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Correction…do vote for Nuxie!!

In the comment section for the original post concerning voting for Joe for the Frick Award, I had stated that I couldn’t vote for Joe because he had never shown “excellence in broadcasting”. I assumed that this was the criteria for the award.

And we know what happens when you assume..

After reading an article in this morning’s Enquirer (which I can’t find in the online version, it’s in my local section) concerning some local Butler County politicians, etc that are rallying behind Joe’s candidacy, I’ve learned that the criteria is not what I thought.

According to the article:

Each year, the Baseball HOF honors a broadcaster who has made major contributions to the sport. Criteria include longevity, popularity, continuity with a team, and honors.

I went out to the HOF website, and could only find the description as having “made major contributions to the sport”.

I completely believe that Joe Nuxhall fits these criteria and will be voting for him and hope that you’ll join me.

8 thoughts on “Correction…do vote for Nuxie!!

  1. I am sure that the coalition of butler county politicians will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back

    sarcasm off

  2. /sarcasm back on/

    I’m glad they’ve already tackled everything else in Butler County (education, crime, jobs, traffic, environment).

  3. Boy, cynical group. Folks want to give a local guy that does a lot of local charity work some support and they get crap for it…

  4. I am always cynical of politicians trying to score cheap points by pushing meaningless feel-good agendas.

    I want to see joe in the HOF as much as the next guy, but that’s just the case of some county commissioners trying to score points with bubbas from Hamilton.

  5. Especially vote for him now. The Reds Nation has suffered its greatest loss – Joe Nuxhall has passed on to the Field of Dream. God Bless you, Nuxie.

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