This might possibly be the least desirable piece of Reds memorabilia I’ve ever seen.

Incredibly, someone has bid $135 for this thing.

Perhaps in 25 years, it will have the ironic appeal that this thing had for me. For the sake of my marriage, I’m glad I didn’t “win” the right to pay $126 for it, but I sure would’ve enjoyed strutting around GABP in it.

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  1. Deaner

    Way to go! What people will pay for stuff on eBay never ceases to surprise me.

  2. preach

    I still wear my Pokey Reese jersey I bought off the discount bin from Cardboard Heroes. Maybe that would be a good thread: What piece of crappy Reds memorabilia do you have? I still have Harry Spilner’s autograph as well.

  3. Chris

    BubbaFan is a she?

    That shakes up my entire reality.

  4. Chris

    The really strange thing is that there’s one dude buying up all this stuff.

  5. Alex

    I have a Hal Morris jersey from when I was a kid. He was my second favorite Red behind Barry and after the Mitchell report, the years of watching ‘Happy Feet’ seem like a sham.

  6. Alex

    ‘Kyle was highly paid Red (fourth highest) and led the AL in shutouts for three straight years and even led the NL in 2007’

    I think the guy looked on Baseball Reference and saw that Lohse had 1 shutout in 4 years and thought that meant he led the league…or he just thinks he has to lie to get somebody to buy a Kyle Lohse jersey.

  7. Chris

    “Daddy, Daddy – can we buy this jersey?? Pleasepleaseplease!! It’s of the 4th-highest-paid Red!!!!”

  8. Willy

    lohse probly bid on it himself

    i have a phillips jersey and casey and hamilton…

  9. preach

    You know, I just noticed that if you scramble some of the letters you get SHEOL, which translates as “the common grave of humankind” or “pit”…it’s another way of saying Hell…..Huh, imagine that…..

  10. preach

    It was Harry SPILMAN, not spilner; he was traded for Rafael Landestoy.

  11. Willy

    he could be the best pitcher at times and then the worst.

    we got maloney though
    and it was worth it

  12. gmartinz

    Yeah, right. Go ahead, TRY wearing that jersey around GABP.

  13. Jason72

    I have an empty can of that Pete Rose YooHoo type drink from the early 80s in the basement!

  14. Rik

    Lohse at least was effective at times and netted something of decent quality in return. I contend that an Eric Milton jersey is the worst piece of memorabilia that you could own.

  15. Chad

    Sweet Dave Van Gorder jersey on eBay, but I’m holding out for a Dann Billardello home jersey.

  16. Kerm

    When I was little I remember wanting nothing more than a Glenn Braggs Jersey. I loved that guy simply because of his performance during the 90 season.

  17. Chris

    And his pipes.

    BTW, you can also pay a bunch of money for a Mike Stefanski Reds jersey.

  18. DK

    One of the most amazing things I have ever seen was in ’90 when Braggs broke his bat over his shoulder in the follow-through of a typically gargantuan swing and miss.

  19. preach

    Give me a Wayne Krenchiki. For some reason even his very name represents the lost era of Red’s baseball.

  20. ChicagoRedsFan

    Wayne Krenchicki all the way!

  21. ChicagoRedsFan

    I’ll also take a Guy Hoffman jersey…

  22. ChicagoRedsFan

    …and a Ron Robinson jersey!

  23. Jared

    Not that it fits in this category, but I actually have a Cedar Rapids Reds Rob Dibble bobblehead. They’re an Angels AA team now. My parents went to a game the day they decided to clear out all the old merchandise and they were giving these things away. “My friend told me he’s a no-name but we thought you’d like to have it.” My favorite player of all time. What are the odds?

  24. michael Murphy

    Where can I get an Arturo DeFreitas Jersey? 😉