next GM in the even the Reds fail to show improvement this season. Jockety is next in line, and Bob snatched him up while he is available before someone else could make him their GM.

    2) A blockbuster is in the works and Bob wants to consult with Jockety before signing off. This would also protect Krivsky from extreme criticism since essentially it means two GMs approve of the deal on the Reds side of the equation. The blame could not be pinned 100% on Krivsky if it is a controversial move (i.e. involves top prospects or big name players).

    Either way it is intersting, very interesting.

  5. CeeKeR

    I think Aaron brings up some good points – and I think (hope, perhaps) that the first option is the correct option. I don’t see who the Reds could get that would be a big enough deal where they’d need two GMs to sign off on. That idea scares me . . .

  6. Chris

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Jocketty is going to have a major influence on Bob Castellini, whether or not he’s the next GM.

    Here’s what I like about the move: Krivksy, under pressure to save his job, is naturally going to be tempted to make moves with a short-term focus.

    Granted, Krivsky has seemed to be a pretty disciplined guy, but I’m glad he has someone with more job security looking over his shoulder to prevent a short-sighted trade this summer.

  7. Willy

    he’s higher in the staff than krivsky
    he is next in line to bob

  8. Dave from Louisville

    First I am a huge Krivsky fan, and he has done an outstanding job as GM. That being said, Castellini is really smart and knows that Krivsky has one flaw. He does not know that NL that well. He has shown he can flat out fleece AL teams of undervalued players, but has not been able to do the same with the NL teams. The one time he did do business with an NL, was viewed very negatively although it was a push.

    Jocketty knows the NL, thats where he earned his stripes. This creates more of a think tank operation.

  9. Justin

    A good move by the Reds to add more experience to the front office. The organisation needs to replenish the talent lost in off seasons past. WJ has a good track record of importing plays in the Cards system and will be a solid adviser in bringing new folks into the Cincinnati fold.

  10. preach

    Interesting view of the move, Dave. I think you might be onto something. I know we need strong leadership, but I hope that the money we are spending on it wouldn’t better be spent in the clubhouse.

  11. Glenn

    I agree with Chad. This is a good move for the organization. However, its also a turning of the screw on Krivsky. The Reds are going to have to show some healthy improvement or K could be looking for another job.

  12. Joe

    If the Reds are out of it by Memorial Day, the GM in-waiting will take over.

  13. David

    Well the Mariners just pulled Adam Jones from winter ball which probably means he is going somewhere and soon. So signing off on a big deal is probably not the reason for the hire.

  14. Y-City Jim

    Glaus for Rolen rumor. Hasn’t Glaus been an attitude problem in the past?

  15. Justin

    Glaus not only attitude but injury ravaged. Tony will like that.

  16. Jay

    Love the move … LOVE IT!!!

    Adding Jocketty to the mix, I believe, will make the Reds better in the long run. You have a proven commodity as a “special asst.” to the CEO who will be overlooking what Kriv is doing.

    Again … LOVE THE MOVE