Anyone go to RedsFest this year? Record attendance, I’m told.

Red Hot Mama has a nice recap, with video and pictures. I can’t believe she didn’t purchase the Tom Shearn jersey, though.

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  1. Nathan

    I went to Redsfest, but only on Friday because I had to study for finals. Anywho, I had never been before and it was super exciting. I got to meet and got autographs from: Arroyo, Phillips, Coffey, Burton, McBeth, Belisle, Homer, Jay Bruce along with Brantley, Brennamans, Bennzinger, Browning and more i cant think of right now. . .but was super excited to get numerous Phillips autographs.

    And while we are on the subject of Brandon Phillips; I thought he was by far the most sincere and cool dude. Toward the end of the night he was heading back toward the stage area, obviously toward the room behind the stage, but did not leave a circle of people that surrounded him for nearly 25 minutes, myself included. He signed and got pictures taken for and with everyone that wanted. It was so cool that this guy, perhaps the one Red I wanted to see the most would do this. With that, he had a smile on his face the entire time.

    It screamed to me that this guy is truly a class act.

    Along with my dad, I had a wonderful time, something i will remember forever hopefully. Truly a great event for any Reds fan, especially a die-hard fan like me that even got excited to meet guys like Marcus McBeth and Bill Bray.