Aaron Harang is a certified stud on the mound. We all know that. Maybe now the rest of the country is starting to wake up to that fact.

Following an All-Star snub, and after not receiving a single Cy Young Award vote in 2006, despite leading the league in wins and strikeouts, Aaron Harang finished fourth in the 2007 Cy Young voting. Hey, it’s progress.

Here at Redleg Nation, we’re big fans of Harang, so we’re happy to see the rest of the league recognizing his talent.

5 Responses

  1. Kevin

    even though he’s like 80 points behind #3, I couldn’t help but scream hallelujah! when I saw this! Congratulations to Harang! Also, we are so lucky to have this guy, one of the best with one of the best attitudes and he’s cheap too.

  2. Justin

    Finally some respect for the Harangatang. He was listed 2nd by a writer too after Peavy that is good. Back to back 16 win seasons.

  3. David

    It’s always nice when players receive recognition nationally. However, I for one am incredibly happy that Harang did not win the Cy Young last year. If Harang wins the award, then his extension becomes much more costly to the team. A million saved here and there under these circumstances helps significantly down the road.

  4. CeeKeR

    Congrats to Harang for at least being mentioned this year! I’ve gotta believe he would be a huge star if he played almost anywhere else…but I suppose as David mentioned it helps the Reds (financially) that he doesn’t get national attention!

  5. GregD

    I’m a big fan of Harang, too, but I disagree about the snubs you mention.

    Cy Young voters only get 3 votes each year. Harang was not one of the top 3 pitchers last year. One of Harang’s own teammates had an ERA 0.50 below his.

    Again this year, excellent pitcher, but without as clear a #3 (because Penny didn’t pick up a lot of strikeouts), there was room for some votes to go to Harang. I wouldn’t have listed him second as one writer did.

    As far as the all-star game, there were 6 NL starters with ERA’s under 3.00 at the all-star break while Harang’s ERA was north of 4.00 for much of the first half. He got it down to 3.67 by the time of the break, but the all-star roster decisions are made before the end of the half.