It’s put out there by the Enquirer this morning…

After Castellini said in the press conference that he wants Dunn back next year…

Later on, Castellini spoke a little more on the Dunn issue.

“It’s very difficult to replace that kind of offense,” Castellini said. “And I think Adam is ready to step up and be a leader on this team.”

Castellini and Dunn had lunch just before the season ended. There was a meeting of the minds.

“Adam definitely wants to be here, and he wants to win,” Castellini said.

Dunn, 27, had his best year statistically – .264, 40 home runs, 106 RBI, 101 runs, 101 walks.

Keeping that kind of production in the lineup long term is something the Reds are looking at.

“That’s always a thought,” Castellini said when asked about a longer-term contract for Dunn.

Dunn is open to a possible multi-year contract extension.

“That’s the way I prefer to do it, so I don’t have to hear trade talk every year,” he said.

Now, this is exciting news.

14 Responses

  1. Chad

    If Castellini could get an extension done, I’d forgive him for the Dusty Baker hiring.

  2. Matt B.

    I wouldn’t go that far, Chad, but I’d certainly be happy.

  3. Chris W

    If Dunn does not return, I’m praying there are no ledges nearby. Losing Dunn and adding Baker may lead me to jump!

  4. Maddog

    Cubs fan here…what’s going to piss you guys off more than anything else isn’t necessarily the things you’ve been discussing (pitch counts, favoring veterans), but it’s going to be an unthinkable lack of fundamentals and the excuse-making that comes out of his mouth when mistakes are made by him, someone on his coaching staff, or from some player. Dusty Baker is one of the most ignorant baseball minds around. He’ll never admit when he’s wrong so do not expect to see a different Dusty Baker than the one that managed in SF and Chicago. He’s incapable of admitting he’s been wrong or even recognizing his mistakes as was abundantly clear in his press conference yesterday. This is a guy who will replace a young player with an aging veteran like Neifi (look out for Craig Counsell this offseason!!!).

    Get ready to bang your head against the wall 20 times per game (pad your walls to be safe). I’m not kidding. I’ve noticed people saying on the Reds blogs to calm down. Don’t. You have every right to be upset and your worries will be confirmed soon enough. The Reds, unfortunately for Reds fans and unfortunately for the game of baseball, hired the least competent manager available.

    You’ll all be screaming and going nuts by the time the 2nd week of spring training games are completed. You’ll have a list of quotes you thought you’d never hear anybody say…not even a 5 year old.

    It is every bit as bad as some of you have made it sound. Do not let the others tell you any differently. Your favorite team just hired a clueless moron to run your team.

  5. Maddog

    On the bright side, when his contract comes to an end it will be one of the happier days of your lives.

  6. doug

    The problem is maddog, I don’t know if our GM is any better. Or our owner for that matter. If these guys were dumb enough to hire someone so stupid and ignorant to how baseball works, then you have to question their baseball abilities as well…. as a Reds fan, it really disappoints me to say that.

  7. preach

    Dunn and Baker have one common ground: Genske…he’s both their agents.

  8. doug

    someone over at Redszone says ESPNews is reporting the Reds have picked up Dunns option.

    No brainer for sure. Glad our GM is still not completely brain dead.

  9. DevilsAdvocate

    Don’t see the news on the wire yet, but read the news tidbit about how the CEO wants Dunn back… and at least Dunn seems excited about Dusty coming on board. That’s a positive.

  10. Chris

    Honestly, there’s no room for debate on the Dunn option. Krivsky signed him to the contract that contains the option. I don’t think there’s any suspense here. At all. It’s really one of the easiest decisions Krivsky will have to make in his career. Right up there with not calling Eric Milton’s agent this winter.

  11. Maddog

    Doug, I know what you’re saying and unfortunately I think the Cubs were/are in the same situation. Jim Hendry is worthless and the Tribune’s record as owners is well documented. At least they’re selling the team and there’s hope for the Cubs in the near future.

    I honestly think the Reds could have hired any other manager available and it would have been a better hire. Keeping their current one was probably the direction they should have taken. He seemed to get a lot out of the team after Narron was fired and I knew going down the stretch that as a Cubs fan, I did not want the Cubs to have to play the Reds to end the season.

    I think the Reds are currently the 3rd most talented team in the division behind the Cubs and Brewers and this hiring just means that 2008 is likely to be a 2-team race. Dusty will cost the Reds a few wins. I don’t think a manager is all that important to be honest, but it’s the frustrating things he says and the lack of fundamentals that the Cubs displayed for 4 years that drove me up a wall. It wasn’t his use of Prior or Wood or even Zambrano. Those were irritating, but you knew that going in and you can definitely expect a career or two to be ruined (just hope it’s at the back-end of your rotation and not Harang and Bailey).

    The Cubs were the least fundamentally sound team in baseball from 2004 to 2006. It took a year for the Cubs to become Dustified and once it was, it was just ugly baseball.

    As far as what you can expect from a statistical standpoint, I actually don’t think Baker is as anti-obp as some think he is. I took a look awhile back at every player he’d managed who had played before or after he managed them and the data revealed that Dusty didn’t have an impact on their ability to get on base. Obviously some showed decreases, but some showed increases. Overall, though, no difference. I hope that relieves one of your worries. However, the top of the order is a mystery to Baker. The leadoff hitter is fast and can steal bases in Dusty’s world. The number 2 hitter is like a 2nd leadoff hitter (he’ll say this 100 times the next 3 years). So unless you have a couple speedy guys who can steal bases and get on base at a high clip, you have a lot to worry about.

    Expect your pitching staff to strike out lots of hitters, which I believe your staff already does so that’s one thing he’ll love. Also, expect the walks given out to increase because Dusty does not value walks offensively and therefore does not value them when they are handed out. Furthermore, there has been a slight, but noticeable increase in a team’s slugging percentage allowed among numerous pitchers Dusty has taken over. In GABP, that will be as miserable as it was at Wrigley.

    Most importantly, pay attention closely to who is becoming Dusty’s favorites and expect them to get more playing time than they ever should. I haven’t any idea who those guys will be on the Reds, but there will be a couple of them. I guarantee you.

  12. willy

    dunn being back will be great!
    scept he could make so much more on the free agent list.

  13. Shawn

    “It’s an anti Dusty Baker hire article…”

    Keith Law does indeed take exception to Baker’s hiring in that article. He cites high pitch counts for Kerry Wood in particular, Baker only bringing along two young starters, Russ Ortiz and Carlos Zambrano, and a lack of understanding of the value of the walk. The same stuff we are hearing from other stat-oriented outlets, and from discerning fans here and on other Reds’ blogs.