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2008 World Series

Well, that was a terrible Game 1. I’m afraid we’re in for a miserable Series this year. Of course, anytime the Red Sox win, it’s gonna be miserable. Until lately, we didn’t really have to worry about that, did we?

6 thoughts on “2008 World Series

  1. I don’t watch the Series. I’m tired of all the east coast ‘vunderful’ Red Sox hype. The other night they have a question who was the Reds pitcher who gave up Fisk’s home run in the 6th. game of the 75 WS, as if that was what won the Series. The same old bologna.

  2. Yet another argument for a salary cap though the big market boys will never let that happen.

  3. They need to do something about this wacky postseason schedule. I know the Rockies swept, but 8 days off before the next series begins? And all of the off days in the Red Sox/Indians series–you get more rest as a player during the playoffs than during the regular season. All so they don’t have to schedule two games on one day too many times or so they can start on a “good ratings night.”

  4. Baseball playoffs suck now. . .but they might not if the Reds ever made it. I’m 21 and I don’t see that happening in my lifetime. . .I feel like we are the fans of post-1908 cubs. . .hope not

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