From Jayson Stark of ESPN:

The Reds are so convinced that minor league player of the year Jay Bruce could be ready for the big leagues by June, they’re actively marketing outfielders to clear space. Don’t figure on Junior Griffey or Adam Dunn changing zip codes. But the Reds are aggressively dropping Ryan Freel’s name. And maybe most surprisingly, they’ve told other teams Josh Hamilton is also available in the right deal. “It really makes you wonder about his health,” said an official of one team that spoke with them, “and whether all that time he missed took more of a toll than we thought.”

I think they’d trade Freel for a bag of baseballs at this point. I believe they feel that Hopper is a cheaper version of the same player in the outfield (but better defensively) and Keppinger in the infield. With his last couple of seasons, Freel doesn’t have a lot of value, but he’s taking up a roster spot and if they can trade him, that’s salary off the books (another bad signing by Krivsky).

As for trading Hamilton, as I said a couple of days ago, it’s a risk, but if you want to get something of value, you have to be willing to give up something of value. The only thing is, to get the type of pitching the Reds need, Hamilton will have to be packaged with someone else.

The exciting thing is that this is the first I’ve heard of the Reds believing that Jay Bruce might be up before the All Star break. As someone that has seen Jay play probably 25 times in his career, I’m very excited about him being with the big club. He has a very real chance to be a very special player.

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I've been a Reds fan since the late '60's, with my luck of being able to attend plenty of games at Riverfront during the BRM era. I was sitting in the Green Seats in the OF when Pete came home in '84 and was in the Red seats when Glenn Braggs reached over the fence in '90 to beat the Pirates. I have had many favorites from Jim Maloney to Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin, Adam Dunn, and Jay Bruce.

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16 Responses

  1. Nathan

    According to one source i read. . .Ian Snell might be available from the bucco’s. Hamilton for Snell or Freel and something for Snell would be great. I would take either one.

  2. willy

    i dont like hamilton being traded
    he is too good
    i love griffey but get rid of him
    hamilton has alot of years ahead
    and this could also be cause i own a hamilton jersey… haha
    trade freel and griffey for someone better than snell
    snell is good but inconsistant
    trust me he was on my fantasy team.. 🙄

    outfield next year


  3. Bill

    Everyone talks about trading Griffey, but no one has yet explained how that can be done since he can’t be traded w/o his consent (10-5) and his contract and injury history would make him very difficult to trade, IMO.

    As for Snell, I’m not saying yeh or ney, but a league average starter would be awfully good on this staff, plus a league average starter at age 25 with only 2 full years in the majors.

  4. Travis G.

    “if you want to get something of value, you have to be willing to give up something of value.”

    Exactly. Freel is not valuable at all, and would diminish the value of any package he’d be a part of. He’s an old, injury-prone role player with a relatively bad contract.

    That said, he might interest a high-payroll team that undervalues OBP as a utility player (e.g., ChiSox?).

  5. preach

    I tend to agree with Bill on this one. Given what league average starters (see: Meche, Gil)are commanding these days you will have to give up something substantial to get one. A league average starter would be precisely what you would need as your number 3. I actually would consider trading Bruce for Snell and Capps or Marte. It has been pointed out how the free agent market looks right now for bullpen help, so I think any trade you put together has to include getting some relief pitcing help.

  6. Bill

    Preach…with Griffey and Dunn both likely gone after this year there is no way that you even consider trading Jay Bruce.

  7. gmartinz

    AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH. I have just about HAD IT with this “trade Hamilton” stuff. Fine. Trade him. So I can root for whichever team he goes to and then come back here in October after he’s popped 30 homeruns and lord it over you guys about whatever journeyman, sore-armed pitcher some other team dumped on the Reds for Hamilton. Trade Hamilton? So the 2009 outfield looks like . . . what? Bruce, Hopper and ?????? By 2009 Griffey and Dunn will be gone (if ten year veteran Torii Hunter can get 90mill over 5 years, what is Dunn going to get next year). Finally, let me make an historical reference: after LBJ ascended to the Presidency, he was gushing to Texas Representative Sam Rayburn about the “best and brightest” advisors he’d inherited from JFK’s administration, and Rayburn said, “Lyndon, I’d feel a whole lot better if one of them had been elected County Sheriff at some point in their life.”

    Before the Reds toss Josh Hamilton aside, perhaps they should make sure that Jay Bruce can hit a major league curve ball.

  8. Nick

    What about Norris Hopper. They need to do something with him because he had a descent year last year. Trade him or start him 🙄 😕

  9. ME

    Lets face it a cheap no risk flier was taken on Hamilton. He produced just enough to make people interested. Based on his baggage and limited play I would parlay him into some other promisingtalent and consider this a wonderful move by the GM. There is plenty of ouffield depth, lets see if someone buys into his potential (in limited time) and forgets his problems (which he has done a great job to overcome).

    In vegas terms “cash out” and move to another table!

  10. ex-Red

    Freel would be great at 3b- he’s killing himself in CF. Trade Encarn and Cueto for Snell and one of Pitts young pitchers. Or figure out how to get Garza. Lots of teams need a 3b- send one of our to the Dodgers for pitching.

  11. ex-Red

    what if we sent JR to ATL for Jurjens and another young pitcher? Outfield logjam would be gone. We could still move another (3b?) for yet more pitching and have money for Dunn.

  12. Matt Stiers

    Have to agree with gmartinz. Trading Josh Hamilton is simply not logical at this point in time for either team. No team is giving us anything but a middle level player for Hamilton. Which is what you would expect when the guy has done drugs consistently for years, injury prone, and is one failed drug test away from being out of baseball for good. Some people would say all those reasons are why the reds should take a middle level pitcher. I disagree. If you want a middle level pitcher we have other ways to get it. At a much lower cost. If Hamilton pans out to be what his potential projects then that means we have given up a 35-40 HR 95-115 rbi and 300 avg hitter, that is incredibly inexpensive, for a middle of the rotation starter. If thats the case the reds will have given up something that does not equate in terms of value. You dont give up something when you dont know what you have. Explore Hamiltons potential before you get rid of him. Dunn Hamilton and Bruce has potential to be the best outfield in the majors one day. Just my opinion.

  13. brian collins

    dont trade jr hes to close to history it will bring fans in play good they keep coming sighing a closer shows there ready to do something belisle is your third and plenty of young talent to find your 4 or find it free agent left hander if any available

  14. Doug Burnette

    Did anyone actually believe that Josh could play an entire season after being out of baseball for such an extended period of time? I don’t believe anyone’s body would hold up over the course of a season after that amount of time off. I think it’s crazy to talk about trading Josh, how many 5 tool players are there in the majors are there now?? When he was on the field he PRODUCED. He is a natural RBI producer and his arm is probably in the top 5 in baseball right now. Let his mind and body have a full off season of recovery when he knows he’s going to be on the major league roster and he’ll be a very special player.