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You have GOT to be kidding me – Dusty Baker Hired

Per ESPN (and as seen first by me at Red Reporter), Dusty Baker has been hired to manage the Reds. A three year deal. I can’t imagine that he’ll see the end of that deal, but then again, I can’t imagine that they’d hire him in the first place.

This news is so depressing that I don’t even want to try to process it right now. He’s terrible. Just terrible. Irredeemably, unquestionably terrible. Terrible at running games, terrible at managing a clubhouse of anything other than veterans he’s managed before, and probably the worst manager in history at developing (or even not breaking) young players. There’s really not even room to debate it – Baker’s terrible.

Oh, and as a sign of how seriously the Reds take winning, and how seriously Baker takes this job, Baker gets to keep making a fool of himself on ESPN throughout the playoffs. He’ll show up for the press conference in Cincinnati on Monday, then show back up for work in November.

2008-2010… flush.

Homer Bailey….flush.

Johnny Cueto…flush.

Edwin Encarnacion…flush.

Joey Votto…flush.

Jay Bruce…flush.

(Thinking positively: It’s great news for Scott Hatteberg, Mike Stanton, Juan Castro, and Norris Hopper.)

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  1. DA, awesome link to the article about Baker and young players. I browsed through his record the other day, and was appalled.

    One bit of wishful thinking? The Giants are, if anything, even older under Alou (who had a reputation for developing young players). Maybe it’s Brian Sabean. (Actually, I know it’s Sabean. He always signs free agents to intentionally lose high draft picks. The question is whether it’s Baker and Sabean.)

    So we look at the Cubs. What worries me is his track record there. The Giants never had prospects like Patterson or Choi. Both were supremely hyped, and both failed miserably. Maybe both were overrated, but if you watched those guys, you saw shell-shock. If you hated how EE was treated this year, you’ll hate the Baker era, IMO.

    (One last spare thought: Murton and Marmol both blossomed after Dusty left. Could be natural development; could be a different approach.

  2. I found this post on another forum to be quite comical:

    “Good for Dusty.

    Hopefully he can get his career back on track. He has some great players to work with in Griffey, Dunn, Phillips, Arroyo, Harang and the player I believe will have a breakout year next year: Norris Hopper.

    On one hand, it’s Norris Hopper. On the other hand, though, if Norris gets the 500+ Neifi Perez type at-bats that Baker is accustomed to giving, then he could have a “breakout year,” but that’s still a major stretch.

  3. Chad,
    Dont you worry. I will be buying a domain for some type of firedustybaker.com website…. I am just trying to figure out a decent domain name since firedustybaker.com is currently taken by Cubs fans.

  4. I just found something very interesting on Norris Hopper….
    He is just 1 of 3 players since 1918 to have 300 at bats, hit over .320 and not OPS .760 in a season. The others? Matty Alou in 1968 and Alex Sanchez in 2004.

  5. EE will be allright; he’s about the same age and same type of hitter(just not as much raw power) as Aramis Ramirez was when Baker was with the Cubs.

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