There are about three weeks left in the Hawaii Winter Baseball League. The Reds have three prospects participating there this season.

The most notable is Chris Valaika, who started the season playing SS at A Dayton where he hit very well, putting up an .847 OPS. He was promoted about midseason to A+ Sarasota but struggled there with a .641 OPS. His struggles continue in Hawaii where his OPS is currently at .631.

OF Michael Griffin is faring a little better in Hawaii with a .723 OPS. This after posting a .767 OPS in 386 ABs in A+ Sarasota, and then an impressive .856 OPS in 165 AB at AA Chattanooga. Note the 0 BBs in 102 ABs in Hawaii. Not sure what they sent him there to work on, but after 31 BB in 551 ABs in the minors in 2007, you’d think this would have been one of them.

Logan Ondrusek is the lone pitcher the Reds sent to Hawaii, and he is struggling with a 5.71 ERA in 17.1 IP over 5 GS. Logan is coming off of a full season at A+ Sarasota where he started 22 of 31 games putting up a 4.43 ERA.

Hawaii Winter League

Player            AB  R  H 2B 3B HR RBI BB  OBP  SLG  AVG  OPS
Michael Griffin  102 16 30  3  2  2   6  0 .301 .422 .294 .723
Chris Valaika     82  8 20  4  0  2  12  3 .271 .366 .244 .636

Player         W L  ERA G GS   IP  H  R ER HR BB SO WHIP
Logan Ondrusek 1 2 5.71 5  5 17.1 28 13 11  0  5 12 1.90 

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  1. doug

    Ondrusek pitched 4 very good games of 1 run or less, but got absolutely killed in his last game and allowed 8 runs in I believe 1.1 innings… so his numbers look bad, when he really only had 1 bad, albeit VERY bad game.